16 Ugly Sweater Fonts for the Holidays

16 Ugly Sweater Fonts for the Holidays

Holiday Fonts for the Holiday Months

Stock up on these free and premium holiday fonts to prepare for the busy months to come.

We’ve put together a list of fonts that remind us of the holidays. Some are so cozy and warm that they look like an ugly sweater feels!

Whether you need these fonts for a specific design or for making those dreaded Christmas cards this year, help yourself.


Knitted Ugly Sweater Font - $6

If you want a truly festive, winter font for the upcoming holidays, Tony Thomas has your back. Our very own designer has crafted this unique display font that imitates the sweaters popular this time of year.

The premium font comes with uppercase letters, all regular symbols and numbers, as well as cute snowflake and heart shapes.

PW Christmas – Free

PW Christmas is one of the more unique fonts on this list, simply because it’s so decorative. The fun font combines all the best things about the holidays, from lights and snowflakes to bows and decorations, to visually represent Christmas.

The font only comes in uppercase letters, but includes some adorable numbers and symbols that you’ll want to incorporate into your designs.

Mountains of Christmas – Free

Playful without being as over the top as PW Christmas, Mountains of Christmas gives that holiday feel in a more mature manner. The font is still as warm as an ugly sweater and a lot of fun, but less decorated. The uneven font comes in regular and bold, giving you several options for your next project.

St. Nicholas – Free

St. Nicholas is a font that flirts with nature in a way that isn’t seen in most holiday fonts. At first glance, this free font looks quite straightforward, but look a little closer and you’ll see the little twigs that twirl at the end of the letters. Added with the uneven, rough lines and you have a much more unique Christmas font than expected.

Snow Lettering – Free

How gorgeous are these lifelike 3D snow letters?

The realism of this extraordinarily detailed, high resolution font is absolutely stunning. Just looking at them makes you want to curl up in a sweater! The freebie only comes with uppercase letters, but with something this attention-grabbing, you probably want to use them sparingly anyways.

Winter – Free

When you think of ugly Christmas sweaters, you don’t usually think of something as elegant and delicate as Winter. The free font is an ideal font for all those cards you have to send out between November and January. The gorgeous font is also beautiful enough to work on posters and as social media quotes. So many options!

Blessed Night - $12

You’ll get three fonts with your purchase of Blessed Night: Regular, Stripped, and Strip Element. All of the options are perfect for holiday cards, media posts during the holidays, and even children’s books. The premium font comes with variations, like Stylistic Alternate, and multilingual support.

Hello Script – Free

Want a fancier ugly sweater font for the holidays? Hello Script has the decorative quality that makes holiday fonts so unique, but it’s also such a classic. The calligraphic script combines strong line, monoline swashes, and rounded bodies.

Hello Script also comes with over four dozen languages, ten swashes, and two additional fill fonts.

Warm Snow – Free

I think Olaf the snowman would agree that warm snow isn’t a good thing, but this font will make you think twice!

Warm Snow combines a simple script font with a few doodles to make it a truly festive option this coming holiday season. Whether you’re using it for posters, social media, or stationary, you’ll love the elegant feel Warm Snow gives your projects.

My Dear Santa - $12

So much detail has gone into this hand painted typeface. My Dear Santa captures the feeling of the holidays, with a bit of nostalgia mixed with warmth and fun! The best part of My Dear Santa is that it feels personal and handcrafted when used for home DIY projects, but elevated enough to be used in design.

My Dear Santa comes with multilingual support, upper and lowercase characters, and 60 stunning icons for the holidays.

Quacker – Free

Want 80 alternate characters with your font download? If you want options and ligatures galore, Quacker gives all that and more! The thicker font may not look to be holiday inspired, but when used right it can bring a level of modernity to your designs.

Quacker works well for logos, branding designs, packaging, and invitations.

The Perfect Christmas – Free

While definitely a very decorative font, The Perfect Christmas is such a fun and beautiful way to bring in the holiday season. The dramatic lettering is surrounded by decorative snowflakes, all of which can be changed in color with the characters.

I’d love to see this font used for holiday cards or place cards on a beautifully decorated holiday table.

Froz Color Font - $13

This is one font you won’t want to let go. Get it?

Okay, moving on. Froz is a detailed, artistic font that exudes feelings of winter and snowy days. The added floral details of the font make it such a precious option for more detailed holiday cards or posters.

Froz comes with all uppercase characters, as well as numbers and punctuation.

Christmas Wish – Free

It’s my Christmas wish to use this font for all my designs this holiday. The cursive monoline font looks like a modern calligraphy, with its simple swashes and lines. The natural flow of font definitely make it a must-have for this holiday season.

Christmas Sparkle – Free

If subtle and delicate is not the look you’re wanting for this holiday season, keep Christmas Sparkle in your toolbox. Christmas Sparkle has two elements. The first is its heavier cursive lettering, which is magical in its own way. To take it up a notch, you can use the second element which consists of adding as may stars as you want to surround your words.

Christmabet Font – Free

We’re going to end on a wild one.

Christmabet is an extremely decorative font, with each letter including a small representation of a holiday themed item. The end result is something adorable and very detailed. You’ll want to spend a few minutes looking over every letter included in this freebie after you’ve finished your design.



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