18 Cartoon Cloud PNGs to Love

18 Cartoon Cloud PNGs to Love

Cloudy with a Chance of Clouds

A collection of cartoon cloud PNGs to create vivid images, websites, or documents.

An article full of cartoon cloud PNGs seems really appropriate for this time of year. I’m not sure how the weather is where you are, but we’ve been experiencing daily rain showers down here in the South.

Thankfully, the clouds we’ve put together for this list are a lot cuter than the clouds I’m seeing outside my window right now.

In the list below, you’ll find an assortment of free and premium cartoon clouds that are sure to add just the right feel to your next project.


Cartoon Cloud Vector and PNG - $4

This pack comes with 30 vector and PNG cartoon clouds. Even better, the clouds come in three different styles! Diego Sanchez, the creator of the pack, made it super easy to change the scale and colors of the clouds, so you’ll be able to plug them into your designs with just a few clicks.

Cartoon Cloud Drawing – Free

Looking for a single cloud for your backgrounds? Then this is your solution! The giant, puffy cloud works well by itself or can be combined with other clouds to make a full sky.

Cartoon Cloud Vectors with Simple Gradient - $4

With this set, you get eight different clouds of varying types. Because you have the freedom to adjust their sizes as well as use the simple gradients that’s included on separate layers, you can really create a unique skyscape.

Cartoon Cloud Clip Art – Free

This adorable, squiggly cartoon cloud is perfect for children’s books, posters, or websites geared towards children. The unique cloud comes on a clear background and you’ll have complete control over the size and color.

Cartoon Cloud Vector Set – Free

These clouds are more recognizable to those of us experiencing serious rain this week!

The free clouds included in this set cover a variety of weather options, as well as cloud types. If your project requires snow clouds, thunderstorms, or rain, this pack will have your back.

Cartoon-Styled Cloud Vector – Free

With this skyscape, you get an entire set of clouds, all editable thanks to the detailed vector. Looking for a quick sky to add to your design? Drag and drop this freebie and move on your way!

Cloud PNG Outline – Free

We love the simplicity of this cartoon cloud PNG. The distinct, simple shape makes it an ideal option for printouts and web design.

Vector Cartoon Clouds - $6

In this set, you’ll get 45 unique clouds, all well organized in layers. The clouds are extremely unique and have quite a lot of personality, making them ideal for cartoon art or your more artistic designs.

White Clouds in Different Shapes – Free

A mixture of different cloud shapes and types, as well as cloud streams, this set of clouds will let you fill up your skyline or leave it as sparse as you want. The bubble-like designs are extremely cute, making this freebie one of our favorites.

Pink Sky with Cartoon Clouds – Free

Another drag and drop option, this cloudscape is the perfect option if you’re short on time and want to move on to another project. Or, use the expertly layered vector to pick and choose the clouds you want, making your own special sky.

Puffy Animated Cloud PNG – Free

Sometimes all you need is a cloud. If you want that cloud for free, check out this puffy little guy. A simple cloud, you can use this freebie on its own or combine it to make a sky full of clouds.

3 Sets of Clouds - $5

You’ll get three sets of eight clouds in this pack, which means a whopping 24 clouds! And each one is different, so your cloud needs from now until eternity will be covered with this pack.

Clean, Blue Cloudy Sky Vector – Free

How gorgeous is this sky? Use it as-is or remove and add what you want to this beautiful cloudy sky. The vector is easily edited, giving you complete creative freedom.

Simple Cloud Cartoon PNG – Free

We can’t get enough of these simple cartoon cloud PNGS. They’re so fluffy and despite being a relatively simple concept, they’re all so different! Keep this fluffy, detailed cloud option in your toolbox for the next time you need to create a poster or design that includes a skyline.

Cartoon Clouds on Dark Blue Background – Free

Offering a variety of cloud types and weather options, this set would work well for any designs for children, whether cards, posters, or books. Plus, the freebie is easy to use, so you can edit to your hearts content.

Cartoon Weather Characters - $8

How adorable are these little clouds? The set even includes a sun, if that’s something you want to add to your skyline. More importantly, this premium set comes with such a variety of clouds and weather types that you’ll have more than enough options for your designs.

Watercolor Cartoon Clouds – Free

Mix things up with this subtle, yet beautiful watercolor cloud PNG. The simple option has just the right amount of texture and depth to elevate it beyond a regular cartoon cloud. Keep this freebie around for when you have need of it!

Clouds Cartoon Images – Free

Our final sky background option is just what you’ll need if you want a detailed, beautiful skyline, but without creating each element yourself. Add or remove clouds as you want or keep it as-is for a full sky background.



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