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29 Colorful Blurred Backgrounds to Make Mockups Pop

29 Colorful Blurred Backgrounds to Make Mockups Pop

Beautifully Out of Focus

Colorful blurred backgrounds are the perfect way to make your products, text, or mockups stand out from the crowd.

Sometimes things look better when they’re a little out of focus. Like that one guy from the bar last night.

When it comes to design, having a blurred background can be the perfect way to showcase a product. Blurred images are also ideal for unobtrusive, subtle backgrounds, whether in web or print.

The key to using blurred backgrounds is finding one that complements whatever you want to be the focus. From text to product mockups, you’ll want to keep several blurred backgrounds on hand to use at a moment’s notice.

That’s where we come in!

We’ve put together a list of free and premium colorful blurred backgrounds that you can use to your hearts’ content.

Have fun!

Unfocused, Blurred Backgrounds - $4

Medialoot master Tony Thomas has come through for us with these 20 blurry photos. The high resolution images were designed specifically as web backgrounds, but the potential with these is truly immeasurable.

Blurry Hospital/Clinic Interior – Free

Even though this is technically a clinic interior, the clean, whiteness of the background gives it a vividness that will perfectly contrast with your mockups.

12 Blurry Backgrounds - $5

The variety of tones that come with this pack of 12 makes it a truly phenomenal tool to have on hand. The blurred backgrounds are colorful and vibrant, making them perfect social media, UI, or wallpapers.

Colorful Blurry Background – Free

There’s something innately positive about this image, with its bright yellows and dark pinks. The freebie could perfectly frame food or drink mockups.

Summer Blurred Background Set – Free

You’ll get six blurred images of the highest quality in this pack. The set includes real photos that have been unfocused to decrease the noise, so your products can be front and center.

Fuzzy Defocused Background – Free

The blurred background here hints at a cityscape, with bright pops of color that hint at street lights and cars. You can easily tone down the colors more if your mockups call for it.

Soft Colored Background - $2

Colorful doesn’t always mean bright, which is proven by these soft, blurry backgrounds. The set of three will just wrap around whatever you decide to put at the front of the images.

Abstract Bokeh Background – Free

Bokeh is in full effect in this free colorful blurred background! The free download almost feels like Christmas lights, though it could be any vibrant area with multi-colored lights.

Dark Abstract Background – Free

The delicate use of color in this free abstract background makes it ideal for more contemporary ads. The modern background would also serve as the perfect canvas for social media posts.

10 Blurred Backgrounds – Free

The simplicity of these blurred backgrounds means that all focus will be on whatever mockup you decide to use. Whether text or a product, you’ll appreciate how the backgrounds fade while also perfectly framing your designs.

100 Abstract Blurry Backgrounds - $2

Talk about bulk! This pack comes with 10 different backgrounds in 10 different colors, so you’ll have a lot of variety for your mockup needs.

Blue Abstract Background – Free

The sun flares in this background hint at a bright blue sky, but without being so pointed. The lightness of the blurred background looks like it was taken from a vodka ad!

15 Blurred Backgrounds – Free

There is so little noise in these 15 blurred backgrounds that they offer infinite uses. You can easily use these for websites, UI, presentations, or product mockups.

Beautiful Dark Background – Free

Another example of the warm blend of blue, red, and white hues to hint at a cityscape. This unfocused background will really make your mockup pop.

45 Deluxe Blurred Backgrounds - $5

How many blurred backgrounds does a person really need? Because in this pack you’ll get more than enough with 45 of the highest quality images for contemporary, minimal branding.

Defocused Background with Many Colors – Free

It will be very interesting to see how the warm colors of this defocused background are used to accentuate a mockup. There’s just so much potential in the spring-like image!

23 Blurred Backgrounds – Free

The set of 23 images in this pack of unfocused backgrounds all kind of hint at settings, but without really showing anything. The use of that clever blurring puts products and text at the focus of the image.

12 Blurry Backgrounds - $4

There is so much versatility in these backgrounds. The creator designed them specifically for presentations and project pitches, but when used for social branding, the possibilities really are limitless.

Pastel Blurred Background – Free

With the feeling of the outdoors and a bright, golden field, it’s easy to see this abstract pastel background being used to promote beauty or health products!

Colorful Blurry Background – Free

Another bright, abstract background, this blurry image uses bokeh to give the subtle background a little bit of depth.

Abstract Blur Background – Free

You really can’t go wrong with bright blurred backgrounds with little pops of color. Like this freebie proves, the basics are still used for a reason!

Christmas Bokeh Background – Free

While this background is supposed to be a Christmas blur, it really looks more like a street scene to me. But that’s the beauty of these blurred images, they’re so versatile and can be used in so many different ways.

13 High Resolution Blur Backgrounds – Free

Want variety without breaking the bank? The 13 high quality images that come in this free set cover a variety of different colors and hues, so you’ll have options without spending a dime!

Blurred Background – Free

There’s something so natural and calming about this set of free blurred backgrounds. The differences in color and texture will give you a certain flexibility when creating your web backgrounds, UI, or product mockups.

Pink and Blue Blurred Urban Building Background – Free

This pink and blue blurred image is quite distinct in its many textures and colors, making it a perfect way to frame any of your mockups.

Blurred City Scene – Free

If you really want to make your mockup pop, place your products in clearly defined segments. This image is subtly broken into a top and bottom half, giving a defined space all ready for your product.

16 Blurry Backgrounds – Free

The 16 unfocused images in this freebie are only the tip of the iceberg! If you want more of the extremely high resolution images, click through to get 400 for only $5.

Bokeh Blur Backgrounds Vol. 5 - $4

These bokeh backgrounds are all about the glitz and glam. Definitely more dramatic than some of the options on this list, the backgrounds are perfect for UIs, social media, and products just as vibrant as the backgrounds!

Bokeh Lights on Dark Background – Free

The dark background of this unfocused image makes the perfect canvas for text or products. And the brightness in the bokeh lights give a sense of celebration that will resonate with audiences.



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