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12 Ransom Note Fonts to Disguise Your Text

12 Ransom Note Fonts to Disguise Your Text

Easy to Use Ransom Note Fonts

Use these pre-made ransom note fonts to create unique, fun designs and to disguise your text.

If you visit us here at Medialoot often, you’ll know we like to keep our readers rolling in fonts. We’ve shared 21 Graffiti Fonts and 19 Best Vintage Fonts.

But this time, we’re giving you something truly unique!

We’ve curated a list of free and premium ransom note fonts for your designing pleasure.

Why would you need these? Haven’t the foggiest.

Should you still stock up? Absolutely!

Check out our list and let us know in the comments how you plan to use them.

Color Ransom Letters - $8

You’d be surprised at how difficult it is to find a decent ransom letter font, which is why Tony Thomas from Medialoot decided to create his own!

This detailed font uses SVG Color Font technology to give you the capability to type out your very own ransom notes. With your purchase, you’ll get all the lower and uppercase letters, numbers, and common punctuation and symbols.

Got Heroin Ransom Note Font – Free

Created by Chris Hansen, this classic ransom note font looks like it was clipped out of a 1920s newspaper. The imperfections that surround each letter and the varying black on white/white on black lettering makes this a unique font that comes across a little scary.

Ransom Note Alphabet - $7

Not only will you get the full alphabet with this ransom note font, you’ll also get variations on each letter, so you can pick and choose which works best for your designs. What makes this variety so special is that the font was made from actual letters from newspapers and magazines.

Death to Smudgey – Free

While these ransom letters don’t look exactly like they were cut from magazines, they do look like they were typed on different typewriters. So, consider this an old-school ransom font a lá an Agatha Christie novel. The grit and unevenness of the lettering gives it a discomforting feeling that screams ransom note.

Hodgepodge - $39

How can ransom letterings look so cute?

Hodgepodge may look adorable here, but the mix of light, dark, bold, regular, lower, and upper letters make it a perfect option for a ransom note font. Will it be as terrifying as some of the options on this list? Absolutely not! Will it still disguise your text? Yes it will!

Earwig Factory Font – Free

You’ll get several layers when you download this ransom note font, giving you versatility in how you want to use the lettering. The font comes mounted on little cards that distort the size and tilt of the font. When you download this freebie, you’ll get the regular font, the cards, letters, and a combo.

Uppercase Anonymous Letters - $10

We’re getting super authentic now, so get ready! This vector alphabet was made using cuttings from vintage newspapers. Not only does this mean you’ll get a variety of antiquated fonts, you’ll also get a truly authentic feel for your threatening letters.

There’s also the added bonus that the textures and details of the backgrounds are ridiculous, giving you a font unlike any other.

Lexographer – Free

A fun take on a ransom note font, Lexographer is just as mixed and varied as other ransom alphabets, but with an almost handwritten feeling. The combination of the use of cards, plus the uneven lines and rough edges create a lighter, quirkier ransom note font.

DJB Ransom Note Font - $5

If you want a ransom alphabet, but a bit neater for printing or social media, you’ll love DJB Ransom Note. The font was created for escape room and mystery parties, so it was designed to be easy to read. Plus, the font comes in both a messy and a neat version, depending on what your creation needs.

Persona Non Grata Font – Free

You know that scene in every detective show where an analyst stands over a handwriting sample and says it indicates the lunacy of the writer? This is the font that was used for that scene.

Persona Non Grata is a messy, uneven, unexplainable font that gives a punch right in the face. It’s a font that is both authentic as a ransom note font and unique as a design. You’ll get both upper and lowercase letters with this freebie, plus a variety of symbols and punctuation.

Montage - $36

The letters in Montage were created using very casual, regular forms. However, when that lettering is placed on the various backgrounds that come with the font, the entire feeling changes. Montage uses torn paper, stencils, and cut outs to create a mixture of uneven, disturbing letters.

Ransom Note – Free

As the name suggests, this very creative font was designed for ransom notes. However, unlike other options on this list, Ransom Note is actually a rather clean-cut font, making it easier to read. Because of its readability, Ransom Note is the perfect disguising font to use in branding, print, or social media.



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