18 Free Paper Textures: High Quality, No Cost Paper

18 Free Paper Textures: High Quality, No Cost Paper

Free Paper Textures for Everyone!

Free paper textures are perfect for adding a finish and depth to print and digital backgrounds.

Here at Medialoot, we’re kind of known for the quality of our textures. We release them semi-regularly so you can stay stocked up.

Today, we’re taking a look at an assortment of paper textures. From rice paper to craft paper, you’ll find everything you need when it comes to paper textures right here.

And the best part?

Everything on this list is free!

Seamless Letterpress Paper Textures

Tony Thomas has done it again with these effortless, elegant paper textures. The 10 beautiful, seamless textures are ideal for print or digital backgrounds, but are detailed enough they can also be used for text effects. The set resembles the heavy card stock and letterpress backgrounds that you’d usually have to spend some money to get.

Gold Foil Wrapping Paper Textures

If you’re looking for something a little less subtle than the option above, you’ll love these dark paper textures. The textures have gold foil details that make up beautiful, seamless patterns. With the slight wrinkles and folds in the papers, there’s no telling what these rich, dark textures could be used for!

Vector Grunge Background

While not specifically a paper texture, there is something uniquely paper-esque about this grunge background. The small imperfections and fading, repeating patterns make the background feel like aged cardboard. And because it’s seamless, the background can be used for projects big or small with little effort.

Full Frame White Texture Background

The gorgeous texture of this white paper textured background looks like recycled paper. The decorative essence of the background allow it to add depth without being too pervasive. It’s perfect for print or digital replication.

7 Natural Paper Textures

These high resolution, detailed paper textures are all about going back to the natural roots of paper. Despite being digitally rendered, you can almost feel the weight and grain of the papers just from looking at them.

14 High Resolution Paper Canvas Textures

You don’t even have to use these canvas textures as is to get a real benefit from them! The creator recommends desaturating the texture and blending it over a solid color to give a unique effect to your backgrounds. No matter how you use these 14 textures, you’re sure to have a lot of fun doing it!

Aged Paper Texture

As you’ll see if you click through to this texture, it is of the highest quality, which means it has unlimited uses. The aged, vintage paper texture can be used for online designs, print, or even textiles. There is truly no limit when you have such a high resolution texture!

Seamless Paper Texture Backgrounds

The look and feel of these paper textures bring to mind elementary school and pulling out construction paper to make designs and artwork. Now days, you can still use these heavy paper textures for artwork, but in a much more advanced way. The six textures included in this pack can be used in web, print, or as overlays.

Cold Artistic Flower Paper

Another example of an extremely high quality paper texture is this stunning flower paper. The little bits of botanical pieces spread throughout the paper give a beautiful consistency to the freebie. And, again, because it’s of such a high quality, the uses for the texture are virtually countless.

12 Paper Textures

A favorite on Dribble, this set of 12 paper textures offers subtle, simple textures that can be added seamlessly to any project. Whether you want them to serve as a background or to add texture as an overlay, you’ll be amazed at how well these options work.

Creased Black Paper Texture

Not all paper is clean and creaseless, as this heavy, effective texture proves. The black paper looks like it has been through a lot, but the creases are what give this paper such personality. Once you find what to use this texture for, we’re sure you’ll be in awe at the end result.

Simple Aged Paper Texture

Sometimes you need to keep things simple. This back-to-basics aged paper texture was made by scanning actual paper, giving it a realism some of the textures on this list lack. As a result, you’ll get an amazing texture that is completely true to form.

Old Retro Paper Texture

Print. Digital. Textiles. Whatever you want to use this retro, grunge paper background for, it is high enough quality that you can use it without worry. The high resolution of this texture make it perfect for your bigger projects. And the warmth and depth of the beige paper make it subtle enough to use for a variety of projects.

Old Paper 33 Stock

Another nod to vintage, aged paper, this texture has creases and lines that make it unique in its own way. While not seamless, you can use this lovely texture for smaller designs. Its authenticity will add a realism to your creations.

Warm Artistic Flower Paper

Along the same lines as the cool, winter flower texture listed above, this thick, recycled paper includes beautiful botanical elements. The warmth of the flowers give both a unique look and a unique grain to the paper, making it something you’ll want to keep on file for future use.

Drawing Surface Paper Texture

Drawing paper has a recognizable thickness and pattern to it that can be clearly seen in this texture. The uneven divots and lines give the paper a personality of its own. The creator of the texture has found that it works amazingly in drawing or text overlays as well as in digital art collages.

Seamless Rice Paper Textures

Back over at Medialoot, we have a set of 12 unique rice paper textures. The recycled and craft paper textures are ideal for backgrounds, whether you’re using them in print or in digital form. The best news? In autumn of last year, we updated them to include higher resolution versions of all 12 textures!

Aged Paper Textures

Let’s end on a high note, shall we?

The worn, weathered look has been perfectly captured in these vintage paper textures. The beautifully crafted textures can be added to any of your creative works to give an aged, antique feeling. You can use them as is for backgrounds or overlay them on photos or artwork.



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