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32 Procreate Brushes for Gorgeous Illustrations

32 Procreate Brushes for Gorgeous Illustrations

Stunning Procreate brushes to take your art to a whole new level.

We've put together an extensive list of premium and free Procreate brushes to inspire your creativity.

There is such beauty in drawings, paintings, or lettering done by hand. And in this fantastical digital age, there is a desire to be able to create the same lines or brush strokes digitally. Unfortunately, not all digital art programs are created equally.

The good news is Procreate has quickly become one of the most brilliant programs for creating artwork digitally. And today we’ve put together a list of some of the best Procreate brushes, both premium and free, to take your art to the next level.

What is a Procreate Brush?

For those of you who are new to Procreate brushes, it’s important to know a few details before you decide if it’s the best digital art program for you.

Most importantly, Procreate is a program you can use to draw on an iPad with a stylus. While this will give you more control over your strokes and shading, it does require having an iPad and the Procreate program. However, once you have these two things, it’s a breeze to get the brushes and backgrounds you need to make beautiful, realistic artwork.

A benefit to Procreate is once you have the right brushes, many of which you can find in our list below, your options to create are limitless. With one stylus, you can switch between different brushes, markers, or even pencils to create detailed, intricate designs. The nature of Procreate allows for minute nuances in your designs, giving you the ability to play with shadows and light in a way that hasn’t been seen in a digital art program before.

With so many varying brush options and styles, Procreate really has advanced the world of digital art. You can go from watercolor to stencils to metallic engravings with just a few light taps of the stylus. For artists, especially those on the go, Procreate is a life changer.

Procreate vs. Illustrator

Procreate is often compared with Illustrator, but the two digital art programs are quite different. For one, Procreate uses raster-based images. As a result, you can’t scale your Procreate designs, but you do have more control over how they’re created.

On the other hand, Illustrator is a vector-based program. Vectors are easy to scale and maintain their quality no matter their size. However, in order to be scalable, vectors don’t have the flexibility of a raster. Procreate allows you to create pixels, while Illustrator has already formed paths you can adjust.

Another big difference between Procreate and Illustrator is how they’re used. As already mentioned, Procreate is used with an iPad and a stylus. Illustrator, however, works best on a desktop.

Both Procreate and Illustrator are great programs for artists and designers. However, for those who want the realistic feeling of drawing, painting, or sketching, Procreate is the way to go.

Get started on your next art project with the free and premium brushes below!

Sargent’s Oils Procreate Brushes - $8

Inspired by the realist painter John Singer Sargent, this pack of 14 handcrafted brushes will help you capture your own Impressionist designs. The varying brush tips include a realistic fabric canvas background for a consistent, natural look.

These brushes are ideal for those wanting to create oil paintings on Procreate.


Forest Tales Textured Brushes for Procreate - $18

BocaDebraShop offers this detailed set of 25 brushes great for any level of artist. The bundle also includes textures and effects to bring just the right feathery, light look to your project.

As the name suggests, these brushes are ideal for those wanting to paint classic, fairy-like scenes.


Tulips Brush Stamp Set – Free

For those looking for a simple way to add dimension to their Procreate art, look no further than this set of tulip brush stamps. The pack of 4 comes with different tulip outlines, so you can fill in gardens or bouquets with gorgeous and varying aspects.


Skin Shadow Procreate Brush – Free

Another freebie, Skin Shadow is a thicker brush for shading and shadowing in skin. However, despite its name, Skin Shadow can be used for any type of project. This Procreate brush offers just the right amount of texture for more realistic designs.


Procreate Lettering Brushes - $4

One of the benefits of Procreate is it can be used for so much more than painting or drawing. With over 10 brush options, this bundle can be used to create fonts and signatures with just a few swipes of the hand. The pack comes with textured, monoline, calligraphy, and signature brushes.


Procreate Best Basic Brush Set - $11

Created specifically for illustrations, the Procreate Best Basic Brush set comes with 20 smooth and textured brushes. While experts love this set, it’s a great starting point for beginners to Procreate.


Procreate Impossible Watercolor Kit - $17

The designer of these brushes spent weeks creating the perfect set of 25 watercolor brushes. And not only will this set allow you to create realistic, gorgeous watercolor paintings or backgrounds, it also comes with tutorials to walk you through how to get the most from the bundle.


Watercolor and Metallic Brushes - $21

You’ll get quite the collection with this set of Procreate brushes. The kit comes with a canvas template, 30 watercolor brushes, 21 metallic brushes, and 66 watercolor stamps. Add the 6 color palettes and instructions and you’ll be ready to start creating!


Soft Watercolor Brush – Free

This freebie is a light, almost translucent brush, making it ideal for charcoal drawings or shading. While it was designed to be a watercolor brush, it really is so versatile.



