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14 Washing Instruction Symbol and Icon Downloads for Manuals and Labels

14 Washing Instruction Symbol and Icon Downloads for Manuals and Labels

Washing Symbols and Clothing Icons

If you need to create washing manuals or clothing labels, these symbols and icons provide the perfect laundering instructions

I, personally, take washing instructions as general suggestions. Like stop signs and speed limits. However, according to real adults, they are actually important. And if you’re creating labels for your newly designed clothes or a washing manual, then you might need a few washing instruction symbols.

Because we try to be as helpful as possible over here at Medialoot, we’ve put together a collection of our favorite washing symbols and icons. Use them as needed. However, when it comes to knowing what the actual icons mean, do not look to me for help. The graphics are all I’m good for in this case!

So, here we go! Our favorite free and premium washing instruction symbols!

Laundry Washing Symbols – $6

We’ve created a set of 50 laundry washing instruction symbol vectors. With this set, you’ll get everything from wash methods, like dry clean, machine wash, or hand wash, to general clothing care, like ironing. Our symbols cover the wide range of standard washing instructions that are perfect for manuals or clothing tags.

In addition to the regular symbols, this set also includes 10 custom icons. The general clothing care icons include a tumble dryer, laundry basket, clothing hanger, and more!   

Washicons - Free

These colorful washing icons truly cover everything you could need when it comes to washing clothes. I’m not sure what all the pictures mean, but they look important. The quality of these icons are amazing, which is what won them a place on this list.

What makes this download even better is that if there’s a particular icon you want but don’t see, you can reach out and request it!

Wash Care Icons - Free

The simplicity of these wash care icons make them ideal if you want options that don’t take up too much space or detract attention. While they’re a bit basic for manuals, the set is perfect for clothing tags, so keep them on hand next time you’re designing textiles of any kind.

Hi-Resolution Graphic Files of Care Symbols – Free

If you have a very specific washing instruction symbol you want to download and you don’t want to bog yourself down with a huge selection, this option is for you. The images can be downloaded individually, so you only have to get the ones you want.

Even better for those of us who struggle with these things (me), the description of what the care instructions are for each icon can be found beside the images.

Clothes Care Symbols – Free

Here we have another set of simple washing care symbols that can easily be printed on a tag without taking up too much space. The icons cover the basics, so if you just need general instructions, this option has your back.

Laundry and Washing Icons - $6

What makes these symbols so awesome is that they're intricate and beautifully colored. While this particular pack might not be sensible for use on clothing tags, they are absolutely ideal for manuals and online demonstrations.

Again, only the basics are covered here, but unless you have clothing that requires super special instructions, this pack should be fine.

Information Icons for Washing Clothes – Free

This pack is more of the same. It covers the basic washing instruction symbols that are needed for the most commonly used fabrics, like cotton and jeans. It also provides ironing options for the more delicate clothing.

Due to the simplicity of this set, the icons would make more sense on tags than in a manual.

Laundry Symbols and Washing Icons - $12.50

One of the benefits of this set of washing instruction symbols is that it offers a wide variety of washing temperature icons. For those who frequently find themselves needing to explain the exact temperature in which to wash specific clothes, these little icons offer the perfect solution.

Set of Washing Symbols - $5

Most of the options on this list include very heavy lined icons. This particular set of washing symbols differentiates itself because the washing symbols use thinner lines, making them look almost delicate. For clothes that may be a bit more higher end, using more delicate icons adds a very subtle touch of elegance.

Laundry Symbols – Free

On the other side of the spectrum from the delicate options above is this set of washing icons. The symbols in this set are larger than traditional options and include the written instructions next to the icons. While this set is ideal for manuals, they’re also an option for items with larger tags.

Washing Symbols on Clothing Labels - $6

As you can see from the large example on the left, these washing symbols are perfect for printing on any type of fabric. While they still can be added to more traditional clothing tags, if your washing instructions are going directly on the fabric, this is the set for you.

Washing and Ironing Clothes Flat Icon Set - $5

Due to the colors included on these icons, we would recommend them for manuals rather than tags. The flat icon set comes with all the typical washing and ironing instructions, but also include basic symbols, like jeans, a t-shirt, and even a washing machine.

Colorful Laundry Vector Icons – Free

Another set of colorful laundry vector icons, this pack is a little more vivid than the one above. The washing instruction symbols are perfect for printed marketing information for a cleaning service or for washing manuals.

Laundry Symbols – Free

Now, this is the mega-list of laundry instruction symbols. It includes almost 100 different icons and the text meanings for each icon. Each and every symbol can be adjusted and is extremely easy to modify. If you’re making washing instruction posters or laundry manuals, you’ll want to keep this entire set on hand just as a reference point.



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