21 Smoke Effect Mockups — Vector, Photo, and PSD

21 Smoke Effect Mockups — Vector, Photo, and PSD

Where there’s Smoke, There are Smoke Effects

Make your life easier by using these smoke vectors, photos, and PSDs to save time and effort in your designs.

Who doesn’t want to save time?

One of the purposes of Medialoot is to provide designers and creatives with tools they can use to save time. Because if there’s a mockup, vector, or photo for something, then you don’t have to make it yourself.

Today we’re looking at 21 free and premium smoke effect mockups. You’ll find photos and Photoshop actions. Vectors and brushes. Everything you need to add a little smoke, fog, or mist to your images as quickly and effectively as possible.


Mist and Fog Overlay Textures – Free

If you want to add a realistic hint of fog, mist, or smoke to your images, grab this overlay texture. The easy to use overlays can be added in a few moments and add a mysterious, eerie look to photos.

You get eight black and white textures with this download.

Smoke Toolkit Extras – Free

In this freebie pack, you’ll get three smoke shapes. As an added bonus, you’ll also get four backgrounds that blend wonderfully with more creative photographs. The free extras in this kit go with a premium bundle. You can find more information about the premium option on the download page.

Halftone Smoke Background – Free

The dotted patterns that come in this halftone mockup make for a very creative way to showcase smoke as an effect. The abstract background might not work for every project, but it’s definitely a freebie worth keeping on hand.

Blue Laser Prism Background with Smoke – Free

How fun is this blue laser background? Quite reminiscent of the 80s, which we’re always fans of, the mockup includes reflective surfaces and a starry background. The result is a neon setting just waiting for the right design.

Smoke Toolkit - $11

Talk about a bundle!

This pack of smoke mockups comes with effects, brushes, patterns, and backgrounds, all to create the perfect smokey feeling in your designs. In total, you’ll get 120 smoke images, 120 brushes, and 24 patterns.

White Smoke Background – Free

For those looking for a more realistic smoke effect mockup, as well as one that is a bit more subtle, this free background is a great option. The freebie balances the dark and lightness of smoke, leaving so many design possibilities.

Blurred Smoke Background – Free

Another more realistic option for those wanting a simple smoke background, this mockup is free. Because the smoke in this mockup is less substantial, there is definitely more versatility to use it in the background.

Smoke Photo Effect - $4

While some of the actions included in this set of six look more like force fields than smoke, there are so many uses for the effects. Because the actions keep layers intact, you’ll have full customization abilities, including adjusting the colors of the smoke. Or force field.

Font Color Smoke – Free

How gorgeous are these billows of colorful smoke? The mockup was specifically designed to enhance fonts, making this freebie the perfect option for social media posts, banners, and posters.

Colorful Halftone Smoke Background – Free

There’s just something so complementary about smoke backgrounds and halftones. As this free vector proves, the combination creates something that manages to be both curious and beautiful.

Realistic Smoke Blast – Free

Coming on a transparent background, this smoke mockup creates an effect that looks like a very realistic firecracker burst or smoke bomb. The freebie makes a great addition to anyone who often finds themselves in need of explosive design elements.

Colored Smoke Design – Free

A transparent image, this smoke design is perfect for creating more abstract images. The color is subtle enough to not overwhelm a design, but still makes a big statement, making it the perfect design element.

Smoke Effect Photoshop Action - $7

With this very effective action, you’ll be able to transform your images with a few clicks of your mouse. The action leaves your original image untouched, so your layers will remain the same. Just adjust and customize the smoke to your specifications.

Smoke Collection – Free

We’ve looked at a lot of billowing clouds of smoke on this list. On the other side of the spectrum, we have these little wisps of smoke. The smaller, more delicate smoke effect mockups work well over cigarettes or fires.

Fresh Fume Smoke – Free

There are so many options when it comes to using this detailed, gorgeous smoke effect. The mockup has so much going on with every line and tendril, all of which can be adjusted just the way you want.

Elegant Flowing Smoke Effect – Free

We love the realism of this dark edition smoke effect. The cloud of smoke is thicker in this option, making it a great choice for more dramatic designs. Of course, the cloud of smoke can also be added to poster with copy as well.

Artist Smoke Portrait Photo Effect - $7

There are eight gorgeous smoke effect templates in this premium set of mockups. The pack doesn’t just include several beautiful options to add smoke to portraits, it includes amazing details like sparks.

3D Realistic Smoke – Free

This smoke effect was specifically created to be a bit ambiguous. The smoke works as a fog or mist, but also as cigarette smoke or something harsher. The general ambiguity of this mockup make it extremely versatile.

Halftone Smoke Background – Free

If you’re feeling halftone smoke backgrounds, but don’t want the halftone to be dramatic, this freebie is for you. The smoke effect in the mockup is eerie and mysterious and the halftones only cover part of the mockup, making it the best of both worlds.

Smoke Overlays - $12

Coming with a whopping 50 smoke overlays, this pack really does have everything! The smoke and fog effects can be added to an image in just a few clicks. Plus, the pack includes a color change Photoshop action.

Smoke Scene Mockup – Free

The intense, theatrical feel of this smoke effect mockup makes it an ideal tool to keep on hand. The high resolution freebie is ideal for social media posts as well as print, but it could be used in a variety of creative ways.



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