37 Gorgeous, Simple Line Icon Sets

37 Gorgeous, Simple Line Icon Sets

Simply Stunning Line Icons

Build your website, app, or user interface using these stunning and modern simple line icons.

Whether you’re creating a website, branding a business, or developing an app, you’ll need vector icons. Glyphs lead people where they need to go and present thoughts and information in a clear, easy to understand way, without the need of words

We’ve crafted a list of simple line icon sets that will help you with a wide range of projects. The free and premium options cover a vast number of industries, so we’re sure you’ll find what you need below!

40 Single Line Vector Icons - $5

We’ve covered all our bases with this set of general purpose glyphs. In the pack, you’ll get a wide range of vector icons that were designed using a single line, making them minimalistic and elegant.

162 Simple Line Icons - Free

In this set, you’ll get access to 162 beautifully simplistic webfont icons. And, you don’t need to download the whole pack. Click on the icons you want to get each individual code.

100+ Simple Line Icons - Free

Designed specifically for web and UI design, this pack comes with over 100 icons that will keep your design looking clean and professional.

25 Vector Network Icons – Free

This set of icons was created for network related web or app usage. The glyphs are modern and minimalistic, making them ideal for tech.

3PX Icon Set – Free

With 80 completely customizable simple line icons, this set will more than cover your design needs without breaking the bank.

Gastronomy Icons Set - $7

You never know when you may need a symbol for the foodies out there. This set of gastronomy based icons offers seven different resolutions, so you’ll have plenty of flexibility.

63 Tiny Icons PSD – Free

Some of the best things in life are the smallest things. And these tiny icons prove that quality can come in small packages, too.

150 Simple Line Icons – Free

The 150 different line icons in this set come in two distinct styles. The first is all circled icons while the second set is not circled.

Joy Icon Set – Free

You’ll really get a hodge podge of simple icon vectors in this set. Whether you want more professional symbols or funky ones, this pack will have you covered.

61 Outlined Weather Icons – Free

Having a weather aspect on your website or app? With these 61 weather icons, you’ll be able to communicate a myriad of weather patterns in a sleek, modern way.

25 Minimal Cleaning Line Icons – Free

We’re loving these minimal cleaning icons. Of course, they don’t make us want to clean any more than before, but they’re cute.

Clean Line Icon Set - $9

Coming in 12 different colors, the 70 line icons in this set are completely customizable and cover a wide range of topics.

36 iOS7 Tab Bar Icons – Free

This freebie has 36 custom made icons designed specifically for the iOS7 tab bar. And for fun, the designer added a few surfing icons.

60 Space Line Icons – Free

These space themed icons are ideal for games and educational apps. The 60 free options were created for iOS tab bars, toolbars, and 3D touch.

Essential Icons – Free

If you need a wide range of icons to cover the basics, this set of 90 stroke icons is the perfect option for you.

BBQ Thin Line Icon Set - $6

While this set includes colored and filled-in icons, it also has several thin line icons all based around the topic of BBQ.

CagoLife Icon Set – Free

With simple lines and clever designs, these icons communicate a message quickly and efficiently, making them perfect for all your projects.

170 Thin Line UI Icons – Free

Simple line icons are already modern and minimal. The 170 icons here have taken that to another level and used thin lines in their design.

Simple Line Icons Set – Free

Whether you’re using these icons for apps, websites, or something more unique, the 40 different glyphs will offer you more than enough variety.

100 Airline Icons – Free

I’m not sure how many times you’ll find yourself in need of airline icons, but just add these freebies to you stock anyways. It’s always good to keep high quality icons on hand.

Buildings Line Icon Set - $6

These building line icons represent several areas of infrastructure, which make them a great choice if you work in development.

216 Line and Glyph Icons – Free

If you’re an app developer or designer, you’ll love these custom simple line icons that meet all standard guidelines while also being beautifully unique.

Linea Icon Set – Free

We consider this more of a resource than anything else. The site offers over 730 icons which come in categories like basic, software, and weather.

Medical Line Icon Set - $5

One of the more complex set of icons on this list, these medical glyphs are both important and meticulously designed.

40 Minicon Creative Icons – Free

These adorably small line icons prove that simplicity really is bliss. The designs cover the majority of basic design needs.

132 Line Icons – Free

You really won’t need another set of icons if you get this freebie. The set includes 132 clean, minimalistic glyphs that are perfect in a variety of departments.

Outline Icons – Free

These outline icons are a bit more complex than the majority of the simple line icons on this list, but they’re still an ideal choice for web and app designs.

50 Vector Line Icons Set – Free

You’ll get everything from a slice of pizza and a microscope to an elephant and a download signal in this set of 50. Variety is always a good thing.

100 Vector Line Icons Set - $9

Talk about variety! The pack comes with 100 vectors that offer a vast range of choices.

Marketing Line Icons Set - $7

If your niche is marketing, you’ll want to keep this pack of simple line icons on hand. The symbols are ideal for web, apps, and UI.

25 Interface Icons – Free

What makes this set of simple icons so great is that they are extremely easy to customize and edit.

Simple Line Icons Set Vol. 2 – Free

Coming in different sizes to keep things pixel perfect, the 40 simple line icons in this set are scalable and cover a variety of topics.

40 Mini Icons – Free

These icons have two things going for them. The first is that they’re little and adorable. The second is that they all have a pop of color that draws the eye.

25 Essential Office Tool Icons – Free

Keep these simple line icons saved because, as the name suggests, they cover all the essential office tools that you may need in your designs.

100 Ink Style Line Icons – Free

This might be thinking a little outside the box, but the inky definition of these line icons make them so unique. The design adds a little something to regular icons, being both beautiful and functional.

30 Line Icon Set - $6

You can also edit these 30 line icons. By changing the color and editing the shapes, you can make these icons perfect for your projects without losing quality.

Curved Script-Style Single Line Icons - $5

End with the best, right? Our very own curved script icons are minimal in style, but extremely elegant. Don’t be boring with your web, app, or UI designs. Use these icons to add a little class.



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