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19 Free Wedding Fonts For That Final, Perfect Touch

19 Free Wedding Fonts For That Final, Perfect Touch

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Wedding fonts are a great way to add a personal touch to invitations without having to spend time and money on a calligrapher.

Wedding season is upon us!

And I, for one, am tired of getting wedding invitations with the same old, boring fonts. Okay, I’m tired of wedding invitations in general, but that’s another story for another day.

A wedding font is one of the first ways a couple can communicate to their guests what type of wedding they can expect. Whether it’s a classic, elegant font to the more stoic, fuller fonts, the script used makes a huge difference.

If you’re looking for a font that is different while still being fancy enough for a wedding, look no further. We’ve collected 19 of our favorite free wedding fonts, as well as a favorite premium option at the bottom.


Lily Brush Script Font

Lily is one of our hand drawn brush script fonts that has all the calligraphic elements you would usually pay to get. With Lily, you get all the benefits of a beautiful font without the cost. The font comes with upper and lowercase letters, numbers, and punctuation.

Gilded Hand Handwritten Script Font

The gorgeous swirls of this handwritten font give it an authenticity not typically seen in premade fonts. Gilded hand is the perfect balance of elegance and imperfection, making it a great choice for invitations and thank you cards.


With this script demo, you’ll get the upper and lowercase letters you need to create visually stunning cards. The elaborate, smooth, and flowing font is a perfect way to communicate elegance in written form.

Alivia Script Font

Alivia Script embraces its classic roots with its striking curves and swashes, complemented by its easy to read spacing. The free font isn’t just a great option for wedding stationary, it also works well in web design and business cards.


Windsong is a condensed, hand drawn, display font that, while perfect for invitations and thank you cards, is quite versatile. The classical, calligraphic font would look stunning on any design that requires a level of sophistication.

Adelio Darmanto

With a name like Adelio Darmanto, you know it’s going to be fancy! What makes Adelio such a great wedding font option is that it has the calligraphic look, but also the uneven, imperfect lines that make it feel handwritten.

Classical Monoline Script

Classical Monoline Script is the ultimate blend of modern and classic. The clean, cursive font has all the swashes and swirls you could want, but is still thick and wide-spaced enough to be easy to read. The free download comes with upper and lowercase letters, as well as multilingual support and ligatures.

Copperplate Gothic Light Regular

Gothic isn’t exactly the word most people want to associate with their wedding font, but this deserves to be an exception. Copperplate doesn’t have any fancy swashes or dashes, but it’s professional, clear letting is perfect for the more informative parts of wedding invitations.


There’s something so sentimental about Riesling. The classic font is a clear example of how art deco can be updated for the 21st century. The curly, decorative script is light enough for invitations, but has enough personality to be used online or even in branding.

Brooke Smith Script

The handwritten style of Brooke Smith Script is just the right balance to its more modern spacing. The pure calligraphic aspect of the font make it an ideal option for wedding invitations. However, it would also look stunning on social media posts, web design, and branding material.

The Artist Font Duo

What’s better than one wedding font? Two wedding fonts that perfectly complement each other! The Artist Duo blends together the sophistication of script with the more vintage grotesque typeface that is so loved today. The free download comes with multilingual support, specifically Cyrillic symbols!


Can you tell we’re big fans of script fonts when it comes to weddings? Monmica isn’t just easy to use, it’s easy to get the beautiful swashes and ligatures that make wedding stationary so stunning. The font even includes multilingual, handwritten, and copperplate calligraphy options.

Homemade Brush Typeface

While we could really see Homemade being used on posters and social media quote posters, the font would really thrive in a wedding setting. With two different brush styles, the ligatures of Homemade provide an elegance, while the thicker, bolder lettering lends it a more casual feel.

Chalisa Oktavia

On the other end of the spectrum, we have Chalisa Oktavia, which is so classic and fancy, it could have been used at your grandparents wedding. The extremely old-school characteristics of Chalisa make it special, bringing the past into the present.

Anaheim Script

Anaheim is a personal favorite of mine. It’s just such a charming font, adding a personal feel without going overboard. You still get the ligatures, alternatives, and swashes that make wedding fonts so distinctive, but with just a little bit more simplicity.

Deluxe Edition

If you want to really be different when it comes to your wedding font, try Deluxe Edition out. The script font looks quite realistic, with its rough edges and uneven lines. Even the pickiest wedding guest will think they’ve received a handwritten invitation if you use Deluxe Edition.

Tormentor Handwritten Font

Don’t let the name confuse you! Tormentor might sound horrific, but is actually quite a gorgeous font option for a wedding. There’s a certain charm with the inconsistency of this strong, vibrant font. Tormentor comes with upper and lowercase letters, punctuation, and numerals.


Millerstone offers a lighter, more delicate choice when it comes to wedding font. It still has the elegance of traditional wedding fonts, but with a more modern spacing. With Millerstone’s exaggerated ligatures, you also get a little drama with your font.

England Hand

Created specifically to give invitations a more feminine, soft look, England Hand is such a classic font option for wedding stationary. Whether you want it for your invitations, RSVP cards, thank you cards, or all the above, England Hand has your back.


We promised you free wedding fonts, but if you’re not feeling any of the options above, we have a premium font that will knock your socks off! Annabelle Hand Lettering Script is a font with all the class and elegance that a wedding font needs. However, the versatile script is also ideal for headlines, logotypes, and branding.

With your purchase of Annabelle, you’ll get upper and lowercase Latin letters, numbers, punctuation, and common symbols.

Annabelle Hand Lettering Script Font - $14



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