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25 Gorgeous Website Mockups That are Free (and some worth paying for)

25 Gorgeous Website Mockups That are Free (and some worth paying for)

Website Mockups that will Knock Your Socks Off

Website mockups are perfect for presenting designs while also saving time and money.

Hello, Designers!

Medialoot is known out in the designer streets for providing some amazing mockups. We have our App Mockup Templates and our Social Media Mockups. Oh, and don’t forget about these Blurred Backgrounds to Make Mockups Pop!

And now we’ve done it again. In this article, we’ve put together a list of gorgeous website mockups that you can use to present your designs. The best part? All 26 of the mockups are free!

Of course, if you’re looking for something a little more premium, check out the few paid options we have at the bottom.


Website Mockup Pack

Tony Thomas here at Medialoot has created four unique website mockup scenes for your pleasure. The large, high-quality default screen will automatically adjust to the size needed for your project. Just follow the easy instructions provided and you’ll be ready to go!

Website Mockup on MacBook

The cleanliness of this mockup helps draw eyes exactly where they need to go: Your designs. With two different screens to feature your designs on, you can use this mockup to really impact clients.

Responsive Mockup

If you want to show how your web design will look on multiple devices, keep this mockup on hand. You’ll get a tablet, phone, desktop, and laptop option with the freebie.

Multiple Website Templates

What makes this mockup great is that you can decide between showing off several different websites or different screens from the same website!

Laptop Website Mockup with Screen Display

A simple, down-to-earth mockup, the screen automatically draws attention, with the scene blending into the background so all focus can be on our designs.

Responsive Web Design Showcase Mockup

Another great clean and modern website mockup option to show how your designs will look across different devices. Because this mockup is so simply layered, you can also remove or add elements.

Workplace Website Mockup

With this workplace mockup, you can show what your website will look like in action! The large screen will allow you to show off all the details easily.

Web Page Mockup Collection

An ideal way of showcasing multiple pages of your website, this easy to use mockup keeps things simple and modern.

Website Mockup

Show off your website on two devices, a laptop and a phone, in this basic website mockup.

Perspective Website Mockup

You’ll love this high-quality, detailed website mockup. It allows you to showcase your designs on three different displays, giving you options as well as quality.

Responsive Showcase Mockup

The Apple devices used in this showcase will give your branding the modern and comprehensive displays needed to create a powerful impression.

Webpage Mockup

With beautifully angled screens and a customizable background, these minimalistic webpage mockups are ideal for designs that are just as modern.

Website on Smartphone and Notebook Mockup

You can quickly replace the images in this mockup to show how your website looks on a smartphone or a notebook.

Showcase Website Mockup

Another dual device option, you can use this scene to display your website in two different forms. Plus, the free mockup comes with several customization options.

Computer Screen Mockup

More is often better, which is the case with this instant showcase. The website mockup lets you display multiple pages, giving a broader scope to your web design.

Responsive Website Mockup

With mockup scenes, you want a perfect balance between blending and attention grabbing, which this mockup has mastered. You can demonstrate the versatility of your website with this two-device mockup.

MacBook with Website Showcase Mockup

There are seven website screens included in this showcase mockup, in addition to an open MacBook which can be used to show off another part of your website.

Computer Screen Mockup

Quickly drag and drop you website images into this mockup to give three different views of your designs.

Website Design for Business

Keep it simple with the options for longer page mockups, as well as a computer and phone option. The perfect mockup for showcasing a brand story.

Perspective Screen Mockup

Not only can you use this high-quality mockup to display your website designs, you can also use it for app designs.

Multi-Devices Responsive Website Mockup

The three device options in this website mockup will show how responsive your designs are, without you having to do a ton of work.

Web Template

Add a little humanity to your website mockup with this close-up of a screen and two hands. The touch is just enough to blend your website designs with reality.

Modern Responsive Showcase

For the finer details of your website, you’re going to want this website mockup. The set comes with a variety of devices and is of the highest quality.

Instant Showcase on White and Green Background

Sometimes simplicity is best. Use this simple, face-on mockup to display your homepage or other important aspects of your site.

Isometric Top View Web Mockup

A simplified version of option 20 on this list, the mockup offers several screens as well as different sizes for the devices that might access your website.

Realistic Screen Mockup

A lovely scene that includes two ways to display your website, a laptop and a phone.

Premium Options

Though it’s doubtful, if you didn’t connect with any of the free website mockups listed above, check out some of these paid-for options below.

Multi Devices Responsive Website Mockup - $11

Could there BE any more devices in this mockup? We don’t think so! Pick from the nine different styles and multiple devices to show off your beautiful website designs, down to the tiniest details.

Website Showcase Mockups - $6

This pack comes with five unique mockup options, so you can really showcase your website design.

Isometric Website Mockup - $13

Keep it simple with the six different perspectives in this set, allowing you to show a bird’s eye view of your entire design.

Website Display Mockup - $6

Offering a variety of angles and display option, this set will give you five different ways to present your website in the best way possible.



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