22 App Mockup Templates To Make Your App Look Amazing

22 App Mockup Templates To Make Your App Look Amazing

App Mockups to Make You Look Good

App mockup templates are the perfect way to professionally showcase app designs without having to spend the time designing them yourself.

So you’ve made a brand new app. And you want to show it off, either to customers or to potential investors. Here’s the big question: Do you spend hours trying to create mockups of your app or do you use one of the mockups below to add images in a few clicks?

Need a hint?

Use one of the amazing app mockup templates we’ve curated below to showcase your app! With plenty of device options and so many different styles, you’re sure to find something in this list of premium and free mockups.

While you’re at it, check out our Social Media and Packaging mockups. Keep them on hand to save yourself time on any of your projects.

iPhone X and iPhone 8 Mockup - Free

Medialoot's mockup expert, Tony Thomas, created this intuitive iPhone combo mockup for anyone looking to showcase their UI or apps. The mockup allows you to use one device or the other. If you want to really show off, you can even use both the X and the 8 together.

One Plus 6 Mockups - Free

The two flat mockups that come with this freebie are a great way to show of your app in the most comprehensive way. The mockups use the One Plus 6 as the device, but it’s subtle enough that most people will only have eyes for your designs.

iPhone 7 App Screen Mockup - Free

Whether you want to show off an app, game design, or user interface, these mockups offer a versatile template option. The free mockup comes with five different screens and different color iPhone 7s.

iPhone X 4k Mockup – Free

What’s better than one free template? Eight free templates! This pack of eight iPhone X mockups are in 4k resolution and feature a range of angles, as well as single phone or multiple images.

Isometric iPhone X App Mockup - Free

You can present three different designs at once with this isometric iPhone X mockup. The presentation was actually generated in 3D, so there’s a certain depth to the template that you won’t find in other options.

Business App Mockup - $9

If you really want your app to succeed, it needs to be accessible on multiple devices, which is why this pack of business app mockups will come in handy. The set comes with six different templates, as well as several different backgrounds.

iPhone X 4K Mockup – Free

The accuracy of these gorgeous mockups is absolutely stunning. The 3D models of the iPhone X offer multiple views, so your app can be seen from multiple angles. And, with the high resolution, you can show off details without being worried about losing quality.

App Display Screen PSD Mockup – Free

When you strip away the devices, a mockup is really all about the app. So instead of featuring an app on a specific device, this set of three different screen displays points focus to the actual app. It’s a stunning and professional way to impress.

Social Media App Mockup - $9

The Social Media App Mockup is a set of very responsive templates, with several different devices, angles, and variations. The pack of six is definitely something you’ll want to keep in your arsenal.

Pixel 3 XL Screen Mockup – Free

Finally! An option for the Android crowd! If you’ve need to present your app in an Android template, you can quickly add your images to this Pixel 3 XL mockup.

iOS App Presentation Mockups – Free

This mockup is another example of how you don’t always need an actual device in your template to make an impression. The iOS freebie makes customizing each screen very simple, allowing you to decide on the number of screens.

Samsung Galaxy App Mockup – Free

The resolution of this mockup will blow your mind! The Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ app mockup comes with five overlapping screens and all four of the S9 colors.

Android Phone App Mockup - $7

The six amazing mockups that come in this pack all come with hands holding the phones, so there’s a little more realism to the presentation. The Android app mockups are easy to adjust and customize, making them an ideal option for a busy designer.

iPhone 7 Multiple Screen Perspectives – Free

While you don’t have to use all four screens that come with this mockup template, when they’re together, they do make an impression. The app mockup features an iPhone and plenty of perspectives.

Minimalistic Phone Mockups – Free

How beautiful are these minimalistic smartphone mockups? The high resolution app mockups feature multiple screens and you can change the background, color, and device composition.

3D Website and App Mockups - $7

When you use these realistic and 3D app mockups, you can have your design ready for presentation within seconds. The 10 mockups come with different perspectives, different devices, and different resolutions.

Standing App Screens Mockup – Free

Let’s keep it simple with this mockup. The three screens included in the template are perfect for displaying your apps and offer a unique, standing perspective.

Mobile App Screenshot Mockups - $6

You’ll get seven templates with this app mockup. And the pack is all about your designs and your builds, keeping the focus on the actual app rather than the devices. And with the layered files, you can add or change your designs in a snap.

Apple Devices Mockup Set – Free

The photorealistic mockups with these app templates feature four different Apple devices. While you don’t have to use the background scenes that are provided, they do add a little realism that will bring a little something extra to your app design.

Black Matte Apple Devices Mockup – Free

Our last freebie on this list is one of our best! The set of eight different Apple devices are all accentuated with the black matte coloring. The shadowy, textured backgrounds serve as a perfect complement to whatever app you want to place into the template.

App Screenshot Mockups - $6

You’ll get five templates with this pack of app mockups. They come with different angles and are all of the highest quality. Plus, the organized layers make using and changing these templates very easy.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Mockup - Free

Don't call it a come back, our mockups have been here for years! With this amazing Medialoot freebie, you get three different aspects of the Samsung S8. And the quality of the mockup will allow you to zoom in and focus on all the great details of your app!



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