22 Gold Foil Fonts — the Perfect Fonts to Add Some Gold To

22 Gold Foil Fonts — the Perfect Fonts to Add Some Gold To

A Little Glitz and Glamor

Add some golden bling to your designs with these fonts and fun gold textures.

You know we’re a little font crazy over here at Medialoot. Not only do we have a font for every occasion, but we’re always looking for ways to upgrade fonts to the next level.

Which brings us to gold foil fonts.

Adding a little gold foil to your fonts is the perfect way to elevate and add glamor to a font. Whether you’re going for a hand-lettered look or a more rigid and traditional look, making your fonts golden grabs attention.

In today’s roundup, we’ve put together a list of fonts we’d love to see draped in gold foil. Now, you might be asking yourself: How do I turn these fonts into gold foil fonts?

I’m so glad you asked!

Our very own Diego Sanchez has created an amazingly thorough and easy to follow tutorial on how to make any font a golden font. Check out How to Create a Gold Style in Photoshop to learn more.

And if you don’t have the exact gold textures you want for your overlays, we’ve got your back! Check out these free Metallic Foil Textures and take your pick!

Now, here are the perfect fonts to add some bling to.


Gold Foil Font - $6

The perfect font to add the most expensive textured look to. This is our latest Medialoot font addition and we highly recommend you download it right away.

Marquee Bulbs - $7

Bring the feeling of old-school tinsel town to your fonts with Marquee Bulbs. The bold font looks great when used as is, but adding a gold foil texture will make it even more stunning. And the font comes in layers, so changing out colors will be simple!

Elouise Serif Font - $10

For a more delicate, elegant font option, imagine Elouise with a gold foil overlay. The stylish, yet simplistic, font offers a sense of character. Elouise comes with all upper and lowercase letters, numbers, symbols, and punctuation.

Guld Script – Free

Want a font where you won’t have to add an overlay? Guld Script is a cursive calligraphy font that already has the goldish hue you want in a foil font. Or, make it our own with one of our above textures.

Golden Ratio – Free Demo

What makes gold foils so fun is that they can be added to the most simplistic font to really glam it up. Golden Ratio is a simple, geometric font that has a strength and beauty on its own, but adding just that little bit of gold will take it to another level.

Bimbo Font Family – Free

An intricate monoline script font, Bimbo is ideal for branding, logos, and stationary. The full font family comes with six weights and over three hundred characters, but the free version is just as aesthetically beautiful.

Guttenbay Brush Typeface – Free

How smooth is this brush font? The natural look of Guttenbay just asks to be coated in a gold foil overlay. While the font is beautiful on its own, with realistic ligatures to boot, adding a little gold will only enhance its beauty.

Blacker Wedge Serif Font – Free

Sometimes you want to start with something simple so that when you add the glitz and glam, you have complete control. Blacker is an elegant, contemporary font, so making it a gold foil font elevates it without becoming overwhelming.

Ethiopia Font - $17

With its feminine classiness, Ethiopia is an ideal choice for your gold foil overlays. The combination of gold and Ethiopia would be perfect for logos, headlines, or branding.

Clattering Brush Typeface – Free

Can you tell we love gold foil on brush fonts? Clattering is only another example of how effortlessly brush fonts and gold foil can work together. The free font comes with upper and lowercase letters, all moving between thick and thin curvy lines.

Barcelony – Free

The smooth lines of Barcelony make it the perfect canvas for a glitzy gold overlay. With just a touch of gold, Barcelony goes from being casual, yet stylish, to an ideal font for logos, social media, and product designs.

Furano Typeface - $18

Furano is so clearly an art deco inspired font that would be a crime not to cover it in gold. The vintage typeface comes with three different styles and 390 characters, plenty for your creative designs.

Baron Type Family – Free

Big. Bold. Contemporary. Baron has it all. The classic sans serif typeface is a blank canvas waiting for a gold foil brush. We can’t wait to see this font used on posters and on social media.

Beautiful Bloom Brush Font – Free

The best thing about Beautiful Bloom is the authenticity of the hand lettering. The font, which comes with full alternates, beautifully rolls together, smoothly and effortlessly. With some added gold, Beautiful Bloom will ‘wow’ people on wedding invitations and other stationary.

Donkey - $8

Don’t let the name fool you! Donkey is beautiful, stylish, and versatile. And only a little stubborn. The font has such a plethora of possible uses, you’ll want to plug it in to all your designs!

Zebrazil Font – Free

How extra is this art deco inspired font? With its dramatic lines and narrow spaces, Zebrazil is the perfect start to a dramatic font combination. All that’s needed is a little gold foil!

Valencia Calligraphic Typeface – Free

Despite being a tight, calligraphic font, Valencia is still very easy to read, making it quite a versatile font option. With a little bling added, Valencia could be used for branding, textiles, and social media.

Maven Font - $12

A little outside the box, Maven is a fun, clean font that can be dressed up in multiple ways. While at first glance, Maven might not be something you’d pictured overlayed in gold, give the contemporary handwritten font a chance! It’ll surprise you!

Nature of Beauty Font – Free

As its name suggests, this font perfect for gold foil keeps things rooted in the beauty of nature. The natural, authentic font comes with two options, so you’ll have plenty to play with in your designs.

Henrik – Free

Henrik offers the versatility needed when adding a golden texture to a font. The vintage feel of the font, with its thick letters and straight lines, make it ideal for headlines and branding.

Camelia Handwritten Font - $10

You’ll get so much when you purchase this premium font. Camelia comes with over 40 ligatures, all lower and uppercase letters, numbers, and common punctuation. More importantly, it’s a beautiful branding font.

Bravery – Free

This free display font is reminiscent of all the best things in art deco stylings combined with more modern handwritten fonts. The straight, stiff lines are balanced by fun ligatures and swirls. Just add gold!

Balloon Foil Letters - $6

With your purchase of this Medialoot classic, you’ll get 48 foil balloons: 26 letters, 10 numbers, and 12 symbols. Not only will these high quality balloon letters give you enough options to spell out any phrase, their glitzy gold finish will definitely make them stand out!



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