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19 Best Vintage Fonts

19 Best Vintage Fonts

Ageless Vintage Fonts

Vintage fonts have stood the test of time and can still be used to make bold and stunning impressions.

Want a classic font that will stand the test of time? How about 19 of them? We got you!

Designers often want their projects to encapsulate the newest trends and most modern styles. However, there’s something to be said about vintage, old-school designs, which is why it’s important to keep a few on hand just in case.

We’ve put together a list of some of our favorite vintage fonts, both free and premium, so you can stay stocked up.

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Outdoors Handmade Sans Serif Font - $9

What’s better than a vintage font? A rustic, vintage font! And because we believe in giving the people what they want, Medialoot made this font to perfectly balance between vintage and rustic. Outdoors is a handmade font that comes with delicate swirls and simple lines that are clean, but not too clean.

Painter Logotype Font - Free

A little old-school and a little grungy, Painter is extremely versatile. The font can be used as a header or in print as well as on social media or for branding. The freebie also includes a cleaner version, without the grungy feel.

Frontage Condensed Typeface – Free (Frontage Condensed Outline)

As its name suggests, Frontage is the perfect bold and vibrant font for signage and anything else you want to catch attention. Because of the three dimensional strength of Frontage, it’s a great choice for menus, posters, and other prints, as well.

Lemon Jelly Font – Free

Lemon Jelly is an artsy, vintage font that combines italicized lettering with a boldness that makes it very easy to read. Because of its clarity, Lemon Jelly would be an ideal typeface for packaging, specifically in the healthcare and beauty industries.

High Life Font – Free

High Life isn’t just vintage, it’s timeless. Classics never get old, which High Life proves with its elegant and sophisticated lettering. The font comes with two different versions, serif and sans serif, as well as a wide collection of special characters.

Duwhoers Brush – Free

Duwhoers looks so vintage because of its effortless hand brushed feel. As is evidenced on the download page, the font can be used for a variety of purposes, including social media, branding, and print.

Royaland Vintage Font - $18

Royaland is a handcrafted, monoline vintage font that personifies the concept of a classic. With your purchase, you’ll get two font styles, Clean and Rough, which only accentuate the vintage feeling. Because Royaland is such a classic, it’s ideal for logos, posters, and advertising.

Henrik Sans Serif Typeface – Free

Sometimes clean and simple are what make something vintage. Henrik is a perfect example of this. The sans serif font takes things back to the basics, offering straight lines and even spacing. The simplicity of the font makes it perfect for branding, apparel, and headlines.

Vegan Style Font – Free

Vegan Style is characterized by its gentle swoops and easy to read lettering. The font is reminiscent of old-school signs from the West Coast that reappeared on album covers in the early 90s. Because this particular typeface is a bit fancy-schmancy, it would work best on social media or print.

Rumble Brave Vintage Fonts - $17

This pack of vintage fonts comes with eight different font variations in three different styles, serif, script, and dingbat. With all those options, you’ll be sure to find just the right Rumble Brave for your particular project. And because of its Victorian inspirations, we’d love to see this used on labels and packaging.

Garment District Monoline Font – Free

Garment has a luxurious feel to it that calls to find a time of braver, bolder fonts. As its name suggests, this particular font is perfect for wording on apparel. However, because of its versatility, Garment could also be used in online branding and on labels.   

Cassandra Font – Free

With its extra swirls and swashes, Cassandra is definitely a font from the past. The vintage typeface has an elegant feel to it, bringing to mind an age when people could actually write in cursive. Because of how decorative Cassandra is, we’d suggest using the font for headlines or logos.

Monthoers Font – Free

Sometimes we stumble across a freebie that just seems too gorgeous to be free. Today, that freebie is Monthoers. The typeface is powerful in its basic form, but then strangely delicate when its special characters are added. And while it is a clean font, Monthoers is slightly grungy to give it a bit of an edge.

Sweet Hipster Typhoon Type – Free

Not a fan of hipsters? You’ll still love this font! The freebie is extremely decorative, with all the swirls and swashes even the most extra of us could ever want. However, Sweet Hipster doesn’t go overboard with it, so the font is still readable enough to be used in branding or on logos.

Oregon Vintage Font - $22

With Oregon, you’ll get four different fonts in two different styles, rounded and textured. The various designs, however, all have one thing in common: They’re beautifully vintage. The typeface was made by hand and the attention to detail can be seen in every line and shape.

Old Growth Rough Sans Serif Font – Free

Old Growth is named after the ancient, endless forests that line the West Coast. And this age can be felt in the texture and edges of the vintage font. Old Growth is roughened and slightly uneven, giving it a deep personality that is a reminder of another time.

Paralines Font – Free

Paralines may look very modern, but that’s just a testimony to how vintage fonts can sustain their popularity. The geometric, triple-lined style of the font brings to mind discotheques from the 80s. But the style is perfect for modern uses, like headers, posters, and social media.

Attraction Font – Free

With its thick capital letters and stilted flourishes, Attraction harks back to the 1950s, making it the perfect vintage font. The freebie is an ideal typeface for print and apparel.

Motherline Vintage Font - $16

A monoline, vintage script font, Motherline is both elegant and rustic. There’s a personality in the lettering, which was based on hand drawn designs. The pack comes with six versions of the font, so you’ll have plenty to work with. Plus, it also includes over 650 glyphs.



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