18 Fonts that Exude Luxury

18 Fonts that Exude Luxury

Stunning Formal Scripts

You can create feelings of extravagance by using these perfect luxury fonts.

To make an impression with your words, you need to say the right thing, but you also need to use the right font. If you’re looking for fonts that exude luxury and bring a certain je ne sais quoi to your designs, look no further.

We’ve put together a list of 18 free and premium luxury fonts that will add a ‘wow’ factor to projects and make any brand look high end.

Gordon Art Deco Typeface - $8

Tony Thomas created this gorgeous, art deco inspired luxury font. The sans serif typeface combines geometric angles with an artistic flare, making it perfect for print and media. With the varying heavy, dark or light weights, you’ll get true versatility with this font.

Cursive Neon Tubes Font - $10

Another of our favorites, Cursive Neon Tubes is a font that brings a modern twist to a classic form of writing. Neon Tubes combines a beautiful, elegant cursive font with neon lighting you’d typically see on signs, making it a unique luxury font. You’ll be able to craft online or real world signage with this option.

Glamor – Free

Glamor is a free luxury font that really lives up to its name. The chic and modern typeface is reminiscent of the 1920s, where even the most ordinary things had a little flare to them. Glamor alternates between thicker and thinner lines, ending with small flourishes, so it’s perfect for magazines, branding, or design.

The Elegant Serif Font Bundle - $36

Why pick just one luxury font when you can get an entire bundle? With this set of serif fonts, you’ll get four gorgeous options that are all designed to be striking and yet timeless. With balanced, weighted lines, the fonts included in the bundle are stunning while also being classic.

Aurellia – Free

Aurellia is as beautiful as its name, giving you a handwritten font that includes all the curves and flourishes that make cursive so distinctive. The luxury font is ideal for invitations, stationary, or social media posts.

Coco – Free

Specifically designed for fashion projects and designs, Coco is a striking font that will bring an emphasis to your work. The free download of Coco comes with eight different options, so you can use the luxury font for a variety of designs. The classic lettering will make you turn to this font as often as possible.

Adelaide - $14

More and more, it seems that fonts that exude luxury are the ones with the cleanest lines. Adelaide is the perfect example. The luxury font is made with gorgeous thick and thin lines, making it both attractive and a classic. Adelaide is perfect for logos, social media posts, and packaging.

Leyton - $12

Leyton takes things back to the 1920s! The graceful font effortlessly combines traditional with a bold touch that is entirely modern. The packages comes with two font options, so you’ll have choices for different uses.

Monastic – Free

Often, when people think luxury fonts, their minds go back to the classics. However, Monastic has proven that modern fonts can be just as elegant and beautiful. Monastic is a free font that combines some of the older elements seen in our options above and adding a clean, thin element that makes it very 21st century.

Vanity – Free

Coming with 12 fonts, this free download reminds us very much of Monastic, but in still a more classic manner. The font still relies on the varying heavy and light lines, but with little flourishes that make Vanity quite endearing. We think this luxury font is perfect for print and social media.

Balqis – Free

There’s a quiet femininity to Balqis that makes it both warm and luxurious. The script font has beautifully combined calligraphy with more open and less dramatic lines. The result is a stunning, natural font that is perfect for stationary and logos.

Maison de Fleur - $28

If you want a calligraphy font with a little more sophistication than Balqis, than you’ll love Maison de Fleur. The cursive luxury font comes with several stylistic options, so you can craft gorgeous lettering and swashes to your hearts content.

Gratitude Script – Free

Something about Gratitude Script brings to mind ancient scrolls or royal decrees written in parchment, and there’s really nothing more luxurious than that. Gratitude has dramatic, exaggerated lines that will bring a hint of lavishness to any of your projects.

Petit Formal Script – Free

Ideal for web use, Petit Formal Script combines beautiful flourishes and wide, distinct lettering that will give your projects the distinction they need to stand out. One of the benefits of Petit Formal is that it can be set to be as small as 13px, if you’re looking for an exceedingly small font.

Ravensara - $19

It’s not right to have favorites, but this font might be my favorite on this list. Ravensara is so simple, yet so classic, that it immediately projects the feeling of luxury. With your purchase of the font, you’ll get seven different weight options. With that versatility, you’ll be able to use Ravensara for branding, packaging, and even print.

Parisienne – Free

Parisienne has an awesome background story. The casual, cursive script was inspired by a bra ad printed in the 1960s! If it was good enough for luxury underwear, it’s definitely good enough to be included on this list! Parisienne looks luxurious, but contains a small bounce that makes it feel vibrant as well.

Valkyrie – Free

Our last fashion inspired font on this list is also a favorite. Valkyrie, like the comic book character, is bold and distinct. The darker lines provide emphasis while the small flourishes give the font an elegant feel. If you work in fashion or branding, you’ll want this luxury font in your arsenal.

The Secret: Luxury Calligraphy Script - $16

The Secret takes luxury calligraphy to an entirely different level. The exaggerations, whirls and swirls, and gorgeous swashes exude luxury, making the set a perfect addition to your collection. The font comes with 689 glyphs, multilingual symbols, and over 50 unique swashes.



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