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Top 10+ Free Bootstrap Admin Templates of 2018

Top 10+ Free Bootstrap Admin Templates of 2018

Administrate with ease

Bootstrap is one of the best and most well-thought out toolkits for building beautiful sites (without having to start from scratch). It's more than just gorgeous user-facing pages — it's great for teams to manage all manner of administrative tools.

Free Templates 

Here are some amazing free templates that will make your admin dashboards look clean and sophisticated (and like you've got all your sh** together).


This clean, fresh admin panel template is built on the Bootstrap framework and available for free. Fully responsive (let's be honest, this is standard now), built in modern HTML5, and includes everything you need for your backend administration panel. 

This dashboard overview page comes with responsive charts, forms, panels, alerts, tooltips, menus, advanced data tables, ui elements and a sample login page. Lumino is built on Bootstrap v.3.3.7 and uses SASS. It's super customizable including the primary color and fonts with simple SASS variables. There's even a Premium version that comes with a lot more goodies.

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Adminator is based on Bootstrap 4 and it is one of our favorites. It's got most of the latest and greatest tools, and comes with ready to use code snippets and utilities, custom pages, a collection of applications and some useful widgets.

You can pull it directly from Github and get to work right away. We love that it's extra easy and so robust to fit almost all your needs. 

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Matrix Admin

Inspired by the design style of metro travel.These solid color blocks are great for catching the user's eye and guiding them where they need to go. It all comes with at-a-glance recent posts panel, interactive to do lists, many statistics-based widgets, and a plethora of buttons, boxes, badges, bars, icons, and alerts.

Matrix includes multiple chart options, animation effects for line charts that make everything feel real-time. In fact, you can set the time between updates, so you can control or how fast the charts scroll. 

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Core UI

CoreUI is an MIT licensed open source project and completely free to use. It's designed to work with the most popular frameworks and libraries as its own extended version of Bootstrap, and based on most popular web components and frameworks, Core is robust enough to get it done, and pretty enough to look at all day. 

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This responsive admin template is modeled on the flat design look, and is quite full featured. It's a little older, built on Bootstrap 3 framework. But using the requisite HTML5 and CSS3, it's great for most all backend solutions, no matter the size. It's robust enough to compete with many of the paid options out there, too. 

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This free dashboard template is built with Vuejs bootstrap4 framework. With over sixty widgets, thousands of free icon fonts from Font Awesome, and over eighty component variations, whatever you want your dashboard to do is almost certainly workable. 

Loading is flash-fast (this template is powered by the same front end js framework that Facebook uses). It's all open source, released under MIT license.

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Crystal React

Built with React, Redux & Bootstrap, Crystal React Dashboard is one of the most visually pleasing templates we've seen. Its React components are simple and easy to use, and this is a particularly good choice for health-related and larger employee team dashboards.

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Material Design (Vue version)

Modern, lovely, and open source, this set of UI tools for bootstrap admin templates is free for any kind of use. Use it on its own or as an addition to any other bootstrap template when you want to add something specific you're missing. It comes with a ton of great help for using the components — lots of tutorials and step by step instructions.

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Material Dashboard

This clean and pop-out design look may seem familiar — it was inspired by Google's Material Design. These components are lovely: clear, while still managing just enough flair to keep the whole page looking vibrant. Even better, Material Dashboard comes with a couple of third-party plugins that have been configured to fit in with the existing elements. It loads in a snap, and looks great doing it. 

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NGX is a great-looking Bootstrap 4 / SCSS template built on Angular 4+ & Typescript. It's a hi-res, responsive joy to work with. You can easily configure either theme with hot-reload, and it comes with authentication module with multiple providers. 

It's got all the typical features from buttons to typography to icons, tables, forms, and charts. We especially like the dark version of the theme — great for use for dashboards late at night!

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Premium Templates We Love

Want more? Here are our top picks for premium templates — they are all well worth the change.

Lumino Pro

The premium version of Lumino is packed with everything in the free version plus a ton more, like 5 color themes plus easy-to-use theme changer, pagination, and single pages including login page, search page, gallery and 404 pages.

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Now UI Dashboard Pro

This beautiful Bootstrap 4 admin dashboard comes with all the components you need to keep your dash beautiful and organized. It's light enough to be speedy, while still having all of the tools you need. 

Great color choices, typography, and spacious layout options make this a lovely selection. We especially like the data visualizations for business, as well. It's packed with all the right plugins, and has lots of help on how to get started included. 

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The nice thing about Metronic is the truly expansive options — they have admin templates in modern, retro, kicky, clean, dark, or any other type of design you might prefer. And each of them come with Angular 5 options as well! Easy to customize, with cleann CSS and java, this option is great if you're loking for something that has a lot of support and ongoing updating. 

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Bratilius is a Responsive Bootstrap 3 Admin Template that works with most browsers, even IE 9 (woah). Built with CSS3 and HTML5, it's got the standard latest tech going for it as well. It's well designed and quick to grasp — you'll be building your dashboard and adding widgets in no time. 

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