27 Realistic Cardboard Textures

27 Realistic Cardboard Textures

Realistic Cardboard Textures

Cardboard textures are a great way to add depth and grain consistencies to a design in a quick and easy way.

I’ve spent a lot of time around cardboard boxes.

My family used to move about every two years, so when we weren’t packing, we were unpacking. And many a day was spent playing in old worn out boxes. So this article has caused a bit of nostalgia.

But I digress.

Designers need to keep their stock of textures updated and on hand just in case, which is why we try to cover every texture base here at Medialoot. We’re adding Cardboard Textures to our Marble, Rock, and Grass options, so you’ll always have something in your arsenal.

Check out the free and premium options below!

High Resolution Cardboard Textures – Free

Not only have we created 16 unique cardboard textures, we’ve also created some of the best quality options. These gorgeous textures were designed to be as pure and clean as possible, with no folds or lines on them. And they’re free for you to use with attribution!

Cardboard Box Texture – Free

If you’re looking for a nitty gritty cardboard texture, you’ll love this option. The freebie shows all the dents and folds that are typical in old boxes, making it quite photorealistic.

Grunge Background – Free

While this background is more of a texture than actual cardboard, it still gives that feeling. And the continuous grungy feel provides a steady backdrop to your projects.

220 Unique Paper Textures - $10

You’ll get a huge number of textures with this pack, from clean-cut papers to aged and rough cardboard. The variety will keep you in your textures for years!

23 Cardboard Textures - $6

Not only does this set of textures come with 23 cardboard options, it also comes with several tape textures. The pack includes eight cut tape and 13 original tape textures

Brown Paper Cardboard Textures 3 – Free

The look of this texture is thin enough that it could pass for a heavy brown paper, but thick enough that it could also be a thinner cardboard texture. So you get two uses from one freebie!

Dark Grained Cardboard Texture – Free

With this darker grained cardboard, you’ll get a texture that is even and consistent, perfect for backgrounds. Plus, the darker hue provides a subtle feel that is awesome for filling larger spaces.

Cardboard Texture Pack – Free

You’ll get five different textures with this free pack, each of very unique cardboard types. One of the best things about this set is that you’ll get some that are worn and torn and others that are clean and smooth.

Corrugated Cardboard Seamless Texture – Free

What makes this corrugated cardboard texture so amazing is that it is of extremely high quality. As a result, you can use it for textiles, print, or web and not lose any quality.

4 Cardboard Textures - $3

If you want varying shades of cardboard, this is the pack for you. You’ll get the typical medium-light cardboard as well as a super light option.

Grunge Background with Frame – Free

Another seamless background, this grunge texture will fill any large space you have on your design. And if you want to use it for social media posts, you also get the frame as an added bonus.

8 Grunge Cardboard Textures – Free

I’ll be honest, I’ve never seen cardboard that looks quite like this. However, the uniqueness of these eight options is what earned them a place on our list.

Brown Paper Cardboard Texture 4 – Free

This is another one of those options that flirts between being heavy brown paper and cardboard. Either way, the texture is versatile enough that it can be used in a variety of projects.

Cardboard Texture Pack 2 - $6

This pack of 11 black and inverse cardboard textures is so incredibly detailed and unique. Honestly, I find these vectors so interesting, if you use them I’d love to see how. Share in the comment section!

Cork and Cardboard Textures - $5

You’ll get a little bit of everything with this pack of 10 textures. From bent and worn cardboard to corkboard and kraft paper, you definitely won’t lack variety with this purchase.

Cardboard Texture – Free

You can see the grains in this texture so clearly! It’s a great choice if you want to fill a large space in your design with a cardboard background.

Cardboard Background Vector with Symbols – Free

While the cardboard in this option isn’t terribly special, I wanted to include it on the list because it comes with a set of symbols.

Cardboard Texture Pack - $5

In this set, you’ll get six high quality textures. And all the cardboards are slightly different, so you’ll get variety with your purchase. The cardboard with the tape pulled off is especially fun!

Brown Paper Cardboard Texture 7 – Free

We’ve got quite a few of these brown paper or cardboard options on this list. That’s because some of the best resources are those that can be used in multiple ways. You’re welcome.

Cardboard and Paper Texture – Free

The cardboard and paper texture in this freebie come side by side, which could be ideal in certain designs. Or you could use just the cardboard. Or just the paper.

Cardboard Textures 2 – Free

I’m well-known for advocating for simplicity. And this cardboard texture is just that: A simple texture with all the consistencies and feels of real cardboard.

Cardboard Paper Texture - $5

Coming with 10 different textures, this set incorporates all the dents and folds that are so common in cardboard, making this option extremely realistic.

Kraft Paper Texture – Free

With this kraft paper option, you can easily fill large spaces in your projects with just a click of the button. Or use it to add very realistic textures to your designs.

Brown Paper Texture – Free

One of the reasons we wanted to include so many cardboard options in this list is because each one has certain imperfections that complement different projects. Like the slight fold in this very realistic texture.

Cardboard Texture Stock – Free

Another example that proves sometimes simplicity is best. A texture stock that looks quite realistic, without being too overwhelming.

8 Cardboard Textures – Free

If you want a set that offers plenty of variety, you’ll love this pack. Coming with eight different options, the cardboards in this vary from thick and dark to thinner and light.

5 Tileable Cardboard Textures - $3

Coming with cardboard of various colors, this set can be tiled into any project. Plus, each texture comes in two different resolutions, giving you size flexibility.



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