Top 11 Free & Premium Bootstrap Dashboards of 2019

Top 11 Free & Premium Bootstrap Dashboards of 2019

Dashing Dasboards

These free and premium Bootstrap dashboards will make handling administrative details easier than ever.

When it comes to website frameworks, none is more flexible and responsive than Bootstrap. The open-source design tool is perfect for building out intuitive, beautiful websites. And because of Bootstraps versatility, it’s one of the most well-used frameworks available.

But websites aren’t just about how they look on the front-end, but also how their dashboards look. And if you want to keep track of your visitors, sales, and other data, you’re going to need a gorgeous and modern dashboard.

We’ve put together a list of some of the best free and premium Bootstrap dashboards that will be immensely popular in 2019. Make your life easier by using one of these options the next time you build out a website!

Lumino Admin Template – Free

Lumino has been popping up on top Bootstrap lists for over a year, and with good reason. The theme is modern, clean, and simple to navigate. Even the free version of the framework comes with so many dazzling features that you’ll be sure to find everything you need. And now it's been updated!

While the free Lumino template comes with fresh color themes, widgets for charts, Elements, and alerts, as well as user-friendly functions, you can upgrade for even more amazing features.

Material Dashboard Pro - $49

When we say ‘premium’ dashboards, we mean premium, as is showcased by Material. Based on Bootstrap 4 framework, Material Dashboard PRO was expertly made with a variety of plugins and components that fit together impeccably to make a seamless experience.

The full version of this dashboard comes with 200 components, 15 plugins, 27 example pages, and a fully responsive setup. If you want to try out the demo first, you’ll get 60 components, two plugins, and three example pages.

Ample Admin Lite – Free

While you can get the full version of this Bootstrap-based dashboard, the free version has so much going for it, why would you want to?

Ample Admin Lite keeps things simple, but effective. The comprehensive, modern design provides templates, icons, and components to make your experience as to-the-point as possible. Plus, with its data table, fully responsive pages, and easy to customize format, you’ll be able to get up and running sooner rather than later

Vue Black Dashboard Pro - $59

Vue Black Dashboard Pro is dark and lovely, just like my heart. The best thing about Vue Black is that it has everything you might need, but allows you to pick and choose so your dashboard isn’t bloated and confusing.

The brand new Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard has 200 components, 17 plugins, 28 example pages, and is fully responsive. Not sure Vue Black is the one for you? Test out the demo first.

Argon Dashboard – Free

The free, open sourced Argon is a quick way to get started building your website. The Dashboard for Bootstrap 4 comes with over 100 components that combine to give your site the versatility and flexibility it needs to thrive. Plus, by giving you the freedom to mix and match the components you want, you’ll cut back on bulky, unwanted elements that will slow you down.

Sufee Admin Dashboard – Free

With Sufee, you get something truly remarkable. The intuitive Bootstrap 4 Admin Template is made up of dozens of snippets of code, so you can pick the parts you need and plug them in. The dashboard also comes with an abundance of utilities, custom pages, and widgets, making the entire build-out seamless. In the end, Sufee will give you a dashboard that is perfect for you and your needs, without any extra mess or fuss.

Paper Dashboard React – Free

Dashboards are all about getting information and making changes quickly and efficiently. But we all know it helps when that dashboard looks good.

Paper Dashboard React is a Bootstrap Admin Panel with a classic look, made up of gorgeous typography, modern graphics, and soft, calming colors. Even better, the free dashboard has just enough features to get things done without being overwhelming.

Paper Dashboard React comes with 16 components, four plugins, and seven example pages.

Black Dashboard – Free

With over 16 individual components and three customized plugins, Black Dashboard allows you to craft a gorgeous Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard with minimal work and astounding results.

The combination of pre-made elements and space for unique code makes Black Dashboard a perfect option for those who want flexibility, but simplicity. With Black Dashboard, you can be coded and ready to go quickly.

Light Bootstrap Dashboard Pro - $39

If you like the concept of Black Dashboard, but want a brighter version with more elements, Light Bootstrap Dashboard Pro is your answer.

Light was built for Bootstrap 4 and provides an ease of function that so many dashboards are missing today. The theme doesn’t just look beautiful, presenting your data in an easy to read and quick to assess way, it allows freedom in the build so you’re not slowing your dashboard down with unwanted features.

Light Bootstrap Dashboard Pro comes with 120 components, 15 plugins, 24 example pages, and a fully responsive system.

Notika - Free

Sometimes all you want is a simple visual representation of how your website is doing. Notika provides that. The free Bootstrap Dashboard presents all your information in one place, with easy to ready graphs and charts so you can check and move on with your day.

What makes Notika even better is that it is just as simple to plug in and go. The theme will save you time, money, and effort, so you can get back to business.

Bootstrap 4 Admin Template – Free

Built on a Bootstrap 4 framework, this final entry and best freebie of the article is a modern, clean, and professional option for your website. The template has absolutely everything you need to create a responsive dashboard that will work for you. The free template includes charts, UI elements, and a range of widgets that you can pick and choose from.

If you love the free version of this template, you should definitely consider the paid version, which offers even more amazing features.



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