21 Hand Holding iPhone Mockups of 2019: iPhone 11, 11 Pro, X, XR

21 Hand Holding iPhone Mockups of 2019: iPhone 11, 11 Pro, X, XR

Keep Your iPhones in Hand

Stock up on these iPhone mockups, all of which include realistic hands.

Let me just start by saying I’m an Android woman.

That being said, even I can see the benefits of the gorgeous iPhone mockups we’ve put together for you. In today’s roundup, you’ll find mockups for the iPhone 11, 11 Pro, X, and XR.

Even better, all the free and premium mockups below include hands, so you’ll get that realism you want in a mockup.


iPhone X in Hand Mockup - $7

In our very own iPhone X mockup, you’ll get six different settings, all stunning and life-like. In an update, the backgrounds were isolated, so you can add your own backgrounds in addition to the six included. The pack also includes both portrait and landscape variations.

iPhone PSD Mockup - Free

Designed specifically for presenting app interfaces, this iPhone Xs mockup is of the highest resolution. The free download comes with fully layered PSD files, giving you easy access to edit and customize. The photorealistic background only adds to the quality of this mockup.

iPhone X Mockup – Free

If you’re looking for an iPhone mockup to showcase your apps or UI designs, look no further than this freebie. The iPhone X mockup are realistic and professional, with a high resolution so you can add your own screen images with ease.

Hand Holding iPhone X Mockup – Free

Minimize the amount of time you have to spend prepping for your next presentation by dragging and dropping your UI or app design into this mockup. The forward-facing screen and accompanying hands are photorealistic and of such a high resolution, you won’t lose any quality with your customizations.

Animated iPhone 11 Mockup - $10

These hand holding iPhone 11 mockups come with an added bonus: They’re Animated! With this premium download, you’ll get four animated PSDs with three smart objects responsive swipe screens. Basically, you won’t have to pick one image to showcase your designs!

iPhone 11 Pro Max Mockup – Free

What you see is what you get with this simple, yet high quality iPhone mockup. The clean, practical design will keep all focus on your UI design or app layout. Even better, it’s free, so add it to your toolbox today!

iPhone 11 in Hand Mockup – Free

What’s better than one hand holding one iPhone? Two iPhones in two separate hands! You’ll get a front and back view with this two-for-one mockup. The freebie features the iPhone 11 in Midnight Green and you can use the well-organized layers to switch out the display screen.

iPhone X Responsive Mockup – Free

Keep things real professional with this iPhone X mockup with a computer in the background. Both the background and the screens of the phone and computer can be customized to fit your needs. A few simple clicks of the mouse and you’ll be presentation ready!

iPhone X PSD Mockup Template - $6

Sometimes all you need is a simple mockup that will get the job done. If that’s the case, look no further than this high quality iPhone X mockup, which comes with crazy high resolution so your designs look their best, front and center.

iPhone Xr in Hand Mockup – Free

Just as important as the iPhone Xr screen in this mockup is that stunning, dark background. The deep shadows will play off your screen designs with such an intensity that they’ll be sure to look stunning!

iPhone 11/Pro Clear Case Mockup - $18

While a lot of the iPhone mockups on this list feature the screen, this set of premium mockups is all about the cases. If you have a store or specific case for the iPhone 11 or 11 Pro, you’ll want to keep these mockups on hand.

Taking a Photo on iPhone X Mockup – Free

There’s a lot of versatility with this iPhone X mockup. The original was designed to showoff picture quality of the new iPhone. However, with a few quick tweaks, you could make this a mockup to showcase anything, from UIs to app designs.

iPhone 11 Pro Mockup – Free

By keeping the background and modeled hand simple, this mockup is another great example of how simplicity draws attention to the main feature: The iPhone and your designs. The ridiculously high quality freebie is the perfect addition to your mockup collection.

iPhone X Mockups - $17

Mockups on mockups on mockups!

This premium pack comes with 14 PSD mockups, all of the highest quality. Not only do you get over a dozen mockup options with this pack, you’ll also get standard and matte effect options for each photo.

Hand Holding iPhone 11 Pro Max Mockup – Free

Not all hands are human hands, Karen!

While the wooden hand in this free mockup might be a little but out of the ordinary, it’s still very effective. The iPhone 11 Pro mockup was specifically designed to showoff UI designs, which explains its clean, modern feel.

Hand Holding iPhone 11 Pro Mockup – Free

You’ll get both the back view and the front view of an iPhone 11 Pro in this free mockup. The beautiful, yet contemporary, scene is warm and professional. It’s also completely customizable, so you can add and remove whatever you want to make this mockup truly your won.

iPhone X in Hands in City Mockup - $12

These high quality mockups are ideal for professional presentations, whether you’re showcasing a UI, app, or piece of artwork. The premium pack includes 14 different mockups, all of which are completely editable. And the mockups include both vertical and horizontal views, so you’ll have options for days.

Hand Holding iPhone 11 Pro Mockup – Free

It will be simple to change out the plain background of this free mockup. The iPhone 11 Pro template also includes an easy to change Smart Object background for the screen, so you’ll have complete customizable power.

Hand Holding iPhone X Indoors Mockup – Free

Want a free mockup that includes an array of Apple products? While the iPhone X is the star of this freebie, in the background you’ll also get an iPad and Mac. Use them how you will, because you can edit this mockup however you want.

iPhone X Hand Mockup PSD – Free

You’ll get this free mockup with a blank, white background which you can change out as you need. The iPhone X mockup is modern, clean, and simple, all the things we love best when it comes to showcase mockups. After all, the focus is supposed to be on your designs.

Photorealistic iPhone Xr Mockup - $6

Keep this simple and to the point with this iPhone Xr Mockup. The layers in this mockup make it a breeze to add and remove whatever design elements you want.



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