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CMY Business Stationery Pack

Posted in Templates / Branding
Cmy Stationery Preview
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This stationery set has been created specifically with business owners (and designers) in mind. The set is designed with a colorful appearance and has a number of styles that help any business create a unique and professional appearance for their company. The set contains the following elements (with file types in parenthesis):
  • Business card template (Illustrator, Word)
  • Letterhead template (Illustrator, Word)
  • Invoice template (Illustrator, Word)
  • Estimate template (Word)
  • Proposal template (Word)

Fonts Used

To get the proper appearance for this stationery set you should install Helvetica LT in the regular, light, and bold weights. This font is typically standard on Mac operating systems, but may need to be downloaded for PC users. If Helvetica is unavailable, both Arial and Calibri are acceptable font substitutes.

A note about Word format

The Microsoft Word format is a proprietary and closed file type that doesn't always display properly -- but it is the most common document format in the world. We did our best to create all of these templates in a compatible format, but they may not always display properly depending on your operating system and software versioon. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience :-/

Paid License

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