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22 Beautiful Damask Patterns

22 Beautiful Damask Patterns

All the Patterns You damASKED for

Classic and modern damask patterns add a sense of elegance and luxury to backgrounds.

Damask patterns are an example of designs that have stood the test of time. Damask originated in ancient China before making its way over to Europe in the 14th century. Despite all that time, the pattern is still extremely relevant. And it’s a pattern that all designers should have on hand.

Also, fun fact, damask isn’t technically a pattern. It’s actually a method of weaving that allows a pattern to be seen on both sides. However, the most common patterns, like floral sprigs woven on a glossy fabric, became so popular the design is what is recognized by most people as being damask now days.

And now you know!

With your newfound knowledge, go check out the amazing free and premium damask patterns we’ve gathered for you today.

10 Hand Drawn Damask Vector Pattern - $5

The hand drawn vectors available here on Medialoot are all about details. The download comes with 10 different patterns, but each of those options come in three different styles, full, outlined, and fill. So you’re actually getting 30 in this set!

Damask Pattern - Free

This free damask pattern is about as classic as damask can get. The details and flourishes bring an old-world feel to the pattern, making it a perfect statement background.

Classic Damask Seamless Pattern - Free

For those of you who want a richer, more royal feeling damask pattern, you’ll love this gold and blue combination. The free download is exquisite with its bold embellishments.

Dark Seamless Damask Pattern - $4

A damask pattern that’s dark, like my heart. Placing the typically light and rich damask style in darker colors makes a huge statement, which is perfect if you want a little wow in your designs.

Royal Victorian Damask Background – Free

Back to the lighter side of life, this airy and dainty design brings to mind a proper royal settee sitting in the tea room. It’s traditional and we love it!

Floral Ornamental Damask Pattern – Free

The authentic floral ornaments on this pattern are truly stunning. With the leaves, blossoms, and stem flourishes, you get both authenticity and a pop of color in this vector.

Blue Floral Seamless Pattern - $5

A much more understated pattern, this damask combines the deep blue with black, vintage looking patterns. The effect is both elegant and romantic.

Vintage Damask Vector – Free

There’s definitely a lot more going on in this pattern, but with the lighter colors and beautiful flourishes and details, this is still a free resource you’ll want to keep on hand.

Golden Damask Pattern – Free

How gorgeous is this pattern? The traditional damask pattern is combined with Southern Asia inspired colorings to create a beautiful blend of classic and modern.

Delicate Damask Background - $4

Sometimes a damask pattern can be so heavy, it’s easy to miss the details. What’s awesome about this design is it’s almost a deconstructed pattern, pulled apart so each delicate detail can be seen in its entirety.

Old Fashioned Damask Template – Free

This vector damask background is the perfect balance between luxurious, old-fashioned patterns and the subtle details that make the texture so timeless. The pattern would be beautiful on a pillow or other textiles.

Vintage Damask Pattern – Free

Because the details of this pattern are so minute, it is simultaneously a statement while also being subtle enough for even those who typically stay away from heavy patterns.

Seamless Dark Damask Pattern - $3

Another darker version of a classic damask pattern. And it’s everything. The high quality vector can be used for web, print, or even wallpapered on an accent wall.

Decorative Golden Damask Background – Free

I want this pattern on everything. It’s so incredibly beautiful and such a vibrant color that it could be used on stationary just as well as it could be used on clothing.

Blue Seamless Damask Pattern – Free

The most common blue to use with damask patterns is a dark blue, which is why it’s refreshing to see this gorgeous turquoise background.

Elegant Black and White Damask Vector – Free

Of all the patterns on this list, I truly believe this is the most traditional. The black and white coloring makes it elegant already. But when that’s combined with the amazing ornamental details in the patterns, this vector becomes an ode to centuries past.

Subtle Abstract Damask Pattern - $4

It’s hard to describe this pattern. To me, it looks like a mixture between a damask pattern and a kaleidoscope. What one can do with such a combination of patterns, I don’t know. But it still looks pretty cool.

Golden Glitter Damask Background – Free

If you ever have a client that’s anything like my mother and wants glitter on everything, this is for you. The pattern has turned damask on its head and made it a bright, glittery background that steals all attention.

Floral Seamless Damask Pattern - $5

Back to the more traditional side of things, this pattern is borderline baroque in its styling. The rich colors, the exaggerated flourishes, and the ornamental details make it an instant classic.

Vibrant Damask Vector – Free

This pattern would be perfect for stationary. The damask pattern is accentuated by a pale green, making the entire pattern look almost tropical. Gorgeous!

Seamless Damask Pattern - $4

Another design that would be amazing for stationary or other paper products, the lines are heavier in this option, but just as detailed, making it a favorite.

Traditional Damask Pattern Background – Free

If you want a classic damask patter with the vintage feel of the 1920s, this pattern is for you. The petal details in this pattern are truly beautiful, working as perfect accents to the stems and leaves that make the damask style so popular.



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