32 Crinkly Paper Textures for Photoshop

32 Crinkly Paper Textures for Photoshop

Grubby, Crinkly, Crumply Paper Textures!

A selection of crinkly and bumpy paper textures will keep designers ready for any of their background or print needs.

Medialoot has become a go-to source for free and premium textures. And with good reason. We’ve released Marble, Grass, and Rock textures that have kept your toolboxes full!

Now, we’re releasing this list of crinkly paper textures that you can use in Photoshop for all your design needs. Whether you want to slap one of these on a t-shirt or use one as a website background, we’ve got you covered.

Check out our free and premium crinkly paper textures below and let us know how you plan to use yours!

Seamless Rice Paper Textures - Free

We’ve done it again!

Medialoot’s very own Tony Thomas has created the most delicate and gorgeous rice paper textures ever. And you can quote me on that. The pack comes with 12 seamless textures that were recently updated to be of an even higher quality! Download this freebie for your craft, recycled, or rice paper needs.

Brown Paper Texture – Free

This brown paper background has a beautiful texture to it, with little imperfections and slight lines that hint at cardboard.

Grubby Watercolor Paper Texture - Free

Grubby seems like such a dirty word for this subtle, soft paper. But the texture is just light enough to add a slight dimension to any project.

Vintage Paper Texture – Free

The old, crumpled look of this paper texture are ideal for backgrounds and small bits of texture for any project. And it is just so gentle that it is extremely versatile.

Crushed Brown Paper - $2

If you really want crinkled, look no further than this option. The high resolution background looks like a photorealistic brown paper bag texture.

Old Crumpled Paper Texture – Free

Another crumpled option, this texture can be used for backgrounds. However, I think the vintage feel of this freebie would be ideal for social media posts.

Old Paper Set – Free

Not only will you get a range of different paper textures with this set, you’ll also get different colors of paper. The five options will entrance you and give you enough variety for your designs.

Crumpled Black Paper Texture – Free

Dark and crumpled, like my heart, this texture is beautifully grungy. Not at all subtle or delicate, this powerful texture is perfect for backgrounds.

White Paper Texture – Free

Simplicity is bliss. So this white paper texture must be bliss, because it is so beautiful in its simplicity.

Paper Textures - $11

You’ll have to pay for this set, but what a bargain! The pack comes with 18 seamless paper patterns, offering a multitude of different texture types and colors.

Gradient Crumpled Paper – Free

The subtle gradient in this crumpled paper make it both delicate and stunning. It reminds me of unicorns. There are so many possibilities for using this paper!

Crinkly Paper Texture - $2

What makes this crinkly paper texture so unique is that it can be used as a background or as a texture. Just put your photos on top, multiply the effect, and your picture will look like it printed on textured paper.

Crinkled Pink Crate Paper - Free

Reminiscent of gift tissue paper, this crinkled pink paper would serve as a beautiful background. And it’s free, so you really can’t go wrong.

Crumbled Music Paper Texture – Free

I know it’s unfair to have favorites, but this is my favorite. The crumpled music paper is so unique and so beautiful, I want everyone to have it and to use it.

Paper Texture - $6

The purchase of this set comes with 11 abstract paper textures. The variety of paper textures will give you so much to work with and they are all very high quality.

Crumpled Paper – Free

Not happy with just one or two crumpled papers? Well, here are 10 for you! The set varies from dark, less wrinkled craft paper to light, thick paper.

Recycled Texture Paper – Free

Recycled paper is so exceptional because it takes on characteristics of all the papers used to create it. This recycled paper is a great example of that blending of paper types and textures.

Crumpled and Torn Paper Textures – Free

More crumpled sheet music! And more! The free pack comes with about seven different papers, all aged, wrinkled, and torn.

Grungy Paper Texture – Free

What makes this paper special is that it was taken from the demolished Odense Konservesfabrik. The yellowed and aged paper is beautiful in its authenticity.

Crinkled Paper Texture – Free

Another example of how a simple piece of crinkled paper can have so many possibilities. Whether you want to use this as a background or to add texture to designs, it’s a great choice.

Paper Textures - $2

Coming with four background options, the images used in this pack are of different colors and textures. A little variety never hurt anyone!

Pink Crinkled Paper Texture – Free

We’ve included a dark pink option on this list, now here’s your baby pink! Despite it being an image, you can almost feel how delicate and soft the paper is.

Old Brown Paper Texture – Free

The sturdiness of this brown paper bag texture makes it one of the hardier options on this list. But it’s still understated enough that it could be used as a background.

Paper Texture – Free

The aged, almost papyrus-like look of this paper make it seem like it’s from another time. It’s perfect for any of your vintage inspired designs.

High Quality Paper Textures - $4

You’ll get 10 high quality textures with this pack. And each paper has its own unique texture and pattern, so you’ll have plenty of options.

Old Paper Texture Pack – Free

We’re back at that old, aged look again. It’s a vintage look that can serve as a background for websites, social media posts, or even in print. You’ll get four with this set.

Vector Paper Texture – Free

With a fold right down the middle, this seamless paper vector will add just the right amount of texture to your backgrounds, without drawing attention or being overwhelming.

Paper with Crinkles and Folds – Free

Another example of a simple piece of crinkled paper. The image is so understated that it really has endless possibilities for how you can use it.

Paper Texture Backgrounds - $3

The four paper backgrounds in this set are all of different textures, so you truly get your money’s worth. Plus, each of them is quite understated, making them versatile.

10 Coffee Paper Textures – Free

The idea for this set of 10 paper textures came from that childhood project of aging paper with coffee. The result are these grungy, textured papers that can be used for postcards, pamphlets, or web design.

Crinkled Cardboard Texture - Free

There’s not much to say about this texture. Except maybe it looks exactly like the bottom of a paper lunch bag.

Seamless Craft Paper Textures - $6

How could we end this list without tooting our own horn again? The same maker of the Rice Paper Textures you saw above has created this beautiful pack of seamless craft paper textures. The 12 images were also updated to be of an even higher quality, so they’re good for print and textiles.



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