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32 Subtle & Seamless Background Patterns

32 Subtle & Seamless Background Patterns

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​If you’re looking for a subtle addition to your project, these refined, delicate pattern backgrounds are the perfect repeating tools to add to your arsenal.

Find the exact right finishing (or starting) touch for any webpage, poster, or photo. When you want to give a nice layer of context, but not overpower the actual design, this list is for you.

Blueprint Textures

With 10 unique patterns, this set of blueprint textures offers a range of traditional drawings. Each pattern comes with its own spacing, contrast, and theme, so you’ll have more than enough variety.

Recycled Paper Textures

This pack features 10 high resolution recycled paper textures featuring wrinkles, specs, grunge and grit. They’re perfect for creating a subtle grunge effect, try overlaying them on photos for a cool vintage grunge effect. These textures can be layered to intensify the amount of texture, or of course you can reduce the opacity of them for a more subtle effect. 

Dark Concrete Textures

Offering much more subtle options, this set of 8 handcrafted backgrounds are powerful while also blending into any design.

Art Deco Vector Patterns

We are in love with this set of 10 vintage patterns. The backgrounds are retro and stunning enough to provide a clear style, but without overwhelming your project.

Soft Grunge Textures

If you have a large area of space to fill, but don’t want to use obviously repeating patterns, these 10 textures offer the ideal solution.

Dark Brick Textures

Perfect for venue backgrounds, these seamless textures will create the sharp, urban feel.

Geometric Patterns

There’s something so clean about simple, geometric shapes, which is why this set of 3 is so ideal. If you’re looking for a subtle, modern backgrounds, look no further than these textures.

Dotted and Striped Textures

While we think these backgrounds are perfect for any project, they’re perfect for any of your textile designs, making them beautiful and unique. 

Woodgrain Vector Patterns

If you want to create a feeling of lightness and nature, these woodgrain backgrounds are what you need.


Organic Vector Patterns in Two Color Palettes

By offering these seamless patterns in two color palettes, you get 16 options for the price of 8! 

Chalkboard Textures

These 18 seamless backgrounds prove that anything can be made beautiful. The pack includes textures in green, black, and gray.


Floral Pattern Bundle

One of our absolute favorites, these sophisticated floral patterns are delicate enough to be used in web designs and printed, so they really are the best of both worlds.

Tempera Brush Patterns

One of the ways to tell if a background is good quality is if it looks handmade. Because these seamless patterns were actually handcrafted, you’ll know that your designs will come out looking better than ever.


Craft Paper Textures

Sometimes simplicity is best. For a truly subtle background, consider one of these 12 seamless textures.


Art Deco Patterns

Not only are these art deco patterns 1920 chic, they are also beautifully made with 40 vector patterns. The designer also made sure there were only two colors in each pattern, so you can change the colors quickly and easily.


Gold Patterns and Illustrations

These seamless patterns aren’t as subtle as other options on this list, but they are certainly sophisticated. The 70 patterns are made with varying shades of gold, making them all elegant, whimsical, and downright stunning.


Elegant Vector Patterns

Coming in silver, gold, and nude tones, this set of 40 seamless vector patterns are classy and stylish, perfect for your more glamorous designs.


Geometric Pastel Collection

Another modern option, the 18 seamless patterns available in this set would work perfectly printed on textiles. And because they’re all pastel, they won’t overwhelm your design.


Polygon Vector Patterns

The best part about this set is the many varieties offered in one pack. The first 5 of this set are stroke lines and the last 5 are patterned shapes. Not only does this give you a minimalistic feel, but allows you complete control over colors, background, and texture.


Linen Pattern

We adore these linen patterns, partly because they’re so clean and simplistic. If you purchase the pattern in a bundle, you’ll also get 48 seamless paper patterns.


Map-Like Vector Patterns

You’ve probably noticed how popular maps are these days. In an effort to invoke that feeling of wanderlust, these patterns are seamless backgrounds that can be printed in a variety of ways.


Black and White Background Patterns

These adorable black and white background patterns are simple to adjust and color how you want. Plus, the geometric shapes are sophisticated enough to be used for multiple projects.


Hand-Drawn Doodles Background Pattern

If you want a truly authentic background pattern, this is the best option. The designer hand drew the pattern, using a grunge texture that can be seen and will add versatility to any design.


Floral Background Pattern of Cherry Tree

With spring just around the corner, this cute background brings up deep feelings of longing for warmer weather.


Star Background Pattern

This set of seamless star backgrounds comes with 10 different color combinations, including the original black and white version that can be colored and resized just the way you want it.


Floral Pattern Background

Offering a set of 10 seamless floral patterns, this pack is perfect if you need something for a website or more trendy design project.

Abstract Circle Shape Patterns

With retro being so popular at the moment, you’re going to want this set of Memphis-style backgrounds. The seamless patterns offer 10 different vectors that can be adjusted in color and texture as needed.

Seamless Floral Pattern

We’ve already included a few floral options on this list, but the list wouldn’t be complete with this more elegant option. Coming in ivory, the pattern is made from roses, swirls, buds, and even looks embossed. 

Damask Wallpaper

The lustrousness of real damask can almost be felt in this seamless wallpaper pattern. The richness of this pattern makes you want to use it sparingly, to emphasize a design.


Gray Puzzle Background

A more fun option than most of the backgrounds on the list, this seamless puzzle background can be used with a single tile or in a pattern. The background is playful and silly, but it might be just what you need for your latest project.


Roses Pattern Background

These patterns feel like something out of a fairytale, which is one of the reasons we love them. The colors of the pattern can be adjusted, so you can make it your own.


Ice Patterns Bundle

We love the subtlety and intricacy of these gorgeous ice patterns. The seamless tiles are so beautifully done and they’ll add just the chill you want to your next project.



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