The 10 Best Pitch Deck Templates to Get Your Startup Funded

The 10 Best Pitch Deck Templates to Get Your Startup Funded

Designed for success

When building a pitch deck, design matters: the better your deck looks, the stronger your story — and the higher you can make your ask.

There are tons of places to go to find out what should be in your pitch deck, but that's not why we're here. We think the design of your deck matters almost as much as your content — the more polished and professional the look, the longer the look you'll get from investors. 

Below you can learn about how to design specifically for a startup pitch deck — or you can skip to the bottom to download the best the web has to offer, no design time or skill required.

3 Musts for Designing a Good Pitch Deck 

The elements of slide design are pretty simple; the rules and elements of good design in general apply, but there are more specific targets you need to hit when you're pitching a startup. To build a great deck, there are 3 important things to remember about designing for slides:

One: Say one thing. If you want to say something clearly and well, each slide has room for just one idea. 

Two: Contrast, color, and font. You're saying one thing: say it strong. Use heavy, readable display fonts, big point sizes, and high contrast colors to make everything, as a client would say, pop. 

Three: Make sure everything on the slide matters, and is integral to telling your story. 

Audience caveat: All of this is based on the format in which you'll be giving the pitch — know this well before you start designing, and be prepared to need different versions. The more people in the room and the further away they are, the bigger your point size needs to be. If you're planning on talking during the pitch, simplify the slides (no one wants to just read along to your voice). If you're emailing it to recipients, explain more on-slide and include more text to get your ideas across. For more rules, there are tons of good guides out there for pitch presentation best practices. 

The 10 Best-Designed Pitch Decks You Can Download

Now that you know what makes a pitch deck well designed enough to sell your idea, you know how much work goes into building them. You've got a million things to do, like build a startup. So we've scoured the web to find the best pitch deck templates for you to customize and build your story into, with none of the design work. Go get that funding. 

Pitch Deck Presentation Template

There are tons of corporate presentation templates out there, built for businesses to pitch clients, ideas, and investors. Not every pitch is built for a startup — and getting the right slides for your pitch to investors is key. Which is why this designed-exactly-in-startup-layout, perfect-for-investors, tells-your-story-for-you pitch deck is our first choice. And we should know, since we built it and have used it for our own pitches. As startup founders and CEOs ourselves, we knew exactly what needed to go in the deck, and what we wished we'd had when pitching: so we built it. Have fun spending that investment $$!

Pitch - Modern Powerpoint Template

Turn your ideas for your company into reality by telling your story beautifully. This deck will help you make your message persuasive and meet your goals. It comes with: 118+ unique slides with total of 800+ slides; HD resolution slides (19:6 / 1920×1080); Editable in Powerpoint (shape color, size, position, etc); 6 ready-made themes in multiple color schemes; 500+ easy editable font icons kit; Drag and drop picture placeholder plus auto-adjustment (size, transparency, shape, etc); Transition animations and object animation; Company profile slides; Easy editable data driven charts; Infographics; Devices mockup with drag and drop screen placeholder; maps. Everything you'll ever need!

Startup X – Perfect Pitch Deck Powerpoint Template

This deck uses the Forbes guide for building professional presentation slides. It's a tried and true startup deck, with slides for everything you'l need, from Problem to Solution to Ask, and everything in between. It's got enough variation an slides to be multipurpose for many different types of corporate pitches, so if you're looking to build something that you can use over and over again in different scenarios, this is a good choice. 

Creative Pitch Deck Startup Template

This clean and minimal pitch deck is nicely modern in a way that feels timeless, with work stations, flatlays, desktops, tech, and expansive work spaces. It comes with: 30+ Professionally Designed Slides; 20+ Unique Slide Designs; 50+ Stock Photos Included; Mock-Ups for Laptops, Desktop, iPhone, Android, Apple Watch; Editable Instagram Story / Snapchat Filter Mockup; Lots of Icons including most Popular Social Media Icons; Timeline; Logo Placeholders; Fonts Included.

Startup PowerPoint Template

This template comes with two layout options for light or dark. Nice drag & drop functionality makes this template easy to use. There's also a Keynote version available. The deck comes with: 60+ Unique Slides in 24 Color Theme options, with 16:9 and 4:3 Aspect Ratios both available; 450 Vector Icons; PPTX and PPT Files, with free fonts used throughout. 

Decker Powerpoint Template

This lovely, broad deck is great if you have a lot of imagery or want to give a feeling of expanse to your idea. It comes with multiple colors and are editable to fit pretty much any theme from data reviews to agency pitches to marketing, finance, sales, social media, and anything else you want to pitch. Comes with: Comparative Layout; Map of the world; Revenue Breakdowns; Sales Strategies; Growth Projection; Marketing Strategy; SWOT Analysis; Market Share Comparison; Market Size and Social Media.

Startup Pitch Deck

This deck is nice and simple and does a great job of underscoring content without overpowering content. It comes in PowerPoint format, with animation built in if you want it! There are 11 theme colors to choose from, and 100 unique slides for each color, so you are sure to find the layout you want. It's pretty simple to customize since it's based off a master slide set, and you can simply drag & drop images in. There's .xml available for the theme colors. 

Startup Pitch PowerPoint Template

This deck is good for general business decks as well as startup specific needs. It comes with 53 slides that are all super useful, including formats for SWOT analysis,  market segments, market size, market validation, marketing strategy, market opportunities,  business annual reports, investing strategy, competitor analysis, project timeline, project milestones, and the list goes on. 

Google Slides deck

Now for something a little different: this deck lives in Google Slides, making it a truly modern & sharable set. The trendy and modern look combines with professional, clean design, all easily sharable and hosted online. The deck comes with: 4x3 and 16x9 Ratio Display; 60 Unique Slides; 450 Vector Icons; All Graphics Resizable and Editable; Fully Editable (All Icons, Elements and Info-graphics as Vectors). The Stock Photos are not included however. 

Elevator Pitch Powerpoint Presentation Bundle

Designed with content in mind, this deck does the work of talking for you. Great for presentations that you might need to send along rather than talk over, since it has more room for content than some other, more simple designs. It comes with multiple aspect ratios and print formats, so you can use it in any way conceivable, regardless of pitch venue. It comes with more than 2400 icons from the collection of Iconmonstr and other large and well-regarded libraries— so of course they're all fully vector-based and built-in – no installation required. PSD and PPT formats available as well!



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