23+ Unique One-Page Interface Designs

23+ Unique One-Page Interface Designs

Short and sweet, yet fun and unique. These sites have a great selection of photos, info, and super cool interface all wrapped up in a single page. Bellow is a collection of some of my favorite awesome one-pagers, check them out!

Unique Interface Designs

Los Morochos de la Usina

Super creative and entertaining, filled with fun animated details. I especially like the effects connected with mouse movement and the bat graphic, pull it down to read the rest of the text!

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David Pareja

I absolutely love this interface it is so creative and innovative done in a familiar format uniquely put in website format.

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Javi Malabares

Really cool page effects tied to mouse movement!

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Coo-Coo Core

Minimal and easy to use but still fun with drop down text building off of a nice graphic.

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Couch Kumaras

Simple but a refreshingly unique setup. The way the videos, text, and cute contact icons appear and fade away is smoothly and cooly done.

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The Cupcake Factory

Awesome detailed graphics, vibrant colors and especially impressive are the chocolate hearts that give the illusion of depth.

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Aleks Faure

The bright blue drop down banners are fun, the use of color, smooth scrolling, and graphics give what could be a traditional setup a personalized feel.

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Tomas Pojeta

Amusing and super detailed graphics give the vertical scroll a new and creative feel to the page, be sure to scroll allll the way up and down.

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Jonath Lee

Ultra-crisp and cool, clean vibe. It has a minimal feel but is still a comprehensive display of his work. I really, really like the slide out side menu.

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Bonterra Restaurant

Easy to navigate, great use of photos and the fixed background makes you feel like you are in a wine cellar.

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Has a fun snowy feel with a nice mix of photos, video and information while the fixed navigation bar keeps it super user friendly.

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Ladybird School of Motoring

Unique layout with impressive attention to detail, like the effect of the wheels turning, and the moving dual layered horizon that adds a great effect of depth and movement. The car even goes in reverse!

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Jai Pandya

The traditional fixed navigation bar is complimented with little hand written directional links and arrows that give the site a unique, personal feel.

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Festa das Comadres

Fun and colorful page bursting with photos and whimsical graphics, I particularly like the fixed position menu and logo.

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Hot Meal

I really enjoy the setup of the fixed background photo and table of contents with scrolling info. Vibrant colors and nice drop down bullet lists.

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Brewfest 2011

Like the page above it, it’s nice that the whole page doesn't scroll just the info. Its a nice touch how the pictures of dogs change.

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Matthias Steiner

This time the photos and info scroll horizontally, which is a nice change of pace. Even cooler is when you click the bottom link the menu that is fixed actually scrolls upward for some fun, extra options. Unique.

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Fabio Neural

Trendy and bright simple to use interface packed full of music, video, and other info. Fun mouse activated typography effects and cool changing photo background.

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Tyler Fink Photography

Super minimalistic but it works. All the contact options you need while a nice showcase of photos change in the background. Love the catch phrase.

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Jon Phillips

Short and sweet, perfect amount of information that smoothly scrolls transparently over top of a great background photo.

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Valter Bicudo

Cooly unique with a nicely simple feel that's enjoyably light on text. I love the little icon buttons as creative navigation tools.

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Fox Johnston

Bright, ultra modern feel and very clean professional look. The expanding side menu is a nice touch and so is the project info that appears when you hover your mouse over the gorgeous changing photos.

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Contrast Rebellion

I absolutely love this site! Not only am I a huge fan of the subject matter but all of the details from the interface to the graphics are super well done. Full of tons of mixed navigation options and a fun, unique interactive setup that make this site feel like a treasure hunt.

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The Evolution of the Web

This one you have to check out for yourself. It’s not quite a site, more an interactive work of art, but I wanted to include it. It is definitely unique and awesomely done.

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What are your favorites?

What are some of your favorite one-page sites? What are some of your favorite features of the sites in this article? Do you prefer a minimalist one-pager or a site filled with text, graphics, video, and navigation options? Feel free to share your comments or tips on how to make an awesome, unique site!

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