18 Tank Top Mockups That Look Real

18 Tank Top Mockups That Look Real

No Topping These Tanks

Tank top mockups allow designers to quickly add their branding, artwork, or patterns to clothing without wasting time on photoshoots.

I like tank tops, but I’ll admit it’s hard to think about wearing them during what feels like the coldest winter ever. Still, you’re going to want to keep these mockups on hand for when you need to quickly throw together a design.

And we try to please.

Brief aside, I have an unpopular opinion that men should not wear tank tops. Unless your name is Idris Elba, no one wants to see that. But that’s just a personal problem.

We’ve put together this list of free and premium mockups to save you time and money the next time you need to create a design quickly.

Medialoot Tank Top Mockup – Coming Soon

Medialoot will be creating ourvery own tank top mockup very soon. Until that time, here is an adorable otter.

Because one way or an otter, we’ll get you this amazing mockup.

Free 5K Tank Top Mockup – Free

Anthony Boyd Graphics created this extremely photorealistic tank top mockup and is offering it for free. The high quality image is customizable with the background and the shirt color. Also, you can add your own branding to the front of the shirt.

Tank Top PSD Mockup – Free

For those of you who need a mockup with a front and back view, this is the option for you. The freebie has two tank tops side by side, so you can show off different designs. And, of course, the back view provides more space for branding or artwork.

American Apparel Tank – Free

First of all, I’ve never read so much truth in my life. Secondly, this is one of the most customizable shirts on this list. Not only can you change the usual background and color, you can also adjust texture, the tag, and even the piping colors along the edges.   

PSD Tank Top Mockup Vol. 3 – Free

Another front and back option, this mockup is of the highest quality. You can see the textures of garment. This is another mockup that will allow you to personalize the tag, both on the shirt and the one attached. It’s a perfect option for serious branding.

Girl Wearing Tank Mockup – Free

Having a tank top mockup with an actual model adds a bit of humanity to your marketing campaign. The best part? You don’t have to find the model! This freebie is very easy to use, so you can drag and drop your designs to the shirt.

Woman Tank Top Mockup – Free

There’s a certain air of professionalism to this mockup. The hanging garment is simple in its design, but that makes it a blank slate for your branding or artwork. Not only is the color of the shirt adjustable, but so are the straps and linings of the tank.

Female Tank Top Mockup - $6

With your purchase of this item, you’ll get three different image options. The tank top mockup comes with models in various poses, so you can pick the one that works best for you. Plus, changing out designs and color are super simple with this premium mockup.

Realistic Tank Top Mockup – Free

An option for those who like tank tops with slightly thicker sleeves, this mockup features two very simple images. You can of course add your artwork or branding to them, but there might be a little less versatility with this option.

Next Level Flat Scarlet Tank - $2.50

The flat base image in this option allows you to create an entire story with your mockup. Of course, you can do the usual changing out of colors and design, but it’s the realism of the shoes and shorts that will make this mockup stand out.

Simple Tank Top Mockup – Free

With a plain background and a virtually unseen model, this mockup is all about serving as a canvas for your work. The simplicity of the mockup decrease distraction so eyes are immediately drawn to whatever logos, art, or branding you want featured on the tank top.

3 Tank Tops – Free

While I have opinions about men in tank tops, let’s focus on the quality of this mockup. The freebie comes with three different angles against a beautiful, warm background. By including a background view, this mockup will allow you to showcase your designs in a real world setting.

Ladies Tank Top Mockup - $9

You’ll get a lot of options with this pack. Not only does the tank top mockup come with eight different views, it is amazingly customizable. You can change the usual background, fabric, textures, and colors, but you can also change the model. Adjust the hair and skin color to match your target audience and create variety.

Front View Woman’s Tank Top – Free

If you need to show off multiple designs in one image, this tank top mockup could save you some time. The mockup will allow you to change out color and design, but of each shirt individually so you can show off a range of styles.

Premium Shirt Mockup – Free

Another simple mockup with an unobtrusive model. The tank top mockup comes with both front and back views. It’s extremely easy to switch colors and add artwork, so you can move on to other things quickly.

Men Tank Top Mockups - $12

Because you might need these, I’ve risen above and provided another mockup of men’s tank tops. With this set, you’ll be able to customize everything, from the material and trim to the necking. And to keep the set of two Amazon ready, all images come on a white background.

Men’s Tank Top Mockup - $7

Here are some more tank top mockups featuring men. The pack comes with four mockups which are fully customizable. The creator has even included a displacement map to make accuracy even easier. Quickly add your graphics, patterns, or logo, or use one of the 20 custom colors included in the pack.

Next Level Bachelorette Tank - $5.22

Another example of how presentation matters. With this mockup, you’ll be able to showcase two different styles at the same time. And once again, the background adds a degree of realism that is attractive to customers.



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