36 Stencil Fonts to Spray Paint, Ink, and Pencil In

36 Stencil Fonts to Spray Paint, Ink, and Pencil In

Stencil Fonts for Your Creative Needs

Stencil fonts are a great way to balance bold, heavy stenciling with your own creative fill-ins.

Stencils are the best.

In all honesty, I wasn’t a very artistic child, so the only way I could get pretty letters was to roughly trace over my neon colored stencils.

Thankfully, we’ve come a long way from our elementary years and we can now use grown up stencils, or stencil fonts! Our newest list is full of gorgeous, creative stencil fonts that you can use to spray paint, ink, or pencil in!


Barker Bold Stencil Web Font - $2

A great option for big, bold headlines, Barker Bold Stencil can be filled in with the paint, ink, or pencil of your choice. The heavy, thick lines are easy to read, but the small brackets off each letter add a little extra character.

Old School United Stencil Font – Free

Based off the designs we’ve all seen on the back of soccer jerseys, Old School United keeps things simple, yet strong. With its broken up lettering, you’ll want to use this font sparingly, but what an impression it makes!

Bombardier – Free

There’s something classic about Bombardier. It’s reminiscent of WWII posters, with its sharp and rugged edges. And just like this style was used for posters in the 1940s, it’s perfect for print and branding today!

War Wound – Free

War Wound is a gritty, rough stencil font, but it gives you the space you need for filling in the letters. Plus the edgy boarders around each letter just add a little something extra.

College Elegant Stencil Font – Free

For a stencil font, College is an extremely delicate, almost aristocratic option. With College, you get the comfort of a stencil font with the beauty of more prestigious choices.

Pribor Stencil Font with Cyrillic - $10

A premium font family, Pribor, which comes with three style options, is reminiscent of the fonts seen on old typewriters or other electronics.

Felona st Font – Free

With over 800 glyphs, Felona st. comes with more than you could ever need! The free font also includes six styles, all inspired by minimalistic, rounded designs.

Casa Stencil Font – Free

Another example of how stencil doesn’t have to mean clunky and dense, Casa Stencil allows you to fill it in with paint, pencil, or pen without losing the soft edges and gentle curves of the font.

Born to Grille Font – Free

Born to Grille is a swooping, gentle stencil font that will give you flexibility as well as a splash of personality.

Zahra Modern Typeface - $10

With this premium pack, you’ll get four styles of Zahra, a sleek and modern take on a stencil font. Zahra also comes with bold and regular weights, numbers and punctuation, and multilingual lettering.

Roska Stencil Font – Free

An all capitalized font, Roska combines the rigidness expected of stencil fonts with gentle, round edges. The result is an easy to read font with a touch of softness.

Bodoni Fragile Stencil Font – Free

Bodoni doesn’t look at all fragile, but every now and then, a swoop or a swash will give a hint about the fragility the name claims. Bodoni Fragile comes in three styles.

Bripokus Stencil – Free

Using a compressed, strong styling, Bripokus was made specifically for headlines, posters, and branding. The stencil font makes a perfect option for spray painting, inking, or penciling in.

Storehouse Font - $16

You’ll get 10 bold, powerful styles when you purchase Storehouse Font. The stencil font was inspired by typeface from the 1800s, but with a pinch of the contemporary.

New Magnetic – Free

I love a good dystopian story, which is why New Magnetic stands out for me. The abrasive, thick font looks straight out of a movie and is perfect for making a statement.

Senda Display Custom Stencil Font – Free

As its name suggests, Senda was created as a display font. However, there’s so much this versatile font is capable of, with its distinctive lines and beautiful cutouts.

Stencil 1935 – Free

Heavily influenced by the art deco era, Stencil 1935 changes what most people expect from a stencil font. It’s delicate and fun, but still has the thickness found in stencil fonts.

Transsiberian - $14

Transsiberian has a distinctive look. The combination between the stiff stencil style and more modern feel makes it perfect for branding, signs, and headings.

Spotlight Font Family – Free

Spotlight comes in both Regular and Stencil form, giving you plenty of options when it comes to your design projects.

Leixo Stencil Font – Free

With more than 320 glyphs, Leixo gives variety and versatility with its font families. The stencil font comes in five different styles: Regular, Italic, Bold, Bold Italic, and Rough.

Arcane - $10

Talk about a stencil font that changes what you think you know about stencils! Arcane doesn’t have the stiffness usually associated with stencil fonts, opting instead for swoops and gentle curves.

Love Box Font – Free

Love Box won’t just let you spray paint, ink, or pencil in the letters. The font also comes in stamp form, giving you a second option to make this stencil font uniquely yours.

Cheddar Gothic Stencil – Free

Cheddar Gothic takes the heavy, thickness of stencil fonts to the next level. The hand drawn stencil is a classic, with 92 extra elements for your convenience!

Val – Free

I love the pure drama of Val, a bubbly, heavy font that hints at more common stencil fonts. The larger than life letters are perfect for social media posts and headlines.

Timber Typeface - $8

While Timber isn’t technically a stencil font, it still has enough of its elements to please any discerning designer. The straight edges and hints of grunge make Timber ideal for branding and print.

Unconform Round Font – Free

What do you get when you combine bubble letters and stencil fonts? Unconform! The unique font has the breaks expected of a stencil font, but with rounded, almost 3D-like lines.

Playtime Typeface – Free

Playtime Typeface is one of the more unique and spirited font on our list. The free font comes with five different styles.

Sistemas Font – Free

The use of negative space in Sistemas makes it a beautiful and fun take on a stencil font. The bold, gothic lines are also a little reminiscent of the art deco era.

Goku - $11

A multilingual typeface, Goku has an elegance not often seen in stencil fonts. What started as a stencil design turned into a more modern typeface, with ligatures, curves, and a more distinct styling.

Belladona Stencil – Free

If the Greeks mixed their fonts with a 1980s hair band, the result would be Belladona Stencil. The decorative, loud font is perfect for posters and branding material.

Top Secret – Free

The Top Secret stencil font looks exactly like the fonts seen stamped on big manila envelopes. With a little creativity, the letters can be painted, inked, or colored in to make them pop.

Coyote Retro Font – Free

In an effort to truly replicate the retro feel of stencil fonts, Coyote has sharp edges and exaggerated lines. The freebie comes with eight styles and 735 glyphs.

Raleigh Font - $10

A purely modern take on a stencil font, Raleigh is both bold and minimalistic. With uneven lines and dramatic gaps, the font takes stencils to a new height.

Urban Sketch – Free

This is truly old-school and that’s why I love it. Urban Sketch looks just like something we all created in middle school, which gives it the perfect feeling for children’s textiles and books.

Botera Typeface – Free

Inspired by vineyards, grapes, and wine bottles, Botera is a light, elegant stencil font that works in copy just as well as it does in headlines.

Modernist Milk Stencil Font – Free with Subscription

Created to emulate the eras of classic fashion magazines, Modernist Milk has effortlessly blended yesterday’s stencil fonts with modern, minimalistic lettering of today.



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