Foliage Brushes for Procreate - $17

A simple way to create plants, this set of 60 Procreate brushes allow you to brush or stamp specific foliage elements. From leaves and flowers to bark and brush, this kit comes with everything you need to create landscapes.



Leafly Procreate Stamp Brushes - $14

For beginners of Procreate, or those looking for beautiful shortcuts, this pack of 20 stamp brushes will make creating your next project easier than ever. The leaf and flower stamps are ideal for prints, social media, and creating patterned backgrounds.


Magical Forest Procreate Mini Set – Free

The rough, uneven edges of the 34 brushes in this free pack give your designs just the right touch of magic. While definitely not realistic in design, you can use these brushes for a wide range of fun projects.


AquaReal Procreate Watercolor Set - $21

We’re absolutely in love with these watercolor brushes. The pack comes with 8 painting and blending brushes, 29 artistic stamps, and 3 paper canvases, everything you need to create authentic, realistic watercolor paintings.


Gouache Brushes for Procreate - $21

In this set of gouache-inspired brushes, you’ll get all the tools to make gorgeous, realistic, traditional paintings. The 15 brushes, 6 stamps, and 2 canvases give you the perfect start to beautiful prints.


Feather Stamps – Free

If you’re looking for a shortcut in creating feathers in Procreate, you’ll adore this set of 5 feather stamps. They pack comes with different styles of feathers, as well as feathers from different angles.


Magerpaint Procreate Brushes - $12

For those interested in creating portraits, this pack of brushes is a must-have. The pack includes over 30 brushes, including options for hair, shading, sketching, and even freckles!



Mosaic Tile Procreate Brushes - $15

From texture and pattern brushes to 10 tile brushes, this set of mosaic Procreate brushes is absolutely stunning. The realistic brushes are detailed down to the aged and rough or glossy, polished looks in the tiles.


Gouachey Brushes for Procreate – Free

Want to try out gouache painting before purchasing our option above? Try this freebie with 19 fantastic watercolor gouache brushes for your postcards, paintings, or social media posts.


Painterly Brushes for Procreate - $21

The oil and acrylic paint brushes in this set are so realistic, you’re sure to have folks asking if you actually created your designs on Procreate. The bundle comes canvas and textured brushes, as well as Impressionist artist-inspired palettes.


Procreate Ink and Metallics Bundle - $36

Keep your artistic endeavors modern with this set of 33 brushes and 113 stamps. The inky, textured brushes are ideal for textile and print projects.


Oil Pro Procreate Brush – Free

Inspired by the classic painters of the Renaissance, you’ll find the best oil-based Procreate brushes in this classic freebie.


Lighthouse Liner Procreate Brushes - $16

There is something so beautifully unique about this set of 56 Procreate brushes. From ink and pat to dot brushes, you’ll adore the fun and creative brushes in this set, which are perfect for children’s illustrations.



Space Procreate Brushes - $14

Based on actual images from the Hubble telescope, this set of 45 space brushes will take your designs out of this world. The realistic brushes will create just the right feeling of cosmic space.


Light Tone Brush – Free

Ideal for landscapes and backgrounds, you’ll get over 200 free Procreate brushes in this pack.


Soft Watercolor Procreate Brushes - $21

You’ll want to use these soft watercolor brushes for all your artwork. The Procreate brushes in this pack also include stamps, canvases, and 16 pre-made color palettes.


Watercolor Flowers Procreate Creator - $19

Perfect for stationary and social media posts, Watercolor Flowers Creator comes with 300 Procreate brushes. Plus, you’ll get 10 gorgeous splotch brushes with this pack.


Spring Lover Procreate Brush – Free

Sometimes you just want to create a little surrealist art. You can use the Spring Lover Procreate brush to design light, bright artwork.


Vintage Map Procreate Brushes - $15

How fantastic is this set of Procreate stamp brushes? With over 65 stamps, 15 seamless patterns, and 13 brushes, you can make some gorgeous realistic, or fantastical, maps with this pack.



Artista Procreate Brushes - $15

Another great pack for beginners of Procreate, especially artists making the move to digital, you’ll get 61 varying brushes with Artista. From textures, sprays, and hatches, you’ll get all the basics in the Artista bundle.


Fur or Flower Brush – Free

Is it fur or is it a flower? That’s completely up to you and this simple pack of five brushes.


Texture Brushes for Procreate - $12

Great for illustrations and children’s books, there are 12 brushes of varying textures in this set. The convenient pack is perfect for creating landscapes, characters and other warm, watercolors.


Galaxy Alcohol Ink Brushset - $19

If you’re looking for a combination of varying brush styles, Galaxy Alcohol Ink Brushset. Included in the 71 brushes are splatters, shapes, and ink, gold, edge, and splatter brushes. You can use these for anything from calligraphy to textile printing.




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