22 Reclaimed Wood Textures for Seamlessly Seamy Backgrounds, Photos, and Designs

22 Reclaimed Wood Textures for Seamlessly Seamy Backgrounds, Photos, and Designs

Shiplap and More!

Seamless reclaimed wood textures to make your next design project a breeze.

We’re texture crazy over here at Medialoot. We’ve given you Crinkly Paper Textures, Cardboard Textures, and of course Rock Textures.

But we don’t stop, won’t stop, when it comes to collecting some of the highest quality texture backgrounds possible. And with that in mind, we’ve put together this awesome list of reclaimed wood textures.

Was it Joanna Gaines that made us loved reclaimed wood, or was that love always there, just bubbling beneath the surface? No matter where that passion came from, this list of free and premium reclaimed wood seamless backgrounds will keep your toolbox full of options for your next design.


Bark and Wood Vector Textures - $6

One of our favorites here at Medialoot, Diego Sanchez, has made this pack of 20 gorgeous bark and wood textures. The vectors included come with different densities, so you can opt to use them as subtly or pointedly as you want. Plus, you won’t lose any quality when you scale or rotate these beautiful wood textures.

We think these vectors are perfect for logo backgrounds or overlays, badges, or web backgrounds.

Brown Wooden Planks Texture – Free

It doesn’t get much more simple than this! If you’re looking for a seamless, wooden background, the quality and texture of this option is all for you! Plus, it can be rotated easily, giving you a vertical or horizontal wooden plank option.

Retro Orange Wooden Surface – Free

Talk about texture!

This super high quality, worn wooden background has such unique and intriguing textures, along with little paint flecks. The uneven, grungy feel of the freebie make it an ideal option for adding big personality to your projects, from backgrounds to print and textiles.

Faded Old Wooden Boards – Free

There’s something so beautiful about the weathered, worn texture found in reclaimed wood. This old exterior wood texture has so much dynamic and depth, making it perfect for a background or to add texture to lettering.

20 Wood Backgrounds with 3 Lighting Effects - $6

You get quite the supply with this pack of 20 reclaimed wood backgrounds. Not only does this pack come with 20 different wood backgrounds, but you’ll also get three lighting effects, one photo effect, and one vignette. So whether you’re using these wood planks for websites, banners, or textiles, you’ll have variety!

Brown Wood Texture – Free

This twist on a reclaimed wood texture is much more natural than some of our other options on this list. The worn, cut appearance of this high resolution makes the texture ideal for your background needs.

Old Faded Wooden Door – Free

I love a little variation in my wood textures, which is why this seamless background made the list. With the even, square lines, but rough-hewed texture, there are so many exciting ways you can use this wood background. The little, worn lock just adds that much more character!

Aged Wood Planks Background – Free

These dark brown planks are the epitome of a seamless wooden background. With varying shades of light and darkness, you get enough variation with this texture, but without it being too distracting.

Wooden Planks Outdoors Texture – Free

The beauty of this seamless wood texture is that the reclaimed wood has naturally been worn away. That wearing away resulted in a unique, weathered look that you can’t find elsewhere. Plus, the high quality of the background make it a great option for both backgrounds and web designs.

16 Wooden Backgrounds - $6

With these ridiculously high quality, photo realistic wood background textures, you don’t just get quantity, you get variety. You can choose between the 16 seamless wooden backgrounds, lighting effects, and a photo effect.

The pack can be used for landing pages, posters, and hero images.

Old Painted Wooden Wall – Free

There’s no limit to the different textures and variation in this seamless wood texture background. The grungy, dirty plank wall has all the character that one expects from reclaimed wood. And there really are so many ways you can use this extremely high quality image for backgrounds, texture, and print.

Weathered Outdoors Wood Texture – Free

It could be shiplap, it could be a reclaimed wooden floor. Whatever this texture is, we love it! The variations of wood textures and the different levels of wear and tear make the background an ideal way to add texture to your design without drawing too much attention.

Reclaimed Timber Background – Free

No two planks are alike in this seamless background. Different colors, textures, and levels of wear give so much personality to what could be a boring wooden plank background. Use the realistic image for any of your branding and design projects.

Dirty Wood Board Texture – Free

Dirty seems like such a harsh word to describe this versatile, cracked board. The texture that comes from how grit and dirt have worn away at to give a unique quality you won’t be able to find anywhere else.

20 Wood Backgrounds and Textures - $6

We’re definitely keeping you rolling in reclaimed wood backgrounds with all these packs! In this option, you’ll get high resolution textures that can be used for endless design purposes. From web backgrounds to textiles and print, you’ll love these shabby, worn backgrounds.

Wooden Painted Plank – Free

Now, if you’re looking to go extremely rough with your reclaimed wood texture, this might be the solution for you. The seamless texture was created using an aged, painted wall that had been exposed to nature until varying grains and patterns were formed. Love it!

Weathered, Peeling Reclaimed Wood Plank – Free

Another freebie that takes reclaimed wood to another level. The worn, peeling plank has been weathered, giving it unique texture. The seamless background is a great option for backgrounds, lettering textures, and social media posts.

Natural Wood Board Wall Panel – Free

Can you call it reclaimed wood if it was never claimed?

While considering that, check out this beautiful, raw plank wall. The lighter wood brings plenty of character, but can be used as a background because it doesn’t distract at all.

Outdoor Damaged Wood Texture – Free

Again, damaged seems like such a harsh word to describe something that is both worn and beautiful. The reclaimed wood in this background texture is rough, with ancient little nails appearing here and there. But that’s what gives this background so much character!

Six Wood Background Textures - $4

These high resolution reclaimed wood textures will perfectly blend into any background you could imagine. But with their varying textures, you might want to use them in a more upfront capacity, especially for branding or on social media.

Weather Wood Plank – Free

Another great option for those who like a little more personality in their seamless wood backgrounds. The texture of this reclaimed wood, with old nails and little knots, make it one of a kind. Plus, with all the varying grains found in this option, you could even use it for multiple designs without seeming obvious!

10 Old Wood Plank Textures - $4

Let’s end on one of ours, shall we?

Medialoot has a second pack of reclaimed wood textures that offer you so much versatility with your designs! The pack of 10 includes rough edges, varying degrees of decay, and authentic wear and tear. Even better, we’ve included close ups of these textures so you can see the grain and details.

Use these for your texture, background, or branding needs!



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