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Enlarger Photoshop Action

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Every now and then you simply have no choice but to try and increase the size of a bitmap image. Whether it's an illustration or photograph you need to enlarge, it is notoriously difficult to do this without losing details and getting a blurry result. Luckily there is a better way than simply using the Image Size function in Photoshop and hoping for the best. This pack contains 2 actions designed to increase the resolution of images in Photoshop without losing sharpness; one intended to be used on small images (between 350px and 600px) and another one for medium/larger images (600px and up). The end result will have 3 layers:
  • The original image at original size.
  • The enlarged image at 200% enhanced with the action.
  • The enlarged image at 200% with no enhancements at all, so the user can see the difference between the traditional photoshop method and this action.
To use the action, you just need to open the image file and click the play button of the correct action according the image size (less than 600px > Small; more than 600px > Medium/Large).

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