23 90s Fonts for Retro Nostalgia

23 90s Fonts for Retro Nostalgia

Truly, Madly, Deeply Loving 90s Fonts!

Add a bit of 90s nostalgia to your designs with these free and premium retro fonts.

Nothing is more fun than sitting back and reminiscing about the good ole days. But, today we’re going to try to take it to the next level with these 23 amazing fonts, all inspired by the best decade ever, the 1990s!

Whether you use these for branding, web design, or textiles, you’re going to adore the free and premium retro fonts we’ve put together for you!


Flashback Color Font - $7

Inspired by those flashing words seen at the beginning of our favorite TV shows from the 80s and 90s, Flashback is truly a font of the past. You can use this vibrant, loud font to bring a punch of color and creativity.

With your purchase of this pack, you’ll get lower and uppercase letters, numbers, symbols, and punctuation.

Hemondalisa – Free

What do you get when you mix bubble letters with floating shadows? Hemondalisa! Straight out of a 90s kids’ school notebook, this free font is fun and light. The retro nostalgia of Hemondalisa make it a perfect balance for social media and posters.

The Foregen – Free

Every person who lived through the 90s knows of someone who went through a grunge phase. If you don’t, then you were the person. The Foregen pays homage to those who were more Nirvana than Lisa Franks.

Rocket Clouds - $19

We might be pushing it a bit with Rocket Clouds, but the retro font is definitely a late 80s, early 90s inspired typeface. Coming with two font options, Rocket Clouds Regular and Bold lets you mix and match, while keeping on theme.

Odibee Sans Typeface – Free

A display font that flirts with the rigid, computerized stylings of 90s fonts, Odibee is still modern and simple enough to be used as a display font. The freebie combines lower and uppercase letters, numbers, and glyphs to give you a toned-down version of retro fonts.

NES2 Font – Free

If NES2 looks familiar to you, it might be because the irregular, otherworldly font is reminiscent of all the popular space travel shows that rose in popularity in the 90s. Personally, I wasn’t allowed to watch such shows, but the font still brings a pang of nostalgia.

Thunderstorm - $16

Talk about making a bold first impression!

Thunderstorm is a handmade brush font that was designed after the disco and grunge movement in the 80s and 90s. The totally retro font comes with all the extras you need to make a big impression. We think it’s perfect for flyers, logos, and textiles.

The Blink Kiss Logotype Font – Free

Perfect for posters, clothing, or social media quotes, Blink Kiss is a rough around the edges font with thick, bold lines. The uneven, grungy feeling the font brings a wave of nostalgia for those who were skaters back in the 90s.

The freebie comes with lower and uppercase letters.

Xtreem 2 – Free

Don’t let its brightness scare you! Xtreem 2 may be an uneven (dare we say extreme?) font, but it will definitely bring back feelings of nostalgia for 90s babies. The freebie is dramatic and a bit grungy, just like everything during that decade!

Lisa Cursive Font – $14

This cursive 90s font will bring all the happy feels, with its distinctive exaggerated thickness and shorter lines. The full pack comes with all the basics, as well as multilingual support. Lisa would look great on apparel, branding material, and social media posts.

Hela Display Font – Free

Another example of how 90s fonts were all about contrast, Hela shows you don’t always have to pick between thin lines and bubble font. The rounded aspects of Hela give it a fun look, while the thinner lines make it bold and memorable.

Kid Pixies Font – Free

Want a pixel font that is still legible? Then you’ll love Kid Pixies! The arcade-like font has very specific pixelated letters, balanced by thicker, uneven lines to make a nerdy, cartoony font unlike any other. Kid Pixies would be perfect on retro t-shirts or other apparel designs.

Bayshore - $16

Again, we’re flirting with the 80s a little bit in this retro font. But everyone knows the late 80s and early 90s kind of meshed together into a retro, neon induced dream. Bayshore is a mono-line script font that brings decades past straight to life.

The pack includes a huge selection of glyphs, end swashes, underline swashes, and, a new addition, 10 neon glow styles!

Black Freeday - Free

Black Freeday is everything your mother didn’t want you to be in the 90s. A little different, a little grungy, and extremely loud. The playful font is ideal for clothing, branding, and web design.

The freebie comes with two different styles and several ligatures to add a little authenticity to this retro font.

Grishenko – Free

Don’t sleep on Grishenko! The font isn’t exactly stunning, but it sure is an authentic example of the many ‘serious’ fonts used throughout the 90s. The retro font is all business, but can still be used for some fun projects!

King of Rock - $14

The 90s were a time of extreme musical diversity. On one end of the spectrum, we had RnB. On the other, metal and punk rock. If metal and punk were more your cup of tea, King of Rock will definitely bring you some nostalgia. The modern typeface pays homage to the fonts used on CD covers.

Displayed Typeface – Free

Not every 90s font has to be over the top and exaggerated, though those are the best kinds. Some, like Displayed, show off the more otherworldly styles that were popular at the time. Displayed, which comes in Oblique and Outline, captures the cleaner, bolder looks of the 90s while still working as a modern headline font.

Glasoor – Free

One of my favorite movies of the 90s was Flubber, starring Robin Williams. Glasoor, with its shiny, bubble-like letters reminds me so much of the little green, bouncy creations from the movie, bringing about true nostalgia!

Memphis Type Collection - $12

Don’t call it a comeback, it’s been here for years! The Memphis Type Collection combines gorgeous vector, custom lettering with vibrant patterns, colors, and swatches. Every letter in this collection tells a story about themes and styles that were popular in the 90s, making it a favorite on this list.

With your purchase, you’ll receive four versions of every letter, numbers, punctuation, catchwords, quotes, and extra patterns.

Soda Popp – Free

Soda Popp combines the nostalgic aspects of several decades, including the 80s, 90s, and early 2000s. The result is an ode to childhood, but in a modern form. The retro, weird letters are perfect for branding, social media, and print media.

The freebie comes with two weights, patterns, and dropcaps.

Bodacious – Free

Bodacious has everything you could want in a 90s retro nostalgic font. The decorative, pop-culture inspired font is loud and vivacious, perfect for posters and apparel. You can definitely make a statement with this fun 90s font!

Electric Dreams Font Duo - $17

You’ll have plenty of options when you use Electric Dreams to bring your 90s dreams to life! The script font comes with two font options, Script and Sans Serif. In addition, you’ll get different weights, ligatures, and the option to layer the letters in different colors.

Portico – Free

Let’s end on a serious high! Portico is a 90s font that comes with 13 different variations, including a true retro flashback, Portico Urban. With all the amazing options, you’ll have more than enough variety to create truly unique designs. We’d love to see Portico on apparel, as well as in branding.



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