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Elegant Debossed Photoshop Text Styles

Deboss Text Styles
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These text styles are perfect for designers working on a web or print design featuring a medium-dark background. The letters in this set appear to be "pressed" into the page as if they were created by a letterpress. The set comes with four styles:
  • Deep Deboss
  • Shallow Deboss
  • Clear Deboss
  • Pattern Deboss
Additionally, each of these four styles are created in 4 different sizes, ranging from very small to very large (to make sure the effect shows up well). The kit includes a PSD file with all of the text you see in the preview image, as well as an ASL file to place the styles directly in your Photoshop style pallet.

Usage Instructions

If you aren't familiar with using Photoshop styles, don't worry -- it's really not too difficult. Here is a quick set of instructions to get you started:
  1. Save the resource file and extract the ASL file to a directory you can remember
  2. Open an existing Photoshop file or create a new document
  3. Find the style palette, or open it by going to Window >> Styles
  4. In the upper right of the styles palette there is a small down arrow next to a set of lines, this is the extended menu.
  5. Click on the extended menu and find the option to "Load Styles"
  6. Find the extracted ASL file and click okay. This should populate the styles palette with your new styles.
  7. Create a new text layer, and then select that layer and click on one of the styles.
  8. Tada! Your text will now have the selected style. You may wish to adjust the color of the drop shadow to match your new background. This can be done by double-clicking on the text effects in the layer palette and changing the drop shadow color to a lighter version of your background.

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