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22 Beautiful and Seamless Rock Textures

22 Beautiful and Seamless Rock Textures

Smell what the rock (textures) are cooking?

Create the backgrounds and designs you need with these seamless rock textures.

Part of being a great designer is finding ways to save yourself time so you can focus on the nitty gritty. And one of the best ways designers save themselves time is by using seamless textures to fill areas or to use as backgrounds.

We’ve featured quite a few seamless textures and backgrounds here on Medialoot, including our 16 Exquisite, Luxurious Marble Textures and our 19 Solid and Realistic Brick Textures. Now, we’re taking things outdoors and curating a list of our favorite seamless rock textures.

Below you’ll find 22 versatile and unique textures featuring a variety of rock types. We hope you enjoy these free and premium options!

Seamless Rock Textures - $5

We’ve put together 10 of our favorite and unique rock textures in this set. Made to fill in large areas automatically and seamlessly, we think this pack is perfect for backgrounds. Plus, with the 10 varieties in this pack, you’ll have so many choices!

Pebble Ground Texture – Free

This pebbled seamless texture is perfect for a project where you want to add depth to a road or pathway. The high resolution make it an amazing resource to have on hand.

Rocky Mountain Seamless Texture – Free

The jagged, sharp edges of this texture make it an ideal option for mountain faces. The freebie is of the highest quality and super easy to download.

Limestone Rock Textures - $5

Look what we made for you! Medialoot’s premium pack of 10 rock textures includes all the limestone you could ever need. Each of the textures is of the highest quality, so you can use them for both web and print.

3D Rock Textures - Free

This is more of a resource than a single rock texture. With this resource, you’ll find a list of 21 free 3D rock textures. And we’re talking serious variety here, from slate rock and canyon rock to pebbles and quartz, so definitely check it out.

Stone Photoshop Brushes – Free

With this freebie you’ll get 15 high quality stone brushes of varying styles. The rocks all look realistic and are very easy to use, allowing you to craft the backgrounds or accents you want in your designs.

Stone and Rock Textures - $25

Do you use stone and rock textures a lot? If so, just go ahead and purchase this pack. Because it comes with 600 different textures, which will last you forever.

21 Hi-Res Rock Textures - $7

Including options like cracked, rough, gouged, and gravel, this set of 21 rock textures can be used for a variety of projects. Best part? It includes a barnacle texture! Where else would you find something like that?

20 Stone Wall PS Brushes – Free

What makes this set of 20 brushes so great is that you’ll get a variety. From heavier pavestones to pebbles, these brushes cover a wide range of stone needs.

Rock Texture - $2

Coming in five different colors, these subtle rock textures are options for when you want the feeling of rock, but without the boldness of real rock. It’s always a good idea to keep a few understated backgrounds on hand.

Seamless Rock Face Texture – Free

The 3D mountain scene used to make this texture offers a realistic option for anyone of your design needs. Check out the comment sections of the texture to see how it has been used by other creatives.

Natural Mountain Rock Wall Texture – Free

Another great option for those who want a realistic mountain face for their projects, this rock wall has the rivets and edges that make rock so full of character.

High Resolution Rock Face – Free

If you want a smoother rock face, look no further than this option. The clean, worn look is reminiscent of water-worn rock.

Rock Texture - $3

The colors of this rock texture are so subtle and realistic. The light browns mixed in with the grey give this texture a realism that will enhance any project.

15 Stone Photoshop Brushes – Free

Created for banners, cards, and flyers, this pack of 15 brushes are all of the highest quality. They’ll add amazing texture to your printed projects without sacrificing quality.

Dark Rock Wall Seamless Texture – Free

A little on the surreal side, this dark wall is ideal for a understated background. But because it’s so subtle, this rock texture is really quite versatile.

Seamless Stone Texture – Free

The grey and white mixture of this textured stone makes the perfect option for those who need to fill large spaces with realistic stone. The seamless texture will add depth and complexity to any design.

6 Rock Textures - $2

Specifically created for print media and video games, these versatile seamless rock textures are of the highest quality. Plus, you get six different variations with this pack, so you don’t have to worry about running out of options.

Shredded Rock Texture – Free

The texture of this seamless rock is extremely unique. While the creator of the texture isn’t quite sure what would cause rock to look like this, if you want a one-of-a-kind texture, look no further than this option.

Rock Texture Tiles – Free

If you want a simple way to create a rock-like feel to any of your projects, you’ll adore this option. The craggy rock face is made into tiles, so you can fill large spaces with it in very little time.

Natural Rock Texture - $2

There is so much character in this rock texture. From the beautiful juts and ridges of the rock wall to the bits of greenery pushing through the cracks, you could use this texture to create a truly stunning design.

Granite Rock Texture - Free

Not all rock has to be rough and uneven, something this smooth granite shows. This rock texture is ideal for creating long walls of wind or water worn rock.



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