19 Fonts for Captivating Children's Books

19 Fonts for Captivating Children's Books

Fun Fonts for Children’s Books

These easy-to-read, fun fonts are perfect for children’s books or your next kid-centered design project.

At Medialoot, we try to give you fonts for every occasions.

Fancy Fonts? Check!

Retro Script Fonts? Check!

Gold Foil and Industrial Fonts? Check and Check!

Today, we’re helping you add to your toolbox of fonts by putting together a list we’ve never done before: Fonts for Children’s Books.

These fonts vary from some of our other lists because the key components of fonts for kids is that they need to be readable and it helps if they’re a bit fun.

So, here they are! A list of free and premium captivating children’s book fonts that you can use to inject a little childish glee into your next project.


Elouise - $10

Elouise is an elegant, contemporary serif typeface with clean lines and simplistic serifs. The font comes with different stroke widths, from bold to ultra thin, and includes a variety of extra embellishments. Most importantly, Elouise is a bold, easy to read font that is perfect for children’s books.

Henny Penny – Free

Just like the fairytale where this font gets its name, Henny Penny is fun, bubbly, and has a lot of personality. The font has an offbeat feel that tells a story to children before the reading even begins. Henny Penny works well both as a headline and in the body.

Pequena - $23

Pequena was specifically made for children’s books, which is what makes it so captivating. The heavy, bold font has a fun shadow and the colors can be changed up to bring a cheerful, distinct feeling to your children’s books. It’s also a great font for children’s posters and signs.

3Dumb – Free

3Dumb is perfect as a children’s book font, because it looks like something a child would draw in their notebooks during class. The font comes with two different versions, filled and outlined. Filled comes with 234 glyphs while outlined comes with 191.

Green Eggs and Spam – Free

There’s a certain nostalgia with Green Eggs and Spam, a fun children’s book font that comes with a free demo. The playful font is simple and easy to read, but still has plenty of personality. The free demo comes with two versions: Regular and Outlined. It also includes all the characters and accents needed for multilingual support.

Arco – Free

Arco is a bubbly, bold animated typeface. The children’s book font comes with 80 characters, though it only uses uppercase letters. While Arco is captivating and fun enough to use in any children’s book, it can also be used for posters or kid-themed signs.

Goldfish - $10

The thing that makes Goldfish so unique is that you can mix and match the hand drawn letters that make up the font. The premium font comes in two styles: Goldfish and Goldfish Swash/Alternate. By combining the two, you’ll get different heights and a range of fun variations.

Grinched 2.0 – Free

With uneven lines and varying thickness, Grinched 2.0 is a dramatic font for your more out-there designs. The original Grinched font has been completely updated in the 2.0 version. Now with this freebie, you’ll get a whole new set of lowercase letters as well as several redone uppercase letters.

Mouse Memoirs – Free

Anything that has to do with The Mouse is going to be captivate younger readers, which is what makes Mouse Memoirs such a great option for kid’s books. The decorative, bold font combines a playful feeling with more vintage letterings, keeping things fresh and fun.

Tiny Joy - $15

I’m a big fan of turning fonts into art, which is why Tiny Joy is such a find! The Scandinavian inspired children’s book font has adorable little illustrations for each of its letters, each hand drawn to bring a whole new level to storytelling. It’s an ideal font for books, cards, and prints.

Hobby Horse – Free

Created as part of a series of storybook fonts, Hobby Horse was inspired by children’s books from 1900s. The rounded letters are vintage, but are still applicable to a whole range of modern uses. The free font comes with all lower and uppercase letters.

One Trick Pony – Free

This display font hints at older comic book font, but without being too obvious or over the top. One Trick Pony has thicker lines, making it ideal for covers or when a larger font is needed for beginner children’s books. The font is also just a bit uneven, which gives it a festive, fun look.

Naturalistic Playground - $10

As its name suggests, Naturalistic Playground is all about those natural curves and whimsical lines. The result is an adorable children’s book font that is easy and fun to read. Naturalistic Playground comes with over 290 glyphs, all with the same natural shapes found in the main font.

Timothy – Free

Another example of the quirky hand drawn fonts available today, Timothy is a free children’s typeface that balances between being unique and childish. The exaggerated, bold font is just right for children’s books, but could also work well on cards and other forms of stationary.

Bookends – Free

Definitely lighter than some of the other options on this list, Bookends offers a clear, easy to read font without trying to be too childish. The simple, handcrafted lines of Bookends are easy to read, but just imperfect enough to have plenty of character.

Kids Book Font Family – Free

Kids Book is a whimsical, cute font family that can be used in a variety of fun ways. The family comes in four different styles: Regular, Italic, Bold, and Bold Italic. Each one has enough personality to draw the eye, but is also simple enough to read, making it ideal for children’s books.

Bittermilk - $10

Don’t let the name dissuade you! Bittermilk is a playful children’s book font that uses very natural, flowing shapes. With a few accent lines, Bittermilk makes a perfect font for books, but also titles, shirts, and other forms of merchandise. The premium font comes with 305 glyphs.

Good Unicorn – Free

How adorable is Good Unicorn? The fluffy, uneven font combines curved bubble letters with a rainbow outline that will draw eyes of little ones everywhere. And of course, because it’s a priority with children’s book fonts, Good Unicorn is easy to read.

Stock Slab - $10

Let’s end on an especially high note.

Stock Slab is another amazing font by Medialoot’s Tony Thomas. The typeface is chunky and thick, making it easy to read for children. With a variety of thickness strokes, Stock Slab has just enough variation to stay interesting. It also comes with all upper and lowercase characters, symbols, punctuation and numbers.



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