25 Vintage Plant PNGs: Go Green with Class

25 Vintage Plant PNGs: Go Green with Class

The Beauty of Plants, Without the Mess

Gather up this selection of gorgeous vintage plant PNGs so you can have the best of the best for your latest projects and designs.

I think plants are beautiful. However, I’ve killed every single houseplant I’ve ever had. So, pictures of plants are probably the closest I’ll get (or should get) to owning flora.

Thankfully, this list didn’t just let me stock up on pictures of things I’ll never have, it provides you with all the vintage plant PNGs you could ever need!

Check out our list of free and premium PNGs for your designs, branding, or prints.

Vector Vintage Plants - $5

We have to start with the best! In the pack of vintage plants we’ve made here at Medialoot, there are 25 illustrations that are of the highest quality, perfect for digital projects and printed designs. Plus, the vectorised plants are easy to resize without losing quality.

Pomegranate Vintage Graphic - $1.20

Who knew pomegranates could be so beautiful? This vintage graphic was made from a design made in the 1800s and is a great choice for stationary and scrapbooking.

Vintage Floral Botanical - Free

The hand painted flowers in this image give it a coarse, detailed look that is absolutely stunning. The floral arrangement is vibrant and colorful, perfect for botanical designs.

Retro Bouquet – Free

Because this retro bouquet PNG includes a combination of different flowers, it has layers of color and a variety of textures. And the image comes on a clear background, so you can quickly add it to your designs.

Herbalitica Vintage Plants - $14

What makes these vintage PNGs so unique is that they are hand-drawn and cover eight different medicinal herbs. While you can use these for stationary or print, they’re also perfect for logos and cosmetic packages.

Botanical Cacti Print - $3.50

This detailed and beautiful vintage plant PNG combines the striking colors of cacti with the soft blushes of its blossoms. The combination makes it perfect for prints.

Hand Painted Floral Bouquet – Free

You’ve probably seen this exact print in a grandmother’s house at some point. That’s how vintage it is. And just like grandma’s china, this print is perfect for printing on wood or ceramics.

Seamless Wild Herbal Flower Pattern - $8

These sketched black and white herbal and floral PNGs are beautiful in their simplicity. The botanicals are hand drawn and seamless, so you can add them to any design quickly and easily.

Vintage Grape Botanicals - $3.50

Yes, images like this vintage grape drawing are found in family Italian restaurants across the nation. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use it in a new and fun way. Share in the comments how you spruce it up!

Decorative Vintage Floral Painting – Free

The combination of different flower types and sizes makes this vintage set of plants perfect for a wide range of designs. Plus, the varying shades of the flowers give a beautiful consistency to the flowers.

40 Vintage Plant and Flower Illustrations - $16

This set was taken from old pieces of artwork and restored. The 40 plant and flower illustrations include plants like wallflower, sea kale, welsh poppy, and wild pear.

Purple Flower Antique Illustration - $3.50

You’ll love the delicate details of the purple flowers in this vintage plant PNG. The textures in the flowers and leaves look hand painted and make it perfect for cosmetics and herbal products.

Vintage Christmas Plant Sketches - $6

There is no such thing as getting ready for Christmas too early. These Christmas plants, all designed to look like sketches, include berries, pine cones, and even holly. All the things you need for the holidays!

Leaves Botanical Print - $3.50

Another option that hints at winter, this deep green combination of leaves and berries offer a vibrant choice for cards and stationary. With the download, you’ll get three JPGs and one PNG file.

Hand Painted Vintage Flowers – Free

The purple-green leaves and bright pops of color in this PNG create an engaging and eye catching floral arrangement. The botanicals even come with a rogue butterfly.

35 Hand Engraved Plant and Flower Illustrations - $14

How gorgeous are these hand engraved florals? The set, which was repurposed and restored from vintage pieces of art, is perfect for branding, logos, and packaging.

Antique Leaves Print - $3.50

Even though flowers get all the attention, leaves can be just as stunning. The different shades of green that come with this branch set show off all the beauty of leaves, with little yellow flowers serving as accents.

Retro Floral Botanical – Free

What makes this set of vintage botanicals so gorgeous is the texture that comes from the digitalized watercolor. With the deep greens, different blues, and pops of purple, this set could be used for so many projects.

Vector Line Art Plants - $8

The monochrome plant PNGs in this set are perfect for backgrounds and little accents. Zoom into these plants when you download them to see the amazing details in the flowers.

Vintage Leaves Illustration - $3.50

These hand drawn illustrations showcase the beautiful pops of color that can be found in leaves. The wide, tropical like plants in this pack are perfect for unique designs.

Amaryllis Antique Botanical Print - $3.50

Somehow, this vintage flower has captured the shades and vibrancy of amaryllis. The antique botanical would make a stunning addition to any project.

Vintage Flower Design Set - $12

You’ll get multiple flowers and stems of leaves with the purchase of this pack. The 29 different files come in bright colors or shaded options, so you’ll have variety.

Vector Line Art Plants - $8

The simplicity of these vector line flowers and wild herbs offer ideal accents for stationary prints or cosmetic packaging. And the muted colors are reminiscent of a different era.

Vintage Tropical Palm Leaves – Free

You’ll love these bright and varied tropical leaves that will add a vibrancy to any of your designs. And just like all jungle plants, these PNGs vary in shade and shape.

Retro Fern Botanical - $3.50

This fern would be perfect on a bottle for herbal medicines or pharmaceuticals. The illustration has textures and colors that draw the eyes.



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