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The 18 Best Splatter Vectors to Make a Splash

The 18 Best Splatter Vectors to Make a Splash

These splatter vectors are sure to make a big splash.

You’re for sure going to find the splatter elements you need in this list of premium vectors.

Ink. Paint. Blood.

What do they all have in common? They splatter!

And if you’re like many designers we know, you’re always on the hunt for a good splatter vector. Well, look no further. We put together a list of some of the best splatter vectors available, giving you all the options you need for your next project.


Brilliant Splatters Multi-Pack - $8

We’re pretty proud of this pack of 10 handmade paint splatters created by one of our designers. The set also comes with 8 gorgeous textures, which can be used on their own or added to these brilliant splatters.


Inked Vector Splatters - $4

Another Nathan Brown original, this pack of splatter brushes and vectors are truly unique. The vectors were created by scanning actual ink splatters, making this pack one of the most realistic on our list.


10 Vector Particle Textures - Free with Subscription ($16.50)

You’ll get 10 fantastic splatter vectors in this premium pack offered by Envato Elements. Because every splatter vector in this list is unique, you’ll have such unique options to pick from for your next design. While we’re all about the vectors today, these come in 3 different formats.


Splattered Blood Stains - $4

We’ll be the first to admit this mockup is quite morbid, but every designer has different needs! The abstract, blob-like splatters are grungy and perfect for your next splatter-based project.


50 Handmade Splatter Vectors - Free with Subscription ($16.50)

We love it when designers get super creative, especially with vectors! There are 50 splatter vectors included in this purchase, each one handmade and unlike anything you can find elsewhere. You can use these for abstract and digital artwork.


Splatter Collection - $12

Another giant collection for your design toolbox, this pack comes with 40 splatter vectors. You can use them to add a little grunge or texture to images.


Drop it ink drip textures - Free with Subscription ($16.50)

Coming with 31 handmade ink drop textures, this set was designed to offer creatives ink drop options to add to their lettering. There are smaller, complex splatters to larger, high-energy options, all great options to keep on hand.


9x Vector Grunge Splatter Set - $6

You’ll love the versatility that comes with this set of 12 splatter vectors. The grungy, realistic splatters can be used on their own or combined to make brand new textures or looks. We love a good splatter combination!


Paint Splatter Art - Free with Subscription ($16.50)

There’s something so artistic about this pack of splatters. And that’s because they were made using actual paint splatters, giving them the drama you can’t find with digitally created splatter vectors.


Splatter Design Element Collection - $4

For those looking for more blob-esque splatters, this is the pack for you. The bright, colorful splatter vectors are a bit on the heavier side, making them perfect for spray paint effects.


Grain Texture Pattern - Free with Subscription ($16.50)

The Grain Texture Pattern pack makes a great background or can be used to add a subtle roughness to stationary and other textiles. The pack of 60 will give you plenty of options to choose from!


30 Splatter Brushes and Vectors - $5

You’ll get 30 splatter brushes and vectors with this premium pack, leaving you with so many fabulous options. The versatile splatters can be used for so many diverse designs, from backgrounds to images.


Spray paint splatter set - Free with Subscription ($16.50)

There are 21 spray paint splatters in this premium set. You can get access to all the black and white textures with an Envato Elements subscription.


Grunge Splatters Stripes Underlines and Shapes - $5

Where to start with this pack of premium vectors?

The bundle comes with 7 splatters and 11 underlines. Then, there’s also the 10 stripes and 8 grunge shapes, each other 2 different layers to give more dimension to the designs. You definitely want to keep this one in your toolbox!


Ink and Petal Floral Vector Illustrations - Free with Subscription ($16.50)

Not all splatter textures have to be wild and grungy, as proven by this set of gorgeously nostalgic ink and petal designs. The pack comes with 16 ink splotches and splatters, but also includes foil textures and leaf and flower illustrations.

Simply stunning.


23 Vector Ink and Paint Splatters - $35

There are two different color options with these versatile ink and paint splatters: Black and red. The black splatters work great as ink or pain details, but the red was designed to look like blood splatters. Morbid, we know, but we’re just here to help a designer out.


Grunge Blots and Splashes - Free with Subscription ($16.50)

Grungy, but fun, you’ll adore the 130 splatter elements that come with this fantastic bundle. The handmade blotches and splashes can be mixed and matched to create your very own splatter vectors.



Vector Splatters Design Pack - $10

Varying between smooth curves and soft colors to sharper edges with darker tones, this pack of 32 splatters is the perfect addition to your design toolbox. Check out the sellers page to preview every single splatter that comes in the pack.




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