18 Old Paper Textures That Look Old But Feel Fresh

18 Old Paper Textures That Look Old But Feel Fresh

Classic Paper Textures

Use these old paper textures to give your projects a vintage, but fresh feeling.

I’ve said it ones and I’ll say it a thousand times: At Medialoot, we try to keep your texture library full. We’ve given you Grass, Rock, and Marble textures for days.

And now, Old Paper Textures.

There’s something extremely satisfying about using an element that seems ancient, like aged, old, paper, but is still relevant today. In today’s list of free and premium paper textures, we’ve collected classic textures.

So, yes, they’re old. But the classic nature of these old paper textures make them absolutely timeless.

12 Grunge Paper Detailed Textures - $3

Medialoot’s very own Tony Thomas has created this gorgeous set of grunge paper textures. The 12 square textures can be used for any of your background needs, adding an old feel without being too ancient. The paper textures can also be layered with additional textures to make your very own design.

14 Old Paper Images - $3.97

Coming with 14 unique and worn paper options, this set includes a range of high resolution textures that are perfect for web design or print. The parchment papers have lovely crinkles and imperfect edges, which gives a truly vintage feel.

Old Crumpled Paper Texture - Free

The freebie included here may not be as old-looking as some of the other options on this list, but it still has character. The crumpled paper is subtle enough to be used as a background in multiple settings.

12 Vintage Paper Textures - $3.20

What makes this set of paper textures so unique is that they were all handmade. So every stain and fold are completely unique to this pack. The 12 different textures can be used for the usually web projects, but due to their high quality, they can also be used in print projects.

12 Seamless Paper Patterns – Free

If you want a freebie pack of old paper textures that will let you make cards, posters, and wallpapers as well as website backgrounds, you’ll love these options. The 12 images include a variety of textures and colors, offering plenty of choices for your projects.

20 Vintage Papers and Backgrounds - $6

Talk about quality! The 20 papers included in this pack are of varying textures and weights, making each one special. Plus, they’re of the highest quality, so you can use them for a wide range of projects. With simple use instructions, you’ll be able to get to work as soon as you download the set.

6 Classic Paper Textures – Free

Whether you want paper textures for artwork, print, or web design, the six included in this pack will definitely serve the purpose. You can see the minute details in each background, and everyone is unique.

Antique, Tea Stained Digital Paper - $3.92

Did you ever make aged paper by brushing new paper with coffee or tea? Well, that’s what these papers are, but of a higher quality. The set of 12 comes with a variety of paper choices, each one made to look old, but still feel fresh.

5 Vintage Paper Textures – Free

Not all the papers in this set look old, but all of them have a vintage feel that worked 100 years ago and will work today. Some of the craft paper looks aged and yellow, while others just look heavy and thick. The files are of the highest quality and can be used for many different projects.

Vintage Paper Texture - $3

This classic vintage paper looks like something that would be found in Edgar Allen Poe’s study. It looks thick and heavy, with gorgeous textures. But the best part of this old paper texture is the stains that add just a hint of character.

Brown Paper Texture – Free

With so many distinctive options on this list, I thought a more subtle texture might be welcomed. While this brown paper texture still has an old look, one that could still be used today, it has a bit less character, opting for subtlety.

Grunge Digital Paper - $3.92

You’ll get a vast number of old, vintage paper texture options with this pack. Whether you want a plain paper with just a little aging, a lined paper, or an ancient looking texture, this pack has it all. The grunge papers are both vintage and classic, making them an ideal set to keep on hand for a wide range of projects.

Old Paper Texture – Free

Another simple but effective option, this freebie is of the highest quality, so it can be used for a number of different designs. Plus, most of the aging on this paper texture is around the edges, leaving the center free for graphics or artwork.

10 Vintage Paper Textures - $6

You’ll get quite a bit when you purchase this set of textures. Not only will you get 10 distinctive vintage papers, you’ll get each of those papers in four different versions. So, in total, this pack includes 40 amazing different options to give your project an ageless, but old look.

Old Grunge Vintage Texture – Free

Nothing looks quite as timeless as good old parcel paper. The heavy paper comes with a vintage grain that is both old and new. With this freebie, you’ll get a gorgeous texture that has the same versatility as the paper it was created after.

Old Damask Vintage Paper - $3.92

Nothing says classic to me like a good old fleur-de-lis print. Like most French things, the pattern has aged extremely well, which is why it’s included in these old paper patterns. You’ll also get other print options that are just as fresh-feeling as the good old lily.

Japanese Paper Texture - Free

One of the most unique prints on this list, the Japanese paper has a texture that you probably won’t be able to find anywhere else. The ridges of the paper make it stand out, but it’s still subtle enough that you could use it on a wide range of projects.

Aged Paper Textures – Free

Let’s end on a high note, shall we? Nathan Brown has created a set of 10 textures that all use crinkly paper to give depth and roughness to the backgrounds. The textures can be used on their own or overlayed on other images or textures to create a one-of-a-kind, vintage feel.



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