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25 Presentation Folder Mockups

25 Presentation Folder Mockups

Presenting these Presentation Folder Mockups

Presentation folder mockups are a great option to show off branding and creative designs.

Everyone knows we’re crazy about mockups here at Medialoot. The evidence? How about App Mockups. Or Snappy Hat Mockups? We’ve even done Hoodie Mockups!

The thing with mockups is that they make things so much easier when it comes to creating and designing. Mockups save time and money, which is something we can all support.

Today, we’re looking at 25 of the best free and premium folder mockups, for the next time you want to take your stationary game to the next level.


Folder Mockup for Photoshop - $5

Your presentation folder designs will be front and center with these subtle but professional mockups. With your purchase, you’ll receive three different mockups, featuring the front, inside, and flaps, all which can be adjusted and changed.

Simple Folder Mockup – Free

Coming with four different view options, this simple folder mockup serves as the perfect backdrop for your designs. An awesome feature of this mockup is that you get a full view of the center, an area that is so often overlooked when it comes to designs.   

Polygonal Cut-Out Business Folder – Free

Show your presentation folder design off in its entirety with this unfolded mockup. The freebie comes with the cut out version of the folder, so your artwork can be seen seamlessly. You can also use the completed mockup to show how the folder will look when in use.

Front and Inside Folder Mockup Template – Free

The textured cover of this folder mockup elevates the template to a more professional level. When you download this free mockup, you’ll get the front of the closed folder as well as the fully opened folder, so you can showcase your designs in two ways on this photorealistic option.

A4 Sized Reinforced Folder – Free

There’s something so alluring about simplicity. This blank mockup just calls for you to come and add your artwork and designs. The free folder mockup comes with an open and closed view of the folder, with an additional little space for a business card.

Two-Pocket Folder Mockup Set - $17

With this premium folder mockup, you’ll receive seven variations. The high quality images can be completely customized, including the backgrounds. You can even adjust the design of the folder to better suit your needs.

Stacked Presentation Folders – Free

To really display any designs on the corner of your folders, why not just duplicate them? You can put the emphasis on a very specific part of your presentation folder with this freebie. The mockup comes with either square or rounded edges.

Binder Folder Mockup - Free

This presentation folder is a mix between a binder and a folder, making it the perfect hybrid for more unique designs. The more contemporary design serves as the perfect backdrop for out of the box artwork.

Pocket Folder Mockup – Free

How gorgeous is this set of two pocket folders? The quality of the mockup allows the grain of the paper to come through, making it look extremely realistic. Company branding will look right at home on these very professional folder mockups.

Presentation Folders Mockup - $18

Talk about options! These premium presentation folders offer a variety of customizations for designers. Not only can the material of the folders be changed, from white, color, or glossy, but the materials can be combined. Of course, you can also customize background, folder colors, and even shadows.

Dual Stacked Presentation Folder Mockup – Free

The fanned folders used in this mockup immediately engage the eyes, drawing attention to your designs. What makes these freebie folder mockups so great is that they work completely covered or with simple branding on the bottom or on the edges.   

Standing Folder Mockup – Free

This mockup of a standing presentation folder comes in the more elegant, partly open, standing version or as just the front cover. The combination allows you to give a detailed look at your creation as well as the comprehensive, full look.

Blank Reinforced Single Pocket Folders – Free

The blank presentation folder in this freebie download is rendered in 3D, so you’ll get an extra realistic look at what you create. The clean, simple folders, viewed in open and closed form, draw attention to designs.

Green Eco Friendly Presentation Folder Template – Free

While this folder mockup comes already designed and done up, you have the choice to leave it as is or redesign it. Though this folder works great in any way, we’re really loving the negative space the tree provides in the original design.

Simple Presentation Folder Mockup - $8

Variety can be a great thing, especially for designers. This pack of folder mockups comes with five different scenes, giving you so many options. And with the simply layered files, you can easily change out your colors.

Branding Folder Mockup – Free

If you need a presentation folder mockup specifically for branding, this freebie is for you. The classic folder gives space to show off the branding design on the folder, but also on the included stationary.

A4 Folder Mockup – Free

Perfect for more corporate creations, this folder mockup includes multiple angles and quantities. The free presentation folder is clean and of the highest quality, so you can add in your own designs without losing any clarity.

Folder Mockup 2 – Free

With a clean background and simple folder designs, this set of three mockups is both elegant and unobtrusive. Instead of drawing attention to the mockups, these folders serve as the perfect canvases for artistic and branding designs.

Front Open Folder Mockup Template – Free

This presentation folder mockup keeps eyes right where you want them: The front cover. However, there’s a sneaky additional detail in this freebie, the slightly open design gives a hint to the interior design!

Presentation Folder and Letterhead - $7

Today’s post is all about presentation folders. But the letters and documents that go in such folders shouldn’t be overlooked. In this premium mockup, you get the best of both worlds, allowing you to show a branding theme across folder and letterhead.

File Folder Mockup V2 – $9

Maybe I’ve just been looking at too many of these folders, but that rounded pocket is giving me life! More importantly, this premium pack of presentation folder mockups comes with eight different options, all super organized so you can drag and drop your designs and move on with your day.

Creative Folder Mockup – Free

Four different perspectives are what make this folder mockup a must have! The simple, yet efficient, design of these variations give flexibility and space for creativity.

Close-Up Pocket Folder Mockup Template – Free

The best thing about this mockup is that it allows designers to showcase their branding and designs on the flaps of the folder, but also on the included letterheads. With the clean lines and realistic shadowing, this mockup provides a photorealistic backdrop for all sorts of designs.

Standing Presentation Folder - $7

With your purchase of this premium set of folder mockups, you’ll get four very easy to customize options. And if you’re not sure how to change out the designs, the pack comes with very clear help and support.

Serpentine Presentation Folder Mockup – Free

The last freebie on this list makes quite a big impression with is stylish color blocking. The elongated, wavy pocket offers so many options for fun designs!



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