21 PSD Blackboards and Effects

21 PSD Blackboards and Effects

Blackboards for Days!

Blackboard mockups and effects are perfect for backgrounds, overlays, or to create eye-catching displays.

While I’m personally a bigger fan of white boards over blackboards, and I can understand the draw. Chalkboards have made quite a comeback lately, being used as signs, menus, and displays in establishments across the country.

We’ve curated an extensive list of PSD blackboards, blackboard textures, and chalk effects that will keep you creatively motivated for weeks! And the best part? You don’t have to deal with actual chalkboards and the fine layer of dust that chalk leaves everywhere!

Seamless Chalkboard Textures - $8

In this pack, you’ll get all the chalkboard textures you could ever want or need! The set comes with 30 chalkboard backgrounds that seamlessly repeat in all the common colors, gray, black, and green. You can use them as pattern overlays or as backgrounds in web or print.

Chalkboard and Blackboard Logo Mockups – Free

Want to showcase your logo on a realistic blackboard? Then here you go! With this freebie, you can create a modern, scholastic themed logo that will stun your target audience. The highlight of this gorgeous mockup? The super realistic eraser marks!

Chalk Text Effect - Free

You can easily customize this chalk text effect because it’s broken down into organized and easy to use layers. The high resolution effect is perfect for branding and logos, giving the an uneven, rough look to the generous strokes of the font.

Blackboard/Chalkboard Mockups with Chalk Action - $9

There are 12 organized and structured mockups included in this astounding pack of blackboards. You can easily add your own designs and images to these mockups, using the customizable color grade and lighting effects to add a sense of realism. Plus, you get a chalk effect with your purchase!

Chalk Art Effect – Free

This freebie offers the perfect solution for your chalkboard designs. If you don’t want to come up with banners or frames for your chalkboard designs, you can simply drag and drop these effects and save yourself a lot of time!

School Blackboard – Free

With its simple wooden frame, this school blackboard looks like something straight out of my childhood. The board is the classic grey/green color and includes erasure smears that look very, very real.

Chalkboard Text Effect – Free

Not only do you get a life-like text effect with this freebie, you also get one that allows you to add your own colors to it! Because of the rough edges and varying shades of this text, we think it’s perfect for menus and announcements.

Chalk Effect Photoshop Action - $6

Already have an awesome design that you want to transform into chalk? If you’re not starting from scratch with your creations, you can use this action to quickly turn your existing images and designs into chalk. The pack includes 12 brushes, plus green and black chalkboard options, with a wooden frame.

Empty School Board – Free

A classic, empty school blackboard, this mockup is ideal if you need the chalkboard feel for a background or overlay. The board looks used and natural, making a big impression without trying very hard.

Blackboard Texture – Free

Want something a little cleaner than the option above? We got your back! You don’t even have to adjust anything on this texture to get a realistic background. The darker texture still has enough wear to look life-like, but without being too distracting.

Chalk and Chalkboard Photoshop Creator - $8

The playfulness of this dual chalk and chalkboard action will cover most of your needs. Designed specifically for making signs in Photoshop, the combo includes a chalk drawing action, as well as a green or black chalkboard mockup.

Empty Blackboard – Free

While not technically seamless, with a few tweaks, you could definitely use this blackboard to fill large spaces. However, it would probably work best as a sign or in the background. Its resolution is high enough that it will give the desired look without detracting from your creations.

Chalkboard Typography Text Effect – Free

There are four Photoshop overlay styles in this amazing chalkboard typography style set. With just a few clicks, you can change your shapes and any text into chalk writing. And by using the organized layers in this freebie, you can change out your color options, too.

Simple Chalk - $8

This simple chalk font does exactly what its name promises. The handwritten font comes with 265 glyphs that you can use to create realistic text on any of your designs.   

Collection Chalk Effect Arrows – Free

We like to keep things as simple as possible here. If you’re creating a chalkboard sign in Photoshop and want to add a few arrows without actually making them, then you should keep this collection on hand. The arrows are numerous and varied, offering realistic accents to your creations.

Chalkboard Texture – Free

What makes this freebie so amazing is that it was crafted using a real piece of slate. The slate was scanned and then digitally adjusted to create the gorgeous texture you see in this background. All that’s needed is your chalk images and text!

Chalkboard Solution - $9

You can adjust almost every aspect of these chalk solutions. The customizable chalkboard generator gives you the power to adjust texture, color, and even the style of the wood. Then you can add your designs and call it a day!

Chalk Hand Lettering – Free

We’ve given you multiple free chalkboard options. You can use one of those with this free chalk hand lettering to create the perfect chalkboard designs. The download comes with shaded and normal options, so you can vary your lettering.

Grunge Wall Texture – Free

This very grungy blackboard would work as the perfect background for web design. Even with the shading, it is very obviously a chalkboard and will add just the subtle feeling you want.

Blackboard Brushes – Free

If none of the blackboards listed above gave you what you wanted, this might be the freebie for you. The pack comes with 20 blackboard brushes, so you can fill in huge spaces at a high resolution. You can use them as an overlay or keep it basic, but you’ll never run out of blackboard brushes again!

Chalk Text Effects – Free

Let’s end with something truly stunning. Back over at Medialoot, we’ve created a mockup that you can use to craft realistic hand drawn chalk effects. With the pack, you’ll get four different styles: Solid, Outlined, Scribbled, and 3D. Use our chalkboard at the top of this list and combine it with this chalk lettering effect to get a truly gorgeous design.



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