22 Vinyl Mockups — it's Record Time

22 Vinyl Mockups — it's Record Time

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Classic vinyl mockups serve as the perfect templates for album art or music label designs.

Nothing beats listening to music on a vinyl record. There’s something about the depth of sound that makes the classic listening device ageless. In fact, despite having thousands of listening options available, more and more people are turning back to vinyl records.

If you have a music label or you’re releasing some new music, you’re going to want one of these vinyl mockups to showcase your designs. As vinyl makes a come back, these free and premium mockups will keep you ahead of the game.

Vinyl Record Cover Mockup - $6

Tony Thomas has created a gorgeous 12” vinyl record with space on the full cover sleeve and inner circle for artwork. The download even comes with an option to give the sleeve an aged, textured look. Best of all, the vinyl mockup is extremely easy to use, so you can add your designs and be done within minutes.

Vintage Vinyl Record Mockup – Free

With an optional vintage texture, this high resolution vinyl record mockup comes with two completely customizable records. You can edit each record individually, so you’ll have plenty of room for your creativity.

Minimal Vinyl Disc Art Mockup – Free

The forward facing vinyl mockup included in this freebie is perfect for album icons or as a way of showcasing album artwork. While the design looks very simple, the subtle shadows included in the mockup add a layer of depth you won’t find in most free mockups.

Vinyl Record Mockup – Free

Simplicity has a power of its own, as this vinyl mockup proves. The clean and modern design has space for the needed artwork, but there’s very little else to serve as a distraction. The download also comes with a fabric textured background, though you can change that out.

Vinyl Record Mockup – Free

You get a lot with this awesome vinyl record mockup. The three mockups include the record and sleeve, or just the sleeve, or just the record. As a result, you’ll have lots of flexibility in how you display your artwork.

Vinyl Cover Record Mockup – Free

The elegance of this record can be seen in every little detail. The high resolution of the mockup will keep the quality of your artwork pristine. And you can edit everything in the mockup, making it just what you need for your designs.

Vinyl Cover Template – Free

Simple and to the point, the vinyl cover template in this download is all about the album art. While you can add something to the circle art, the eyes will be drawn to the record sleeve, which serves as front and center.

Realistic Vinyl Record Mockup - $10

You get nine different perspectives with this set of vinyl mockups. With the variety included, you’ll have more than enough options to show of your artwork. The set also allows you to adjust the paper glossiness, the depth of field, ambient light, and the background textures.

Vinyl Cover Record Mockup – Free with Premium Account

The modern, clean look of this vinyl record mockup is accentuated with the fine details in the design. You can easily swap out your graphics and have your designs displayed in no time at all.

Vinyl Record Cover Template – Free

Add a little humanity to your record cover with this photorealistic mockup with a hand. You’ll still get all the benefits of a regular mockup, including plenty of space for your artwork, but by just adding a model, the realism of the mockup increases significantly.

Vinyl Records Mockup - $9

So many options! There are eight perspectives included in this set of vinyl mockups, so you can have an entire showcase of your album art.

3 Vinyl Record Templates – Free

There are three different templates included in this set of vinyl record templates, each one serving as a nod to the classic, vintage style.

6 Photorealistic Vinyl Record Mockups - $5

With six different perspectives, you’ll have more than enough record mockups to show off your artwork or designs. You can edit the background, cover art, and disk art, plus there is a separate layer for shadows.

Jazz Mockup with Vinyl Magazine – Free

Just looking at this mockup causes a wave of nostalgia. The mockup looks so familiar because it was made to look like those classic records that were tucked away in a parent’s attic, just waiting to be rediscovered.

Vinyl Record – Free

With a warm, beautiful feel, this vinyl record mockup makes the perfect canvass for your artwork, along with complementing inner circle designs.

Vinyl Record Mockups - $10

If you take a look at the realistic vinyl details in this mockup, you will be absolutely blown away. Every little detail was thought of in this set of eight perspectives, from the adjustable reflection lights to realistic shadows that add a layer of depth.

Vinyl Record Disc Mockup – Free with Membership

Not only can you change out the artwork and designs on this mockup, you can also adjust the color of the vinyl record itself, without losing any quality. For the fun, modern music designs of today, having that option makes all the difference.

Colorful Vinyl Cover Mockup – Free

A modest freebie that does what it needs to do. You can customize the background, album art, and circle art to make this mockup a clean, simple representation of your music.

Modern Vinyl Mockup – Free

You can easily coordinate the record album art with the vinyl art in this modern vinyl mockup. Even more importantly, the easy to adjust background will give you plenty of creative versatility.

Realistic Vinyl Record Player - $10

What is a vinyl record without a record player? With this mockup, you won’t have to ask that question. The set comes with nine different compositions, including options with an actual record player. Check out the features on this one to see the amount of customization available!

Vinyl Cover Mockup – Free

The extremely photorealistic design of this vinyl mockup make it perfect for any album uploads you may have. Show off your artwork, logo, or branding in a simple, clean way with this freebie!

DJ Workplace with Record and Cover – Free

You get an entire scene with this awesome mockup! Not only do you get a record and a record cover, which you can use to display your album art, but you also get a realistic record player and headphones. What more could you want?



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