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31 Free Google Slides Templates For Gorgeous Presentations

31 Free Google Slides Templates For Gorgeous Presentations

Google Slides for Stunning, Easy Presentations

Google Slide templates are the perfect way to present information or pitch ideas without going through the stress of design.

As someone who doesn’t like to speak publicly, having an outline and prompts during even the shortest of presentations has been a great help to me. And because Google Slides are the easiest ways to create these presentations, I’m a huge fan of Google Slide templates.

We’ve put together a list of our favorite free Google Slide templates for you to use no matter how short or extensive your presentation. With these slides, you won’t just be presenting information like a pro, that information will look good while you do it.


Dawn Google Slide Presentation

Dawn has three of our favorite things: It's Modern, Simple, and it's Free! Can't get much better than that! The Google Slides template comes with 34 professionally designed slides, so you can just find the one that works best for you and add your information.

Aloha Presentation Template

While you might not want to use this template for your more serious presentations, it’s way to gorgeous not to include on the list. The Aloha template comes with bright and modern editable slides and can be used in both Googles Slides and Power Point.

Alpha Presentation Template

Alpha is the perfect Google Slide template for organizing your thoughts into concise, clean spaces. The template is quite professional and keeps the focus on content rather than design.

Origami Template

The homogeneous feel that Origami brings to its template make it an ideal option for business presentations. The template comes with agenda, chart, service, and dashboard slides, so you can present like a real professional.

Red Aesthetics

Even though Red Aesthetics looks amazing, the template is so minimalistic that it’s the perfect hybrid of creativity and professionalism. The Google Slides template comes with multiple options for various slide designs, but allows for photos and artwork to come alongside information.

Juliet Presentation Template

You can adjust the colors of the gorgeous brushstroke on the intro slide of Juliet. The pack comes with 25 different slide options, so your color scheme can be carried out through your presentation. You’ll also get over 80 icons when you download this presentation template.

Creative Magic

It’s all in the name. The set of slides in this pack are all extremely creative with a side of ‘90s aesthetics. The template comes with a variety of slide options, including tables, charts, and graphs.

Vision and Mission Business Template

Don’t let the beautiful first slide of this template fool you: Vision and Mission Business template is all about presenting information in a concise way. The slides are modern, clean, and very comprehensive.

Cymbeline Presentation

Whether you want to use Cymbeline on Google Slides or PowerPoint, it is a minimalistic template that will help your presentation look professional. The pack comes with 25 slides, all simply designed in black and white.


On a simple white background, Salisbury adds a little oomph to its design by incorporating sharp angles. The design takes nothing away from the information, complementing your work.

Elegant Google Slides Theme

With its Victorian borders and stunning swashes, the Elegant theme is an ideal option for your more formal presentations. The pack comes with 25 slides that can all be customized to your specifications.

Helicanus Presentation Template

The backgrounds of the 25 slides included with Helicanus alternate between rustic photographs and plain. Of course, you can edit them to match your color scheme, but the feature-rich slides are perfect for click-and-go presentations.


Featuring a set of office-inspired slides, this simple theme is a perfect template for short presentations with minimal information. Palmer is also very classy, which is always a good thing.

Technology Themed Template

With 23 easy to customize slides, Technology is a free template that presents a simple way to display complex information. With graphs, tables, and maps, Technology will help you break it down to potential investors.

Dolabella Presentation Template

If you’re a lover of classic, aged designs, you’ll fall in love with this presentation template. Dolabella is rich in features that will make creating your Google Slides a breeze.


Sometimes having a simple, clean template allows focus to be on the information. Ellsworth has all the slide layouts you could need and will make it so easy for you to show off your presentation.

Finance Google Slide Template

No one really wants to talk about money, but if you have to, do it in an elegant, professional way. This finance slide set is perfect for monthly reports or wading through large amounts of information.

Roderigo Presentation Template

With funky graphics and plenty of empty space for information, Roderigo offers a versatile way to engage and inform an audience.


The gorgeous watercolor effects with Kelsie are an example of how art and business can meld together. The design is completely editable and comes with graphs, tables, and chart slides.

Olivia Google Slide Presentation

Olivia is a fun, engaging Google Slide template that keeps content fresh with bright colors and plenty of blank spaces. The pack comes with 25 varieties of slides and 80 different icons.


Definitely one of the simpler options on this list, Ulysses comes with several different slide options as well as fun graphics. Everything, from the colors and texts and photos, can be edited.

Mercury Business Template

To keep the design elegant and neat, Mercury was created with a very specific set of colors and layouts. The ordered and modern slides are perfect for delivering information and thoughts.

Arvirargus Template

Arviragus was created in tribute to Cadwal, a popular template that wasn’t functional for presentations. The new template has larger text and sharp contrasts to make content pop.


With dozens of slide options, Rosalind offers a bright way to showcase your presentation. The Google Slide template comes with plenty of features and is easy to customize.

Minimal Google Slide Template

Minimal relies on simplicity for its effectiveness, and in good order! The stunning black and white slides make Minimal the perfect template for a professional presentation.

Ganymede Presentation Template

From the title slide, you might think Ganymede is too simple for you. But the Google Slides template is one of the brightest and varied presentation options on this list!


The hints of watercolor and rough edges bring a beautiful sense of wonder to the Eglamour template. With its blank spaces, the presentation is still professional, but the pops of color just make it stunning.

Science Google Slides Theme

Made with teachers and students in mind, Science is a Google Slides theme that is both fun and modern. The theme comes with 25 different layouts and plenty of cool features.

Titania Presentation Template

Because Titania does have a smaller text size, you might not want to use it for huge presentations, but the template is still a colorful, versatile option for shared and printed documents. Titania comes with 25 slide layouts and features beautiful patterns and shapes.


The botanical influence of Constance makes it one of the most gorgeous Google Slide templates on the list. The calming greens and bright accents make it an ideal presentation theme.

Yorick Presentation Template

If your company or business has branded around a specific color, Yorick will allow you to highlight that color without being distracting. The presentation design is elegant and efficient, drawing focus to the content rather than the design.



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