22 Victorian Vector Patterns: Floral and Fabulous

22 Victorian Vector Patterns: Floral and Fabulous

Ageless Victorian Patterns

Victorian patterns can add a sense of classic lushness to a project, making them timeless design elements.

Today, we’re taking things back. Like seriously back. The Victorian Age, to be specific.   

It was a time of detailed craftsmanship and opulence. Even though centuries have gone by since the Victorian era, there’s still so much in those classic design elements that can be used in contemporary designs.

In our roundup today, we’ll be look at free and premium Victorian vector patterns. The patterns may be old, but they’re truly timeless.


Victorian Vector Patterns - $5

You’ll get 15 detailed and seamlessly designed Victorian vector patterns in this pack from Medialoot. The vectors are of the highest quality, so you can use them for online and print without losing any resolution.

Hand Drawn Damask Background – Free

One of the most recognizable design features of the Victorian era is damask. The variegated pattern in this free Victorian background is rich and decorative. But when used sparingly, it will make a big impression!

Wallpaper Pattern with Swirl Floral Element – Free

Add a little bit of floral to your Victorian pattern with this ornamental pattern. The classic wallpaper combines swirls and flowers to create a beautiful design feature.

Vintage Victorian Seamless Pattern - $8

Add a little gold to anything and we’re here for it! This premium vintage gold pattern is both classic and contemporary, with an air of luxuriousness that will elevate your creations.

Floral Pattern Design – Subscription Needed

See that damask again? Not only can this monochrome add a pop of class to an accent wall, but it can be used on stationary or on social media. So. Many. Options.

Classical Victorian Pattern Background – Subscription Needed

Now we’re really getting classic! The details of this awe-inspiring Victorian vector pattern are insane. Every little element of the design has been thought out and placed to look like a true Victorian era design.

Hand Drawn Decorative Background – Free

This vector pattern takes the classic idea of a damask design, but simplifies it slightly. You still know what inspired the background, but it isn’t as heavy or overly detailed as some Victorian patterns. As a result, you get something much more versatile.

8 Seamless Retro Patterns - $12

Created specifically for card and stationary designs, this set of eight seamless patterns includes a range of Victorian styled patterns. You’ll get to decide whether you want a pattern heavily influenced by the era or if you just want to hint at it.

Seamless Floral Pattern – Subscription Needed

There’s a daintiness to this pattern that makes it a ‘must have’ for any designers toolbox. Because the design is so subtle, there are so many potential uses for this freebie!

Royal Floral Wallpaper Pattern – Subscription Needed

Another example of how truly detailed Victorian patterns can be, this ornate vector manages to be both vintage and modern. It’s a pattern you can picture being in Buckingham palace, but also as a background on your next Instagram post.

Decorative Damask Background – Free

You can, of course, change out the color of this royal purple Victorian pattern. However, there’s something so rich about the color scheme. And the details in this seamless, hand drawn background are truly stunning.

10 Seamless Baroque Patterns - $14

The 10 gorgeous and detailed seamless patterns that come in this premium pack are perfect for your next project that needs a hint of Victorian. The vectors, which vary in styles and designs, can be used for pattern fills, textures, or wallpapers.

Floral Vintage Pattern – Subscription Needed

Just because it’s Victorian doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish. This updated version of a Victorian vector pattern includes exaggerated florals on a deep blue background, combining the detailed workings of Victorian wallpapers with modern colors.

3D Seamless Victorian Pattern – Subscription Needed

This daring monochrome vector background proves that you don’t need color to make an impression. The floral design pays homage to the Victorian era, while managing to be trendy for today. And we love the use of shadows in this pattern!

Floral Seamless Vector Pattern – Free

The tiny, detailed flowers in this Victorian vector almost blend into the background when used. The result is that the texture of the patterned vector comes through, without being too overwhelming. And when people look closely? What an impression!

Seamless Ornament Vintage Patterns - $22

You’ll get four vintage Victorian patterns in different colors with this premium download. Each one works beautifully on labels, branding, or cards, whether for weddings or everyday happenings!

Beige Victorian Vector Pattern – Subscription Needed

Anyone who reads our roundups knows that I’m a big fan of keeping things simplified. This vintage background pattern shows how a simple color scheme with a more complex pattern can bring a balance to design that truly makes an impression.

Black Floral Vine – Subscription Needed

On the other end of the spectrum, this monochrome Victorian pattern uses the richness of its texture to create a powerful first impression. Not only is the color choice eye-catching, but when combined with the detailed Victorian design, it just works.

Seamless Pattern in Victorian Style - $4

The heaviness of the detail in this Victorian vector pattern make it best used in moderation, but the uses for the intricate background are endless. Whether you just want to use it as a texture or a filler, it will elevate your design.

Hand Drawn Seamless Vintage Floral Pattern – Subscription Needed

A key feature in Victorian styles is the attention to detail. In the modern world, a lot of those small variations that come from hand drawn designs can be lost, which is why this pattern is so unique. The hand drawn vector pattern is so special in the attention to detail.

Peonies and Pheasants Vintage Seamless Pattern – Subscription Needed

We don’t use pheasants in decorations enough these days. This beautiful Victorian vector pattern is rich in both color and detail, making it ideal for textiles and print.

Seamless Vintage Pattern - $11

This premium pack comes with six different vintage patterns. Not only are the royal-inspired designs detailed, but the colors and sizes of each element are customizable. You’ll get so many options with this pack!



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