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25 Beautiful Examples of Textures in Web Design

25 Beautiful Examples of Textures in Web Design

Don't we all love textures in web-design? I know I do. In fact I think we all do here at MediaLoot HQ. So we've collected 25 sites that make great use of textures. Some make use of them in a very obvious way and textures play a very important role in the site design, while others and use textures really subtly.

Analog Coop

David Hellman

iPad Mixr

Francesco Fonte

The Theme Foundry

All For Design

Forge Studio


Eighty Two Design

Ice Bolt



WTF Jeans

Mail Bakery

Dustin Walker

Treasure Hunt

Browns Portfolio

Spiritual Formation Department

Shutter Stops Photography

Leah Ashley


Kenny Meyers


A Different Design

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