Introducing PsDefaults: Better Default Graphics for Adobe Photoshop

Introducing PsDefaults: Better Default Graphics for Adobe Photoshop

It's been months in the making (still isn't finished, actually) and we're finally ready to introduce everyone to a new resource -- PsDefaults. PsDefaults is a complete replacement set of default graphics (also known as presets) for Adobe Photoshop. Forget living with that blue bubbly pattern forever: this new set of presets is entirely hand-crafted, modern, beautiful, and ready to use. Check out the coming soon page here, or keep reading for timing, cost, and other interesting details.

Timing and Details

Right now we're working on adding additional resources PsDefaults -- some of which are coming from MediaLoot, and some of which are coming from other places or being custom made for this project. We're collaborating with the designers at WeGraphics, so we also have some of their resources being added to the mix. And we have an as-yet-unannounced trick up our sleeves that may turn this into something even bigger. By the time this product is launched it should have hundreds if not over a thousand individual presets for Photoshop. Given that, we're planning to release this at the reasonable price of $39 for the collection. MediaLoot members will get a steep discount (since many of the items will be coming from here) and there will also be other ways to get this for less $$ prior to the full launch. The full launch, and product, should be ready in late July. We hope =D


As many of you have already asked us questions, we wanted to answer some of the most common ones here. Feel free to ask more though, we're happy to answer. I already have a MediaLoot subscription, should I still get this? Sure. Many of these resources do exist on MediaLoot already, but this product has even more resources than are available here and more importantly everything is organized to be used daily as your default Photoshop presets. How much will PsDefaults Cost? Right now we're planning to release the full product for $39. Given how much content this contains, and the fact that there is nothing else like it out there, we think it will be a huge huge huge value. If you buy it and disagree, we'll offer a refund =D When will it be ready? You'll be able to pre-order the whole kit at a huge discount starting in July, and the actual product will be ready by late July/early August. As a Medialoot member, will I get this for free? Unfortunately, no. This package is only partially Medialoot resources and has a lot of additional custom resources included. We will be happy to give you a discount though. Who are the designers? The resources are being designed mostly by Tony Thomas (Medialoot) and Nathan Brown (WeGraphics) with a few by Mason Hipp (Medialoot) and other designers. No cheapo resources here -- all premium work by awesome designers. Can I get a preview? Absolutely! Take a look at the PsDefaults coming soon page for some of the resources, and if you sign up for the email list there *may* be a hidden surprise for you in a few days. That's all for now, let us know what you think!



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