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17 Modern and Professional Google Slide Templates

17 Modern and Professional Google Slide Templates

Present like a Pro

Google slide templates will save you time on your presentations and keep everything looking professional

We’ve all experienced it. We need to put together a presentation, but have no time to find all the features and graphics needed to make the presentation truly impressive. Thankfully, there’s always a template for that.

If you’re looking for modern, professional Google slide templates that aren’t being used by every other co-worker, check out this selection. Our combination of free and premium templates are perfect to keep on hand for all your presentation needs.

Minimal by Louis Twelve – Free

Sometimes you don’t want anything fancy or flashy for your presentation. If you want a Google slide template that is classic and simple, but of an extremely high quality, Minimal is the perfect option.

 Every slide in this set keeps the focus on the content. Instead of focusing on graphics and color, the slides are there to frame your work in a modern and sophisticated way.

Bronx by Dima Isakov – Free

Pops of color are extremely popular these days, including in professional settings. Bronx is a trendy presentation template that utilizes framing and color shading to distinguish different areas of information.


The free version of this awesome slide set comes with 35 slides with 15 different categories, 150+ icon fonts, and basic fonts and color options.

Smooth by ESTE_Studio - $15

If you find yourself giving presentations frequently, you might want to go ahead and keep this Google template on hand. The gorgeous, modern slides are modern and clean, but still include creative aspects that keep things from getting too boring.

 Smooth comes with 229 different slides, 500+ font icons, info graphs, charts, and maps. Plus, Smooth is extremely easy to use with its drag and drop editing and auto-adjustment settings.

Science Lab by Slides PPT – Free

As its name suggests, Science Lab is all about educations presentations. What makes the free template such an amazing option is that the designs and colors make it look like you put in a lot of work, but without distracting from the content.

The template comes with seven different color options, fully customizable graphic and font content, and more than 15 unique slides.

Autumn by Bluestack - $15

While Autumn is a template that can be used for almost any presentation type, we think this detailed set is perfect for design and fashion presentations. The framing of each and every slide allows for images and information to be presented in such a clean and concise way.

 Autumn comes with 240+ slides, including the more creative options mentioned above, and is very easy to customize. All you need to do is drag and drop and you’re good to go!

Business Plan Template by Louis Twelve – Free

Business Plan is a free Google slides template that is specifically designed to be no mess, no fuss. Every slide is built to present information without drawing focus away.

 The template comes with nine different slides and the graphics and charts needed to present information in an engaging and concise way.

Panora by ZinStudio - $15

Panora is definitely a more creative slide presentation option, which makes it perfect for those in apparel and the design industries. The layered boxes and spaces in the slides make it easy to display images and information.

 Panora comes with over 100 different slides, free fonts, infographics, and over 500 vector icons.

Florizel Presentation Template – Free

Back to the more simple things in life. Florizel is a free presentation template that blends modern style with a subtlety that is needed in the professional world. The set comes with 25 unique slides, 80 icons, and a world map.

Verzus by Louis Twelve-Design - $15

Verzus is a Google slide presentation that is packed full of everything you need. The template is very professional, but still has just enough style to not be boring.

 The set comes with over 200 different slides, mock ups, different themes, and even customer support if you have any questions.

Olivia Presentation Template – Free

With a pointed focus on the color yellow, Olivia manages to be both bright and professional. The engaging template is fresh enough that you can use it for multiple presentations.

 Olivia is a free template that comes with 25 slides, a customizable icon family, and a world map option.

Swift Minimal by Louis Twelve-Design - $15

You really can’t go wrong with a simple black and white presentation layout. While Swift Minimal will let you adjust colors to your preferences, the use of empty space draws in the focus of your audience.

 Swift Minimal comes with over 200 slides, 3000+ vector icons, and all the elements you need to make a truly professional presentation.

Solanio by Slides Carnival – Free

We enjoy Solanio because the slides are just lights accented by bits of green here and there. The focus of your presentation needs to be your content, which is why Solanio is the perfect option. With 25 slides, 80 icons, and a world map, you’ll have everything you need for a straightforward presentation.

Famita by 69 Slides - $12

The effortless blend of nature and professionalism make Famita the perfect choice for outdoorsy businesses or apparel companies. The modern slides are a great balance of stunning imagery and space for information.

 Famita comes with 205 unique slides, device mockups, 500+ icons, maps, info graphs, and customer support.

Antigua by Slideforest – Free

Antigua is a versatile Google slide template that can be used for a variety of different presentation types. With beautifully blocked sections and clear slide types, this template is an all-purpose option to keep on hand.

 Antigua comes with eight professional slides, vector icons, and customizable color themes.

Phantera by Thinkerbyte - $15

Whether you’re creating a presentation for a company or for yourself, Phantera offers the bold, modern design that is so important in today’s professional world.

 Phantera includes over 110 slides, 400+ vector icons, free web fonts, and animated PPT templates.

Eglamour by Slides Carnival – Free

Our last free Google slide template on this list, Eglamor is just the right amount of dramatic. With splashy colors and beautiful textures, this template is perfect for more creative presentations.

 Eglamor comes with 25 unique slides, different graphs and charts, 80 icons, and customizable watercolor textures.

Minimal by Rapidpixel - $15

Minimal includes every possible slide option you could need, from About sections to spaces for charts and infographics. Plus, with space for gorgeous background images, Minimal will truly allow for a show stopping presentation.

Minimal includes over 104 different slides, free fonts, and a drag and drop feature which makes customizing these slides a breeze.



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