12 Social Media Mockups to Show off Your Posts in Style

12 Social Media Mockups to Show off Your Posts in Style

Can’t Mock these Mockups

Save time and energy by using social media mockups to showcase posts and content in beautiful and efficient ways.

Half of being a designer is coming up with shortcuts to make life a little bit easier. Okay, maybe not half, but you get what I’m saying.

And one of the best ways to cut down on time and get right to the nitty gritty is through the use of mockups. With mockups, you can add your own elements, if you want to, without having to start from the ground up.

We love mockups here at Medialoot, which is why we’ve given you iPhone, Tank Top, and Packaging mockups galore. But now we’re turning to social media and giving you our best premium and free social media mockups.

Hopefully, with these social media mockups, you’ll be able to show off and present your posts and feeds in stunning ways, without taking hours to do so.


New Year’s Social Media Layouts - $7

Start your New Year’s out right with this pack of eight social media layouts. The pre-made posts come with options for Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook. Plus, the festive New Year’s Eve designs are perfect for promoting seasonal events, sales, and holiday wishes.

Facebook Illustrator Mockup – Free

Sometimes you just want a simple mockup to show off a post or create a sample design. With this extremely simple mockup, you’ll get two mockups made specifically for Facebook. The first is for regular posts and the second is for sponsored ads.

Instagram App PSD – Free

The best part of these free Instagram mockups is that they don’t just include posts like you’d see in your regular feed, they come with several different screen options. So, you can show a post or your feed or your DMs. You can even use these mockups to showcase different parts of the photo editing process.

Social Media Mockups - $10

The set of flat social media mockups that come in this pack were designed specifically for pitches and presentations. Using the Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube mockups included in the set, you can show off potential designs to clients. And because the templates are so bare boned, you’ll have so much control over the design, from start to finish.

Instagram Feed and Profile Screen Mockup – Free

Another great freebie, this set of two Instagram mockups will allow you to create presentations on the social media’s platform. The set comes with a feed screen as well as a profile screen, so you’ll have a little bit of wiggle room in your creativity.

Social Media Images – Free

Coming with compatibility with both Photoshop and Sketch, the mockup in this pack comes with profile, cover, and image templates. You’ll also get options for Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. What makes these mockups so efficient is that they’ll save you time on looking up dimensions and sizes, letting you focus on design.

Instagram Feed and Profile Screen – Free


You’ll get absolutely everything you need to create a realistic Instagram mockup. We’re talking feed, profile, and stories. All with extremely easy to edit layers so you can drag and drop your own content. If you need to pitch Instagram designs, here is the place to start.

Social Media Mockup – Free

There are several choices for both Facebook and Instagram mockups in this freebie. There are also mobile versions of the mockups, so you can showcase your designs with full creative freedom.

While you can get these Facebook and Instagram mockups for free, there’s also an option to name your price, so if you love it, be considerate.

Facebook Live UI Mockup – Free

While not as new as some social media innovations, there don’t seem to be as many Facebook Live mockups, which makes this freebie such a great find. The mobile view of the mockup make it modern, clean, and extremely useful. Just drop in your own images and you’ll be good to go!




Social Media Multipurpose Device Mockup - $9

You may have to pay a little for these mockups, but what amazing value! The pack comes with Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram mockups all on several different devices. You can pick and choose which devices you want to use or discard with a click of a button, so if you’re presenting a design option, you’ll have more versatility.

Instagram TV Mockup – Free

It can be difficult to find clean Instagram TV mockups, especially free ones, so we wanted to share this one with you. The professional and easy to edit design makes it perfect for showing potential designs to clients without too much work on your part. Plus, the mockup has all the little details you’d see on a real IGTV broadcast.

Facebook Page Mockup – Free

My mom is well-known for telling my siblings and me to KISS: Keep It Simple, Stupid.

Simple is definitely what this mockup was going for, because it keeps things bare boned. However, sometimes simple is exactly what you need. By keeping the cover page design so basic, you’ll have the creative license to fill in every little part with your own design.

And that isn’t at all stupid.



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