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6 of the Best Bokeh Effect Tutorials for Photoshop

6 of the Best Bokeh Effect Tutorials for Photoshop

The Best of Bokeh

Find a bokeh effect tutorial that will work for in this list of varying tutorials for Photoshop.

The bokeh effect may not be one of the newest trends in photography, but it is still one of the most popular. The Japanese concept is built around isolation. When bokeh is used properly, the subject of a photo is isolated, while the background literally blurs away.

The result of using the bokeh effect is a stunning, striking visual that combines subject and background into something complete. When bokeh is used well, the blurred background accentuates the subject without being a distraction. When used incorrectly, bokeh is a lazy way of over-blurring a background.

The key is finding that balance.

Here at Medialoot, we’ve put together some of the best bokeh effect tutorials, so you can get those stunning results. The Photoshop tutorials showcase different methods for applying the bokeh aesthetic to your images.


Create a Dazzling Bokeh Effect in 15 Easy Steps by Diego Sanchez

Medialoot’s very own Diega Sanchez created this simple to follow tutorial that even those completely inept with Photoshop will be able to follow. The step-by-step instructions include visuals, so you can follow along without missing anything important.

To effectively follow this tutorial the first time, Diego suggests downloading the free image so you can go through it with him.

Create Stunning Bokeh Effects in Photoshop by Aaron Nace

What sets this bokeh effect apart from the others is that it includes both a video tutorial and a written walk-through. Not only does the creator, Aaron Nace, suggest ways to get the bokeh aesthetic by using specific camera settings, he then walks users through a rather detailed description of how to get those same effects with Photoshop.

For more visual, detail-oriented learners, this might be the tutorial for you!

How to Create Bokeh Background Blur in Photoshop by Colin Smith

This bokeh tutorial by Colin Smith covers every learning preference imaginable. As is the case with the previous tutorial, Colin includes a video of his step-by-step instructions. He also walks through each step with you, with added visuals for each of those steps.

No matter which method you prefer, using this very in-depth tutorial will help you achieve your bokeh dreams.

How to Create a Bokeh Effect in Photoshop for Beginners on Sleeklens

Don’t let the length of this tutorial overwhelm you. The length is to provide beginners with the extra support they need while navigating this method for the first time.

Thankfully, this specific tutorial also includes visuals, so even the most amateur beginner will be able to get the beautiful bokeh effect they want for their images.

Looking for a shortcut? Scroll to the bottom and check out the premium actions. The actions will allow you to get that bokeh effect with just a click of a button.

How to Add Dream Blur and Bokeh Effects to Your Photos by Eleanor Innis

In this brief tutorial, Eleanor Innis takes readers through the very detailed steps required to create ‘circles of confusion’ in an image.

What makes this tutorial a good one to keep on hand is that it covers two different ways to get similar results. The first is creating a field blur with Smart Objects, which works best when there’s already depth in an image.

The second part of this tutorial goes over creating a bokeh effect with direct selection. Both look amazing, but are definitely for different types of images, something Eleanor goes over as well.

Add Realistic Bokeh with Photoshop by Kishore Sawh

One of the great things about this tutorial is that the creator adds simple hints on how to simplify the process. Whether it’s shortcuts or steps that can be skipped completely, this tutorial will help you get the bokeh look in record time.

However, keep in mind that this tutorial was designed around an image that already had a little depth to it, so your results might not be as dramatic as would be the case in other tutorials. If you’re look for a more subtle approach to bokeh, then this is the tutorial for you.



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