22 Vintage Script Fonts for Fancy Letter Writing

22 Vintage Script Fonts for Fancy Letter Writing

Vintage and Fancy in Every Way

Keep it classy with these fancy vintage script fonts.

We love fonts over here at Medialoot. That’s why we’ve given you posts like Farmhouse Fonts and Stencil Fonts.

Today, however, we’re going truly vintage with our list of script fonts. The elegance and luxuriousness of these fonts bring to mind old letters written to loved ones. While letter writing might be a thing of the past, you can use these gorgeous free and premium fonts to add just the right amount of fanciness to your next project.


Gilded Hand Script Font - Free

Available right here on Medialoot, Gilded Hand is a handwritten script font that has imperfect, yet elegant lines. The rough, authentic feeling this font has makes it perfect for cards and social media posts.

You can also upgrade and get the premium license for Gilded Hand for only $4.

Advertising Script Font - Free

Inspired by a vintage script from a 1947 textbook, Advertising Script Font is an entire family of beautiful brush fonts. The aged, classic font family was crafter with food packaging and displays in mind, though it’s also a great option for logos.

Bonbon – Starting at $35

From the dingbat font family, Bonbon is a brush script typeface. There are six different styles that come with this exaggerated, decorative font. The vintage ornaments and ligatures make Bonbon as dramatic as can be.

Victoria’s Letters Calligraphic Font - $8

Victoria’s Letters is the perfect script font to create your own stunning, classic letters. The vintage handcrafted letters have beautiful smooth lines and decorative embellishments. Plus, you get glyph symbols with your purchase of this premium font.

Dynalight Font – Free

The history of Dynalight is just as interesting as the fancy lettering. The font was inspired by the Southern Pacific 4449 Daylight locomotive luggage tags. You know you’re getting the real deal when you use this free vintage script.

Olivia Script – Free

Coming with 351 glyphs, Olivia Script is the perfect fancy script font for wedding invitations, artwork, and social media posts. The free font is just vintage enough to be a classic, but modern enough to be readable and versatile.

Aurora Script and Frames - $19

Not only do you get a traditional calligraphy option with this premium download, it also comes with nine vintage frames! The font has two different styles, Clean and Aged. Each are perfect for logotypes, cards, and, of course, love letters.

Bonfire – Free

Bonfire was made by using real hand drawn brush letters, making it just as authentic as it is stunning. The free font comes with upper and lowercase lettering, though you can upgrade to a premium version to get two sets of uppercase letters and some lowercase characters.

Adine Kirnberg Script – Free

Germanic fonts aren’t always celebrated for their fancy script fonts, but Adine Kirnberg is a beautiful example of the style. The script font was inspired by art nouveau and the rounded font comes with a few alternate characters.

Mefika Vintage Script Font - $11

Mefika is a little rough around the edges, but that’s what makes it such a personable font. The vintage script styling includes ligatures and swashes, which just adds more of a fancy feel to the font.

Gillnord Vintage Font – Free

Gillnord is a classic monoline script font that combines the beauty of hand lettering with the precision of a digital font. Its beautiful shape and fancy aesthetic make it an ideal font for letters, posters, and packaging.

Bredan Script – Free

A little bit vintage, a little bit retro. Bredan is a free vintage script font that combines the best of both world. The little imperfections of Bredan are what make it so charming and natural.

Beachman Script Font – Free

A little fancier than some of our options on this list Beachman Script is a font that combines the classic look of vintage script with added lines within the letters. It’s a decorative, luxurious font that works well in moderation.

Adelicia Script - $15

Adelcia imbues the sense of romance, something important for every script font used in letter writing. With your premium purchase of this font, you’ll get four different styles: Rough, Clean, Slant, and Slant Rough. You’ll also get over 565 glyphs and 264 alternate characters!

Crawley – Free

You’ll feel like you’ve received a letter from Downton Abbey when you use Crawley, a vintage script based on actual hand lettering. The fancy font is perfect for your love letters, or quotes, logos, and textiles.

Machineat Hand Painted Script Font – Free

This brush script font is vintage in all the best ways. The gentle curves and smooth lines of the free font, available in two styles, make Machineat quite a versatile font option.

Chopin Script Font – Free

Like the composer, Chopin is elegant and formal. The light cursive font is ideal for wedding invitations and other events where you need an elevated font option.

Vinttae Vintage Script Font - $12

Vinttae was designed with logos and quotes in mind. The stunningly vintage script font, however, can be used for so much more. The premium Vinttae comes with all you need, plus custom ligatures.

Belgian Signature Calligraphy Font – Free

A blend between the simplicity of modern fonts, combined with vintage calligraphy, Belgian is the perfect hybrid font. Belgian, a freebie, can be used for such a wide range of design projects.

Salted Mocha Hand Drawn Brush Script – Free

The irregularities and roughness of Salted Mocha are what give the font its charms! The vintage script font was made using actual brushes strokes, so it really does allude to a more classic era.

Thirsty Extra Bold Script – Free Demo

Thirsty was created to be a combination of several vintage sign typefaces. It’s a blend of vintage and more modern sans serif, creating a lovely blend that can be used in so many different creations. If you like the demo, come back and get the premium package!

Bodega Classic Script - $48

The elegance and fluidity of Bodega Classic make it such a wonderful font to keep on file. The vintage script font, with all its ligatures and swashes, pull together a rich, opulent font that is perfect for headers, cards, and, as the creator recommends, wine labels.



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