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Free and Premium Printable Comic Strip Templates

Free and Premium Printable Comic Strip Templates

Write Your Own Story

Comic Strips are an art form all their own. If you're looking for simple ways to get started in the world of strips, no need to build everything from scratch. Here are some templates so you can jump straight into drawing your story!

Comics and graphic novels can be fun, serious, or even an excellent learning tool for kids (especially those who are just starting out in the world of reading and writing). Having illustrations alongside the written story helps them to better understand how a narrative structure works (beginning, middle and end) and the best and more concise way to tell it due the limited space they have.

Of course there are many more uses for a comic strip besides having some fun making them, they can also work as an ingenious way to bring more attention to your site or be used as a marketing strategy to deliver your message in a unique way.

There are many different types of comic strips templates available (some free, some paid), but here you will find a list with many free printable comic strip templates that will make comic strip designing a breezy task for you, your kids and everyone who wants to relax and have some fun inventing great stories or using them as a marketing strategy.

Before we get to the freebies, check out these premium comic strip templates!

Comic Strip Template - $8

Diego Sanchez has gone above and beyond with this set of 16 layouts and 20 speech bubbles. You'll love the 3,4, and 5 frame layout options that will allow you to create a comic book just the way you want!


Printable Comic Strip Templates Vol. 2 - $5

You'll see Vol. 1 of these printable comic strip templates below, but don't sleep on the premium Vol. 2! With 10 comic book layouts, 2 extra pages, and 2 full pages of speech and thought bubbles, you will never run out of options!


And now for the freebies! Enjoy!

From Medialoot

This pack comes with 10 different layouts (with and without speech ballons), 2 extra pages with speech ballons and narrative fields all in US Letter and A4 sizes. And they're available as PDF files or original Illustrator files in case that you want to play a bit with speech ballons or adjust the fileds to your needs. And of course they are ready to be printed.


From Printable Paper

10 different comic strips templates available as individual PDF files.


From Teachers pay Teachers

With a total of 10 different templates available in a single PDF file, 3 of them already have some text ballons included.


From Teaching Ideas

Available as individual PDF files, here you will find another 8 comic strips templates.


Kids Activities

A single printable PDF file containing 10 different comic strip layouts, being 6 of them with speech baloons already placed for you.


Have Fun Teaching

10 individual layouts available as separated PDF files ready to be printed with space to write the story name on it.


Pickle Bums

2 different comic strips layouts packs (A4 size) with different layouts on each one and a free bonus third pack with 2 sheets of speech baloons, arrows and exclamations.


Comic Book Paper

Created by Tim van de Vall for the purpose of helping other artists, here you will find more than 200 individual layouts to choose from, each of them available as separated PDF files.


Create in the Chaos

A small printable pack for those kids that are aspiring to be comic book artists. It is a single printable PDF file with 4 unusual comic strip layouts and an extra page with speech bubbles.


K12 Reader

5 great comic strip layouts for kids with already placed speech bubbles and space to write the Title, the author and the freedom to draw the tails of speech ballon on a determined direction.


Speedy Template

Small but powerful, here you will find 3 unusual layouts available as single PDF files ready to be printed.


The Curriculum Corner

With 7 different layouts (with and without speech bubbles) these printable comic strips are available as individual PDF files and ready to be printed.


Playful Learning

A single PDF file containing 10 different layouts (3 of them without speech bubbles) plus 2 extra pages with various comic effects and speech baloons.


Growing Book by Book

Made for 3-4 years old kids, this PDF file starts with a single page for the comic book cover, but you will also find 7 different layouts for the kids to play with it, and at the end they can place their own photo as the author of the story.


Calendar Printable Templates

8 layouts available as single PDF files ready to be printed, including a storyboard template with place to write the page number.




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