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19 Solid and Realistic Brick Textures to Expose Your Style

19 Solid and Realistic Brick Textures to Expose Your Style

Realistic Brick Textures

These free and premium brick textures are solid and realistic enough for web design, print, 3D modeling, or game building.

Fixer upper shows are all the rage right now. But we can’t all build or renovate our own homes, but with this collection of brick textures, you can feel like a builder without the dust and dirt.

We’ve put together a list of our favorite premium and free brick backgrounds that can be used in a variety of design capacities. If you’re looking for a brick wall that requires no work, look no further!


10 Seamless Brick Wall Textures - $7

We’ve created this pack of 10 brick textures to cover all your brick needs. The seamless patterns come with various brick styles and colors, as well as walls in a range of new to decayed. We’ve also made these files huge and hi-res so you can use them for larger areas.

20 High Resolution Brick Wall Textures - $7

Just in case our 10 pack option wasn’t quite enough for you, we’ve got this set of 20. Once again, the quality of these brick textures is amazing, allowing you to cover large backgrounds without losing quality. And there are no extras in these images, so you can any signs, markings, or foliage you want.

Red Brick Wall Seamless Texture – Free with Subscription

If you want a vibrant red brick for your project, look no further than this texture. The aged, textured brick wall is perfect for any backgrounds. And because of the high-quality of this background, you can use it in as small or large a space as you need.

Seamless White Brick Wall Background - $3

We love this seamless white brick wall because it’s a lot more modern than the traditional brick wall, but without losing its character. Not only are walls like this very popular in building today, but this particular seamless background can be used like a tile for your backgrounds.

Textured Brick Wall Pattern – Free

With its cracks and accentuated cement filling, this brick wall has all the details a designer could want. The varying shades of red in the bricks give the pattern a depth that can often be lacking with single-colored walls.

Italian Brick Wall Vector – Free

This wall texture was made using actual images of bricks from Assisi, Italy. So if you’re looking for authenticity, look no further! Because of the age and roughness of the bricks, this Italian brick background has so much character.

5 Weathered Brick Walls - $9

Ideal for backdrops, signs, and screens, this pack comes with five weathered brick walls. The backgrounds also come with a variety of different colored bricks, so you can pick the shades that work best for each of your projects.

Seamless Brick Paver Texture – Free

Often when we think of brick textures, our minds go straight to walls. However, we can’t curate this list without including at least one set of pavers. This brick walkway is clean, angled, and modern, perfect if you need to design a driveway or garden path.

Realistic Brick Wall Texture – Free

Another aged, weathered brick wall for your collection. The bricks in this texture look worn down and ancient. So if your project requires something with a little more character, look no further than this free background.

Cement and Brick Seamless Texture – Free

We love the attention to detail in this seamless texture. If you look close enough, you can see the smears of cement used to hold the bricks together. We highly recommend this background to those who are sticklers to detail.

Black Brick Wall Background - $8

It might just be a texture, but I want this brick in my house immediately. The dramatic black brick would make a perfect background for gallery or pub designs. And because the background comes completely blank, you can add the details you want to it.

Aged Seamless Brick Wall – Free

There are a lot of older brick wall textures on this list, but we love the realism in this option. The weathered bricks look like they’ve had moss growing on them and then had that moss removed, giving them a greenish hue. It’s those types of details that matter.

Red Brick Wall Seamless Vector – Free

Maybe this wall doesn’t look terribly realistic, but we wanted to include the illustration for any animated or game-based projects. The wall has all the details of real brick, but in a style that is best for animation.

High Resolution Old Brick Seamless Background – Free

How gorgeous are these chunky, mismatched bricks? This high resolution background looks worn and chipped away, making it an ideal option if you need a more weathered look for your project. Plus, we love the little stains and speckles on the bricks.

Brick Wall Seamless Texture - $3

With its thin, narrow bricks and clean cement lines, this brick wall texture is a wonderful option for more modern designs. And the texture is of such a high-quality, you won’t have to worry about any pixilation in your project.

Seamless Brick Texture – Free

This seamless brick texture was specifically designed for 3D modeling. And with it’s gorgeous brown and grey bricks, you won’t want to use another texture for any of your modeling projects.

Seamless White Brick Texture – Free

Another white brick wall that looks very clean and modern. The added bonus of this texture is that the designer made it for use in game engines, so it’s ready to be plugged in where and when you need it.

Stone and Brick Patterns - Free

If you’re looking for a variety of brick and stone textures, this set will be perfect for you. The different brick colors and consistencies allow for a lot of creativity when it comes to design projects.

20 High Resolution Realistic Brick Textures - $9

If you’ve gone through this list and haven’t found a single brick texture that interests you, this is our last Hail Mary. We adore this set of 20 seamless brick wall patterns. The hi-res backgrounds come in a variety of colors, shapes, and weathering. You can use this set for posters, web design, or modeling.



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