19 Postcard Mockups to Make Your Friends Jealous of Your Vacation

19 Postcard Mockups to Make Your Friends Jealous of Your Vacation

Memories Caught in Postcards

Postcard mockups and templates are a perfect way to share information.

We love mockups over here at Medialoot.

Want to save time?

Use a mockup!

Want to save money?

Use a mockup!

Need a model but don’t want to pay for a model?

Yups, you guessed it: Mockup!

And we’ve given you mockups for days, from our Social Media Mockups and Packaging Mockups to our Tank Top Mockups.

Today, we’re doing it again with 19 free and premium postcard mockups. Even better, we’ve included a few templates on this list, so you can print out some of these postcards at your convenience.

Whether you’re using these postcards to brag about your latest trip, make an announcement, or showcase your products and services, we’ve got your back.


Postcard Marketing Templates - $6

Diego Sanchez over at Medialoot has created this set of modern and minimalistic postcard templates. The six postcard designs were made specifically for marketing, so you can quickly add your details to the mockups and begin promoting your business as soon as possible.

Postcard Mockup Set - Free

You’ll get two photo-based postcard mockups with this free download. Each of the postcards is a different size, giving you enough variety in your designs. However, both are of the highest quality, making them perfect for showcasing your information.

Postcard with Envelope Mockups - Free

Also coming in a set of two, one of the postcards with this mockup includes a gorgeous, natural envelope. All eyes will be on your designs with these simple, yet effective, postcard mockups.

A6 Postcard and Envelope Mockup - $10

So many options! These mockups are simple and clean, perfect for filling with your very own content. Even better, you’ll get 15 different styles of the A6 postcards, including several options with envelopes. Whether you want to showcase your creativity or advertising chops, you’ll find options with this set.

Wedding Postcard and Stationery Mockup Set – Free

When it comes to postcards, you can usually use a general mockup for all your needs. But this set of free invitations and envelopes has a delicate feel to it, making it perfect for wedding invitations. The mockup also includes a straight-cut or handmade edge, another detail that just adds to the authenticity of this set.

Thank You Note Cards Template – Free

Designed specifically to be printed as thank you cards, the postcard in this set has everything you need without any extra frills. You can quickly add your own backgrounds, pictures, or text, print, and send. You can even use the template for creating shower or wedding invitations.

A6 Flyer Postcard Mockup – Free

What a freebie! Coming with eight different template options, this set has all the different angles you could want for a postcard mockup. Held by an anonymous hand? Check! Front and back, side by side? Check! A plain postcard on a plain background? Check!

Postcard and Envelope Mockups - $5

There really are so many options with this set of postcard mockups. The set comes with editable backgrounds and various mix and matches to give you all the variety you need for your designs. Plus, with your purchase, you’ll also get assistance if you need help customizing your mockups.

Marbled Lettering Mockup Set – Free

How lovely are these elegant stationary mockups? The set of two offers an up-close look at one and a side by side look at two, or the front and back of your postcards. Add to that the subtle, beautiful background and accents in the mockups and you’ll get a simple way to elevate your postcard game.

Postcard Flyer Mockup – Free

The quality of this simple postcard mockup can be seen in its ridiculously high resolution. Another added bonus is that the postcard can be flipped and voila! You’ve got a poster mockup as well.

Panoramic Postcard Mockup - $5

Five postcard mockups come in this stunning pack. The background can easily be changed out and all the objects on the mockups can be customized or replaced. The creator of the mockups will answer any questions you might have when editing your postcards.

Congratulations Card Mockup – Free

What makes this set of mockups so unique is there delicately curved edges. The rounded edges give a sense of eloquence to the already stunning mockups. Because of the customization options that come with the pack, these postcards are ideal for holiday cards, announcements, or creative advertising.

Classy Postcard Templates - $9

You can edit out these postcard templates in a few minutes and have prints that are riveting and modern. The simple templates allow focus to be on your content, not overwhelming readers with any extras. With this pack comes four different layouts, two for the front and two for the back.

Postcard or Flyer Invitation Mockup - $8

There is nothing missing from this set of 18 different postcard designs. With a simple way for switching out all information, you can turn anyone of these postcards into the display of your dreams. Also included with this set are 15 background textures, automatic background perspective, and easy to adjust shadows.

Postcard and Plant Mockup – Free

Sometimes you just need a free postcard mockup. And sometimes you want that postcard to be simple and to the point, like in this photorealistic mockup with a flat postcard. Quickly add your information to the designated areas and you’ll be good to go!

Product Postcard Flyer Template – Free

Designed with product displays in mind, this postcard has plenty of space for multiple photos and the information you need to include to promote your products. With a few drags and drops, you can change out what you’re promoting, print these off, and send them out!

5x7 Greeting Postcard Mockup Set - $6

There are 6 fully layered postcard mockups in this versatile set. The high resolution of the mockups will give you the support you need to change out content without losing any quality. Don’t have time to create the backgrounds or little extras? No problem! Just use the ones included in this set.

Postcard Mockup Design - Free

Simple and to the point, this postcard mockup has everything you need: The front of the postcard and the back of the postcard. Customize both sides and the background, as well as the paper texture, to make this simple mockup entirely yours.

6 Postcard Mockups – Free

Medialoot is giving away six astounding postcard mockups – for free! The postcards come in a variety of scenes. You can change out the postcard designs, as well as the background color and the textures. We’ve made it a breeze for you to get your designs finished and ready to showcase in as little time as possible.



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